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  1. Gulp! The Tessarossa isn't too shabby either
  2. No room and no money unfortunately that is gorgeous. Come on then you might as well show the Countach as i am betting pretty much everyone on here would like to see it, looking for some back up here!!!!. Now even if i had the money I couldn't buy one of them as I cant get in one and I have tried. Sorry for the thread hi jack
  3. It's the only show on TV that makes me cry... so its not just me then
  4. Tony you do look a little short of cars to be honest . Have you got any pictures of your A310. I once had a brilliant weekend away in a yellow A610 that someone lent to me, for some strange reason it had "Jesus Loves Bananas" written along the bottom of the back screen. I have had a soft spot for them ever since. Dont get me started on eBay I had a dishwasher up for sale once and got asked, "what shape is it"
  5. I would love that. I think it has gone already, anyone on here?
  6. Does anyone have a hardback copy of these they no longer require and are willing to sell? thanks Danny
  7. Like it, give him another call then
  8. Woo hoo, good man. I haven't been on here anywhere near as long as a lot of people but I found my Esprit through here and advice is always a mere post away. i would recommend the upgrade to full forum member though, as you will get out a whole load more than what it costs you Dan
  9. I am guessing if that was over here someone would want 30k pounds for it! Herbert there was a S2 JPS over here a month or so ago it was incomplete with no history and in bits I can't remember what they wanted for it but I am sure someone on here will find the thread. That should convince you. Obviously this is the best place for a completely unbiased view, ahem !!
  10. Fabian could you give me the company on eBay please I really need to get a spare set cut. Many thanks Danny
  11. simple, cheap and easy music to my ears. I am having a very expensive month on cars as had to have the keyed side of my other car done I then put it up for sale and the very next day mullered a wheel on it doing some interference parking outside my boys school. The first one I have done as well Grrrrrrr!
  12. Barry it got dumped in the rain coming off the A2 so no idea to be honest. I will fill it up tomorrow and have a look steve that is a spectacular looking Esprit.
  13. Dan (Good Name BTW) it does have the braided clutch pipe. I am sure its nothing too major, these things happen don't they its all part of the fun really
  14. Barry you was spot on no clutch fluid, thats as far as I got before I got a call out with a UPS gone down just what you want on a Sunday!! I have a manic two weeks ahead so think I am going to have a chat with Gerald and send it up to him to sort this of me, if he can fit me in, and a get couple other little bits done if poss at the same time.
  15. Sounds like the slave then. Might be back for some more advice later
  16. Barry your a star. I will have a look tomorrow. Good thing is that sounds cheapish
  17. Barry i will have a look tomorrow I guess I am going to need to find the source of the leak first though. any pointers it been years since I have got under, over, in the oily bits Dan
  18. Let me get it fixed then we can arrange it just a little crook at the moment. Alternatively you can sit in it make some engine noises and I will push you up my road
  19. Jay once I get it fixed you are more than welcome to have a drive in my G Turbo I am in Kent so we should be able to sort it
  20. Chaps, driving along today, pulled up in some traffic, on the worlds busiest road, clutch goes to the floor can't select any gears. Cue loads of horns, i managed tp push it to the side of the road. My faith in humanity came back today as the guy who's drive I was parked across came out and helped me get it on the pavement then made me a cup of coffee. so two things, if you do ever have to call out a recovery lorry make sure you get one with a fully demountable back as the first guy out couldn't get it on his as the car was too low. This ended up with me spending 3 hours waiting for t
  21. Steve I was on there when you sent this, have ordered thank you how did lotus manage to make something so beautiful out of all these bits. I can't imagine the board meetings "yes that looks lovely but we can't make it so go out and find it" interesting article in Octane about MJK this month and a jag I will scan and start a new thread as I am way off on this one
  22. Brilliant I didn't know that. thank you will have a look tomorrow
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