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  1. Steve mine is the same as Chris's I am guessing fitted by Gerald. Barrie I am sure could confirm this.
  2. Steve mine is a platinum prestige I can't see any size or model can whip it out tomorrow and have a look. i am guessing GST changed it.
  3. Steve I have no idea if this is any help. I hope so. Also noticed when I took the boot bag out it looks like it should have some insulation in the boot. I also have no idea why I that is upside down sorry
  4. Steve I have just got to cut the grass then I am on washing the car so I will get some pics then for you
  5. Barrie, it is an absolute dream. It goes like it has a red hot poker stuck somewhere I am completely besotted by it. I still owe you that photo as promised, going to give it a wash tomorrow and i will send to you. It makes me and other people smile it should be on the Brexit flag
  6. chris that's my wedding anniversary I am brave but not that brave. I will definitely come to the next one.
  7. Tim Shaw off Car SOS, his wife sold his Esprit on eBay for I think something like £2 after he asked Jodie Marsh to marry him on his radio show.
  8. Steve I am completely in love with it. I am very lucky to have 550bhp Perfomance pack 6.3 E Class it has not moved apart from getting it out the garage to put the Esprit in it. That's how much I love it.
  9. Thanks Chris I set them to that today. Bloody hard work to park but lovely once up to speed. I still haven't driven another car since I picked it up. I can't get enough of it actually I did move the missus fiat 500 to get it out the garage today.
  10. Steve I can do this tomorrow as well if you want me to
  11. John hats off to you sir. That looks lovely. I drove one of them years ago, as my neighbour had one I am pretty sure I had a 205 GTi at the time and i couldn't believe how well it handled. they have got to start being worth decent money soon.
  12. Chaps what pressures do you run on your Esprits, I have just checked the manual and it says 21 fronts 25 back. Should I go with this seems low to me but i guess i am used to modern tyres. thanks in advance Danny
  13. Dan E

    Project BBS

    Please leave me alone Jonny PM me ( I didn't say that did I) anyone want to buy some gold BBS ( that didn't happen ) none of this happening
  14. Dan E

    Project BBS

    Barrie no that really isn't helping but luckily i haven't looked at that picture so it can't and won't affect me. Not at all, not even a little bit might have a little peak later maybe, probably won't though as I am so not bothered and I only want BBS Dan/be strong you can resist
  15. Dan E

    Project BBS

    Unfortunately I just re read Jonny's project thread just so I could talk myself out of it. Then I noticed he has some gold ones!! Jonny please do not even consider getting in touch about them not ever
  16. Dan E

    Project BBS

    agreed I am going to try really hard not to find some.
  17. Dan E

    Project BBS

    I know all that but look at them!
  18. Good point I missed that bit
  19. Gareth, I am gutted for you, sounds like they knew it was there and planned it. do you have any pictures I am sure that might help, what is the feed back from the police? I trust it was insured
  20. Chaps thank you for the invite unfortunately I got to build a dog pen in the garden. Oh the joys!
  21. It is now supporting a TLF sticker you will be pleased to know. Which is black and gold so looks rather good
  22. Yes mate cocked that up on a grand scale didn't I . Good to finally meet albeit briefly I don't think I have ever played second fiddle to a tool kit before shame some f:&ker backed into whilst I was parked up on the way home.
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