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  1. Rick you so need to buy that mate. Happy to do the same deal with you. I might even get this one down to you 😂
  2. Thanks @Bibs wasn’t expecting a free gold membership I wait my Valet Pro kit with anticipation 👍
  3. Come on chaps, piss poor show really we must be able to get this lot of cars together and support what is actually a start up and had an excellent first print. So @Lotusfabyou must have one of the bestest S1’s, Ian or Barry S4S I don’t know who owns a Sport 300 but come on chaps let’s get this done. For the love of TLF 😂👍
  4. Excellent, maybe change your pic then, only @Barrykearleyon here who is into Porsche’s the rest are not too interested
  5. Llewelyn hate to point this out but I think you have a 928 😳
  6. I can’t really do either day as meant to be in Leeds but sod it, I will send one of the boys and deal with the fall out later 😂
  7. Dan E

    At Last

    Excellent and great news, now enjoy
  8. Also a complete bargain I would have been all over that but Luke wanted a lot more then that when I asked. More than double.
  9. Your retired. An index linked one 😂😳
  10. They look cooler covered in shite. I will shout the beers if that helps
  11. @Sparky when you get them brakes done you should hang out some Christmas lights out upon completion
  12. @Barrykearley , @Sparky, @Chillidoggy Come on I would be up for this I would insist that all front numberplates are canted over about 9 degrees though. Come on should be funny Overlord Bibs “force them” D x
  13. Have it delivered and apart from that bit Octane is really a bit shite.
  14. Wa Washed, locked and loaded.
  15. Yep me to confirmed and ticket purchased for the Sunday see you there 👍
  16. Will check that tomorrow mate and book. Can’t be arsed to go upstairs and get my wallet at the moment 😳
  17. Mike love it can’t wait to actually hear that thing start up Dan
  18. Lottery done tonight Bazza. I have a good feeling see you on Monday
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