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  1. He lives! Good to have you back!
  2. @Bibs if it is any consolation my grass looks f&£king amazing
  3. Looks stunning mate love it. Unfortunately can’t help you out any further than that. Someone on here will know though
  4. @Sparky Have you been watching it? They did however say it was located in Basildon! Which isn’t even close but that’s the film industry.
  5. Well that was a weird one watching Killing Eve (which is excellent by the way) season 2 2nd episode and at the very start Villanelle gets out the boot of a car and walks down the road which is at the end of my road.
  6. I know how deeply unpleasant that is mate, my parents house had a burst pipe in the loft whilst we were out came through everything and that was clean water, good luck hopefully you got most stuff out of the way before it happened. I genuinely have never known rain like yesterday heavy and persistent for 24 odd hours.
  7. Same here, what is going on with the aerial on The Essex?
  8. Dan E


    You have a Waitrose in Margate?
  9. Right, hands up, I owe Chris a very big apology, crossed wires on my side completely, this is NOT a scam, i have already apologised to Chris over email and he has been a complete gentleman about it. So I told him I would make it right on here. Dan E
  10. I am waiting an answer hopefully I am wrong
  11. It is a scam as I just found out
  12. I would be tempted to not touch it apart from mech. 300k loads of trouble etc etc f£&k off
  13. Absolutely love it and tempted
  14. I gave you the thumbs up on the road with Ravens Wood school, I was in the black BMW, bit gutted really as was going to take the Esprit out this morning but couldn’t be arsed to move the Elan and the van out of the way. Looked lovely, @Bibs any ideas?
  15. Mark, i don’t have the words I am afraid, but I just got my wife to read your post and she has tears in her eyes, I think that sums it up. Please do your very best to get through this as I am sure that is what your daughter would have wanted. Dan E
  16. How has it been being Transgender Man for 23 years
  17. Paul, what Neil says is spot on mate, you need to narrow your search then go and have a look, once you got that nailed there are plenty of meets and people on here will help and personally I wouldn’t worry to much about getting the cosmetics done, once you drive it you might think other upgrades are more important. Only properly modified cars get a return and they tend to be the well known ones. I can think of a good few I would buy tomorrow (if I had the money) but original well maintained will always win the day IMHO. Saying that exhausts, tyre, suspension , brakes are all good if known. i am going to shut up now as have had 2 pints of Guinness and I am on my own in Ireland so maybe I just want someone to talk to Dan E
  18. 2 hours sleep, early flight to Cork, I am knackered and return to a packed hotel car park this evening. Well thank you sir, if you zoom in you will note the gold intricate tissue box on the rear shelf. Brake fluid or gun you decide At least he folded his mirrors in
  19. Noted Bazza and didn’t know that, so I now have 2no struts that I could send back but for the cause let’s not. So if anyone needs a new set they are sitting in my garage awaiting pick up or delivery if you want to cover the postage
  20. Can’t remember who I asked now, he lives in Watford always in shorts!
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