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  1. yes but with more pain. You know the word the rhymes with hunts.
  2. I think it tells you more about the parents. I am pretty relaxed on parenting but if I ever found out my boy done that he would be out of the will and everything he owns would be in the bin. Barry I just went to put another beer can in the garage then had a look at it I honestly would get the chop saw out and start to cut them up.
  3. Last time it happened to me was my black 106 GTI 20 years ago. I am not sure when it happened as I park it in the garage so don't look at the near side. What broke my heart was my boy cried about it, how do you explain to a 11 year old this stuff. He is a big petrol head.
  4. I now know why beer was invented i reckon at least a grand to get sorted do you know what I am going to have another beer! Then I might have another
  5. thanks Andy, what drives me mad is they know nothing about me but they decide I shouldn't have a nice car. They also really upset my little boy and I had to explain to him why people do this stuff, he is 11 it popped his head
  6. I would like to nominate the person who run a key down the side of my car today! (Not a lotus I might mention but........) I have a special place for you which involves blunt forks and your eyes. I genuinely hope you die early.
  7. what is going on with that number plate, that would be the first thing to go!!
  8. Dan E


    Agreed. Can you call my wife Sat afternoon?
  9. Dan E


    its a mobile ISA thats the way i see it
  10. Dan E


    Well it's a Lotus. I am not being a knob about this it is subject to inspection so I will find out on Sat two things a) I am still married b) the cars ok and I hope in that order
  11. Dan E


    I will confess all next week, but I wanted a G Esprit and could have bought an absolute mint one off of someone on here ( who is a true gent by the way ) but house resto is going through the roof so budget was cut to zero. Except with some man math, a few beers in a hotel,on my own, in Newcastle it just wasn't. And this is where I get worried, I have bought something else after and I quote a comment from my lovely wife " please no more cars" this was 4 weeks ago so huge, huge "oops" I i am thinking of getting a windscreen sticker saying, " this is better than an ISA' then putting it in the garage and let's see what happens.
  12. Dan E


    Excellent it is not just me that doesn't tell wife then, Saturday will tell if I have pushed it too far this time.
  13. Wow "revamped" "new" Top Gear I don't think so. Didn't get the Robin thing at all, but Leblanc on the Nomad me and my 11 year old had a good laugh. Nothing new worryingly Clarkson over to you
  14. You took your time! We are doing the festival on the Sunday let me know if your going cheers Dan ps. No dresses though
  15. Wow ...........UK help out here!
  16. Had a couple of night being amazed and laughing at this thread, the Lionel Ritchie one cracked me up. Anyway as it is random this is what hangs on my office wall can you name guitars and also why the bottom one is famous, band and song, enjoy
  17. @The Pits out curiosity why the different ride heights on the two cars. Monaco so so cool but that bronze really does suit the car, I can't think of another car that would look that good in that colour. Danny
  18. Totally agree, this lead is very exciting hopefully deal done in a Month or so. Sorry for being cagey but I don't want to lose this one. only been waiting 35 years a Month or so will be easy (ish) ,I can do it , and not tell the wife in the mean time as once I have got it it ain't going back. Done this before with an lovely old Merc Sl and got away with it! She liked that car though I am not sure the wedge thing is going to work though although I am sure my 10 year old son will be happy, got to pick him up from school first day. Do do us boys ever grow up? Danny
  19. Damn not going to make this one due to work!! Hopefully the next one, I don't want any of you getting too excited about a Diesel Merc Estate anyway so probably best I can't make it :-) Danny
  20. Cheers all, Biobs has given me a couple of leads which I am going top follow up today. I will let you know how I get on Danny Bibs even!!!
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