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  1. Yes and to think @JNW3 caused all the problems 😂 another bottle of red anyone because 3 is never enough
  2. It shall be entitled, “Ugly Early”
  3. @GTK it is a lovely thang but they leak a lot. But I would say there is not a car on this planet that would keep up it on a B road and I mean name a car and I can tell you I will be looking at it in my rear view mirror
  4. @Barrykearley you might want to check Paul’s location 😂
  5. It was easy for me I always wanted an S3 Turbo as I saw one when I was 12 back in 1981 and that was that, strangely mine is a 1981 model as well. V8’s have a chat with @Barrykearley on that one. As I say do your research on here then be prepared to travel to find one. They are bloody marvellous the only trouble is never get anywhere quickly as you always end up chattting to people so in fact point to point they are possibly the slowest car in the world
  6. Paul firstly what model are you looking? Mine is so reliable it even fixed the right hand speaker all on its own today 😂. I would say the best advice would be get one that has been used with a known history,
  7. Ian if I am honest the best day of my life is yet to come which will be when I rip that shitty brick drive up and redo the front. But got to finish the house first
  8. @sparky even fed the leather, I am a tit though I didn’t realise there was a window in the tailgate cleaned all the windows then got in it and thought I have cleaned that window why is it covered in shit!
  9. So 7 hours of cleaning later and I am liking my drive today 😂
  10. It was and I agree I like him, another thing do you know he invented the rubber ice cube holder thang
  11. Did anyone ever point out your number plate isn’t straight
  12. Can we see a picture of the front please 😂😂 just to check something
  13. They were built in the same hermetically sealed factory as the NSX if memory serves
  14. Ssssshhhh nothing, say nothing
  15. @LotusFella this is why you are here for a level headed view and some real in depth help so I would take @Barrykearley advice
  16. Matt sorry no help with your issue but what is your garage floor made of? Can’t be tiles otherwise you must have had the worlds strongest tiler. I really like it and as building a garage I am interested thanks in advance Dan
  17. Chap wrote in to Classic and Sportcar this month who worked Delorean and he confirmed the factory never painted a single car, strangely I was only reading that yesterday
  18. @C8RKH new series of Goliath starts on Friday next week. 👍
  19. I do love a NA, especially in that colour. I would be interested in your wheel chap as need to get the 2no rear BBS done to match the fronts so I can save the Goodyear’s Sorry just read that again and you said you have not found when you do please let me know
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