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  1. Brooke sold it. Needed something sensible mate Steve I didn't take the insurance as they don't do it anymore. I thought it was BS but thought I would ask the question never heard of it before
  2. Brooke, I went for a 330d X drive, I didn't really want a X drive but was getting desperate and I didn't want another grey with black leather car after the last 10 being that colour. Its going in next week for the AC Schintzer springs which are meant to make it look less 4x4 and handle better, then i just got to deal with the hideous blue stripe on the dash then it will be a nice car. I am missing the V8 but in the real world its probably as quick and it just doesn't seem to use any diesel. First time without a Mercedes in the house hold for 25 years!!
  3. I echo that got mine today along with sticker thank you. Haven't had a chance to have a look yet though. Dan
  4. I picked up a new car (2nd hand) from BMW this week during the test drive I was having a conversation about 7 day drive away insurance with the sales lady. Well apparently BMW don't do this anymore, but what did come up, she said that their insurance would not have covered you if you was driving in the Sport Plus setting!! Now i have never heard of this and was pretty surprised to say the least, does anyone know if this is fact? I cant believe that can be true to be honest but would be interested to have your thoughts. Dan
  5. I have worked with them a bit the past, never had a meeting with less than 6 people mind and that has been up to 15, played a bit of table tennis then marvelled at their invoice system which is truely brilliant.
  6. Bibs still haven't got mine either, i think I paid pretty early on, no stress as long as it is in hand, don't forget my sticker!! Dan
  7. You might wank to check out their website and watch their interesting videos first you might want to, but not sure it is my thing to be honest
  8. Stuart, have you got any more pics of you Esprit? That is some garage I am sure if Mr Kearley put our heads together we must be able to find something wrong with the dado trunking though!! That Elise is exactly the same spec as the one I had and miss. Dan
  9. Perfect, thank you. Will order.
  10. Jonny they look wonderful, green eyed monster luking here. Out of interest what tyre paint do you use I have a pen and it was mostly crap to be honest so gave up. Danny
  11. Barry I know you want a turbo but a nice green NA HC on eBay at the moment mate
  12. Dan E


    Watched it in two days both school nights about 6 Months ago, absolutely brilliant series.
  13. i would have a set if we are looking at a group order.
  14. Lee had exactly the same thing happen to my Merc a few Months back cost me the thick end of £700 so you have my sympathies. Mine was too deep for Chipsaway but got to be worth getting them round to take a look. I still can't work out what enjoyment they get out of it as they don't know you and don't see the reaction! I genuinely think they should have their arms cut off
  15. Chaps not going to make this as not getting car back until Tuesday from GST , bugger!
  16. Very quick! Pick car up Tuesday so let me know your movements. Should be in fine fettle had a few bits done including the clutch slave, so ready when you are.
  17. Bibs done, including new TLF sticker can you confirm these still come with the 5bhp upgrade cheers Dan
  18. Barrie you say ridiculous but I personally believe this is because you haven't seen the front, I am sure you will see sense once you see this. I have included the Seat Veyron as well for your perusal
  19. To back up Fabians recommendation I used Arek of ARC Car Transport today to get my car up to the GST intensive care unit. He gave me an excellent price and was unbelievably careful it took him 25mins to load it perfectly he is also a throughly nice chap. Details if required Arek: 07584 439539 email: [email protected] he does open and closed transport for cars and has a bike trailer as well. Dan
  20. Kimbers is that the one out of Breaking Bad? That is a shocker. I am just reading the Esprit story some very interesting stuff about the old man in there.
  21. Bibs do you have insomnia?
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