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  1. @JayTwo enjoy mate it took me two weeks! Just do me one favour when you take it apart try to get everything in the right bags and boxes please. There is more on the way if you enjoy that one but they have to go to Sparkles first becuae he can become quite violent
  2. Good stuff, enjoy maybe try not to cram it all into 2 days like Sparkles
  3. Dave just out interest how did you get out?
  4. The Holden and when I had hair
  5. Agree in some ways but the a few mates had the 5GT they were wild things and bloody fast in the day but I have to still say the 309 GTI was sublime but I would also comment that the 106 GTI was the best of the bunch, I seem to remember that a car mag done a real road test between one of them and a Diablo and on real B roads and the lambo could not get away from it. Next Google search 106 GTIs
  6. I love them Dave superb cars bloke around here has a mint 205 19 in grey I always have a chat with him whenever I see him, he did say there was a deal to be done with the Esprit but I just don’t love them that much. The 1.6 was the better car out of the two but the 309 was better than both it really was. I remember doing the fog lights in yellow and had some number plates made up in France so it looked more French, oh to be 20 again probably looked like a right tit
  7. Right let’s give this a go 1. MK 2 Escort in beige with dog tooth seats 13L I think 2. MG Midget which I built with the old man, steel cranked 1380 engine, full fibreglass front end it was a replica of the “Safety Fast” race car, crashed into a bus stop after running out of talent, rebuilt again would love to get that back but can’t find it 3. Rover SDI Vitesse Moonraker Blue if I remember correctly with velour interior 4. 309 GTI I actually backed this into the Vitesse and damaged both 5. 205 GTI 1.6 6. 205 GTI 1.9 7. BMW 325 with full Hartage conversion brilliant car, mate put it through a fence then into the side of a house so that was the end of that 8. Holden 202 (I think) station wagon in Australia bought in Sydney drove up the East Coast to Cape Tribulation then back down to Townsville across, then up to Darwin, back down the centre to Adelaide and Canberra (the worlds most boring city) across the Nullarbor Plain to Perth then up the West Coast to Kimberley then back to Perth where I sold it for 500 AUD more than I bought it for. Water pump went about 50k from Ayers Rock we had water but run out about 10k out so we just carried on it got so hot the paint on the bonnet started bubbling. Thought it was buggered found a local mechanic and he was like it will be fine pick it up in the morning and it was. Amazing car 3 speed column change. 9. Back to the UK a other 205 GTI 1.6 10. First flat purchase so a £350 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 GL possibly, with a dent up the arse bought at auction 11. 1000mile Renault 1.9 16v the single most unreliable car I have ever owned absolute piece of shit 12. New 106 GTI brilliant car so quick and handled like nothing else. 13. Merc W123 280CE coupe still want another one of them 14. New 2000 S1 Elise funnily enough that had 2 new front clam shells after it twice got backed into at the station also done its head gasket 15. Merc E280 petrol Saloon 16. Merc E350 petrol saloon 17. Merc C220 saloon 18. 1989 300SL it was mint Black with grey leather shouldn’t have sold that 19. C350 Estate sport amazing car I was commuting to Hertfordshire 4 days a week 122Mile round trip never missed a beat and was so comfortable and fast whilst doing 45mpg 20. E63 with performance pack so 550bhp loved it but petrol consumption was a joke and wife hated it 21. BMW 330d it was just a car nothing else 22. 1981 Dry Sump Esprit 23. BMW 335i grand coupe 24. Lotus Elan M100 oh and a bundle of Merc Vito vans not sure how many still have a few but they’re owned by the company so don’t really count and I had an Audi at some point but it was so boring I can’t even remember what model it was but it was definitely red probs missed a few
  8. Doesnt apply to me to be honest but I don’t think that is helping keeping people at home
  9. Yes me to please ta
  10. The way I understand it is if you’re self employed you can work and claim your 2.5k a Month from the Gov, I might be wrong on that but that is my understanding
  11. Hi David it is currently with @Sparky then going to @JayTwo so if you PM Jay then it can come to you next as I say all I ask is to get it back at some point, would like it to do the rounds, enjoy
  12. Nice, whoever parked the Fiat appears to have missed the drive by quite some margin
  13. Nice one Colin might order that
  14. @C8RKH stick him on the list then and ask @JayTwo to send on when he is done, if he liked that then he will love this
  15. Jay no it didn’t take off but you’re more than welcome to it, I sent it via UPS to @Sparky on Wed for £7.95 they picked it up from my doorstep and delivered to him by 11am Thursday. Don’t confuse this with Lego of old it’s pretty complicated and enjoyable. PM Sparkles with your address I am sure once he has done it he will be happy to send on, warning the strip down is as taxing as the construction as you need to get all the right parts in the right bags. All I ask is for it back at some point and the offer is there to anyone who fancies it. I found it really relaxing took about two and half weeks doing a bit every day 01BBF30E-4BAF-44AD-8563-A3EA3215977C.MOV
  16. Totally agree @Bibsif everyone on TLF put in £10 in the next 24hrs how much would it be? All sign it from TLF, I haven’t donated yet but will maybe new thread and everyone put from The Lotus Forums
  17. This is and I am not making it up, the guy round here house who owns a few care homes! Thats not flats it is one house!! Bit disappointing if we are funding his care homes, maybe he could add to his considerable car collection
  18. Dan E

    The Donald.

    He is such a complete and utter twunt-ox!! 1st May, really that's gonna work and what a completely appropriate time to cut the WHO funding!
  19. Dan E

    James Bond S1

    Did they all stay in for 3 months?
  20. Got a belated 50th present today, so chuffed
  21. @PhilW I don’t think I have ever been annoyed about anything on TLF but this has wound me up a bit! So we are looking after my 90 year old mother in law, we are purposely only going shopping once a week for us (one of us) and every two weeks for the MIL so that as you can imagine is a lot, so we combined it.
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