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  1. Fabian I have got to agree with @The Pits if you can make it removable then fine but to drill anything into that would be sacrilege. Your S1 can’t go underwater so this does not need skis. your car do what you wish but it makes me shudder to even think about it
  2. i have done three jobs for them bunch of lunatics. Don’t think I went to a meeting with less than 15 people in it seemed to be a lot of people doing the best part of fuck all, I think you would have fitted in perfectly.
  3. It looks amazing @CHANGES out of interest why does everyone paint the doors off the car. Probably a stupid question but always wanted to know the answer
  4. Will need my lawyers to have a quick look at the Will and check over the GT3
  5. I reckon I was being conservative to be honest.
  6. The rugby, absolutely gutted was at the rugby club with a pint in my hand at 08:15 this morning along with 200 others.
  7. That would be up there in the top ten hangovers of all time.
  8. I seem to remember an afternoon with @JNW3 that may add to your list
  9. @C8RKH you know it is going to be me and you still in the bar deciding who needs to carry @Sparky out the car park
  10. My only points of discussion are rear seats in an Evora . Which is more important than lightness, steering, and suspension, followed by cup holders and why they are more important than engine noise.
  11. Just BACs it, it will be cleared funds in minutes. Done this many a time. My business is HSBC (the drug dealers) and my personal bank is Barclays, it takes no more than 5 mins to clear.
  12. I am looking forward to meeting @C8RKH to see if he is as shy in real life as on here
  13. Absolutely her idea of hell so no, you will have to wait until my birthday it’s only 10 weeks
  14. @internets an excellent point, very well made. He should stick to cam-belts, that photography is pathetic. Maybe the shorts got in the way
  15. Just what I need a pair of proven safe hands! All worries have disappeared
  16. Bibs Rachel Cliff Sparky Madame Sparky ChrisJ DanE i have got to be in my boys rugby club kitchen the next morning
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