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  1. Please no! I can’t do this for 4 weeks
  2. Yep this is a proper killer bug I haven’t quite gone as far as injuring myself, but you have my sympathies I think I am currently on day 8 and into coughing lots of stuff up (which is surprisingly close to Military Grey) wife is on day 10. get well, we have got to party like it’s 1989 next weekend
  3. Dan E


    They really are the bestest Cats. Here is Stan he still has 2 years to grow!!!
  4. I maybe forgot to mention I won’t have any money (and some)once this house is done, the black turbo needs a clutch, belts and service which Sparkles ( so much better than Sparky) I believe is doing in Feb. On the S4S I think @Chillidoggy has left his to me in his will, so it’s timing I don’t want to end up with two, being younger an all. houses can wait but divorces are expensive and a one bed flat in Deptford doesn’t appeal at this moment
  5. Alan, I keep looking at that one and wondering why it hasn’t been snapped up. I would be sorely tempted if I had the room and wasn’t doing the house this year.
  6. Dan E

    Happy 2020!

    Both my wife and I have this shitty virus, she is in bed and I am lucky “Ahem” to have had taken some advice from @Sparky so hit the Gin at 8pm ( he said snort it but I went the conventional route) still feel like shit but it’s definitely better. Now got to stay up waiting for my boy to get in! Happy New Year to one and all. Dan E x
  7. Understood, I don’t know what the 360 is like. Have to say to my eyes your Evora is the better looking but then that is not going to come as a surprise. if you fancy one buy it
  8. Hi, I am not sure if you are intending to do track days but you would have to really think about consumables. Granted this was a 488 and I am not making this up, new set of tyres, new disc and pads after two full day sessions. I don’t even want to think how much that cost. (not me obviously but a member of my family)
  9. Oh and I thought I was was only man who went on holiday and looked for fuel pressure regulators! “come on honey, put that G&T down, lets go on a fuel pressure regulator search again”
  10. I believe @Sparky carried out the service on that and confirmed it was a very nice car. Looks lovely congratulations
  11. Yep was that in East London by any chance? We wired that lot in it was a complete and utter disaster, we didn’t specify it and only done the electrical, but the running costs were ridiculous. I had the Evening Standard on my door and I said .go talk to the plumbing company we gave them two outlets and had nothing to do with the system.
  12. They just need a way to incorporate pop up headlights and I am sold! Just to bring this intelligent discussion down to my level.
  13. When I first started out my apprenticeship with the LEB (anyone remember them) as a primary engineer so 132kv down to 11kv. When you had to prove some thing was “dead” you strapped a device around the supposedly dead cable and shot a bullet through it. one day the engineer (not me) had turned off the wrong one. I strapped the device to it and remotely by way of a bit of string pulled on it and it was live. Well fuck me it blew up like something you wouldn’t believe, in them days there were no fuses the whole of the London grid was solidly linked so if it blew you could find the fault quickly. Probably not relevant but I saw the 400kv power line behind that photo and it reminded me of it. I gave it up as all the Primary not Secondary (they were 11kv to 415v) we’re bald, to a man, no joke that is true. And I am now ........yep bald. I will sue them one day
  14. I used to do the electrical installations for all of the 5 big builders, there is now no money in it, there was but not anymore, the quality of the work is shocking. I made a management decision 6 years ago and we binned the lot of them. also the 36 month 2.5% retention was becoming a joke and constantly moving monies owed from one job to another. I would not buy anything off of any of them.
  15. IMG_0415.MP4 Yep Don’t fuck with cats
  16. And 22 guesses what her car is!
  17. What I don’t get is I have to take the key out to open the car then get in the car then find somewhere to put the key. I thought if they invented something like a small hole in the dashboard, where, oh I don’t know, maybe you could twist it so it didn’t fall out and you know where it is when you get out, that would be such a good idea. if they were really clever they could make it part of the ignition system! One day hopefully
  18. Keyless go is the most stupid option ever! Vision Express “ Chap”
  19. Went to pick my new glasses up today with the wife, car park traffic was a nightmare so I jumped out she jumped in the drivers seat to find a car parking space. Run over to the opticians, having my glasses fitted and my phone kept ringing, like five times. In the end I pulled it out my pocket all from my wife. called her back, she was not happy her car is keyless go and guess who had run off with the key . Everyone was going fecking mad she was just sitting in the car with the hazards on. No one could get anywhere. I done the gentlemanly thing threw the key through the window and ran away I am now cooking dinner!
  20. 11 people in a 5 seater that’s pretty good going, not sure why I ended up in the back in the floor though, surely I should have been in the posh seats
  21. On reflection the tequila wasn’t my best idea
  22. That’s us in the back of my van, I just need to try to find it in the morning after Bibs run off with it. I do still have the key which is at least something
  23. Do they not have Uber out in the sticks? If someone is sober (not me) enough we can bundle everyone in the van as long as someone drops me off to pick it up in the morning as I need to be at rugby at 11am tomorrow for another piss up. I reckon we could easily get 10 people in it
  24. Good effort sir I should be in the premier inn bar about 4.30! You can recognise me by the fecking great cut on my head where I smashed it into a cupboard this morning
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