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  1. already paid for a ticket mate, should be sitting in the forum shop bit or on your desk. I ordered 3no didn't realise i would get a free ticket. you must owe me another beer then!!
  2. Bibs what time do you need me down to get the car on the stand? There are 6 of us coming down (only 2no Lotus though) we was going to meet up for brekky somewhere but that depends on what time you need me down there Cheers Dan
  3. Just not Esprit special though is it. That's the point to me to be honest.
  4. Mate that drive is coming up, looks like a Tesco car park I hate brick drives, just before The hideous wall on the left and the shitty cladding stuff, then the UPVC windows. Potential they call it don't they! I will now exit stage right but I would quite like a 928 GTS manual.
  5. @Vanya here you go as promised. What surprised me is it is not that quick, I reckon the BMW on the right which is a 330d with AC suspension would keep up with it on the twisty bits probably wrong but that's what it felt like. Engine bay is a joke no space whatsoever. Not one rattle though. You can't even see the Esprit in the garage ?low is good
  6. Genuine truth I will send you a pic tomorrow when he turns up. I can't piss on his day, I did send him a text last night saying had he read about the IMS issue and he said he has. Yep top mate known for 35 years. He also has always wanted one. It comes with warranty from specialist dealer but I am guessing that will only be 3 Months though. Its funny and I told @ChrisJ this story when we went to Top Gear when I first got the Esprit I was driving down a road and thought what the f&:k is that noise. Turned out to be someone using a garden strimmer! Now, do you know I am happy to drive
  7. Fabian you really need to spend a bit more time looking at the detail of this rebuild. This slap dash, anything will do attitude is not good enough. I bet your cd collection is in alphabetical order isn't it ?
  8. That's worrying Jacques a mate of mine is popping round tomorrow in his 996 that he picked up today! Won't be showing him this post, he is coming to the festival so it's not all so bad
  9. Jaysus, is it a runner? ? I take my hat off to you that is a big project good luck my friend
  10. Bloody hell how bad is it. ? Pictures required
  11. Best thing was they were taking the piss but in a good way!
  12. I was a bit flustered to be honest. They might also have called the police ?
  13. This made me very happy and go a bit red! In the petrol garage in Petts Wood, filling up when two very attractive girls pull up on the opposite pump in a mini convertible. The driver gets out after talking to her mate and says , "hi James, I am Moneypenny" then they both piss theirselves laughing and so did I to be honest! Dont get that in a porker do you.
  14. Yep agree with Andy sump pump required. How does that work I stand to be corrected on this but why is it on your property and not out in the street.
  15. Got to be honest mate, I have known The Pits on here for a good few years and met him at the last festival. He so doesn't need me to do this but...........He is an upstanding and respected member here. You I notice have only been on here a month. I never get involved in this stuff but we had another going on about the essence of Esprits a while ago can't remember his name. Let's just get back to Lotus, I had all this nonsense on the Merc forum so left.
  16. yeah but they look really cool. That's my wife and the 356! She is sitting next to me and wondering why I am am laughing
  17. New thread required " who's wife want a 356"
  18. Barrie keep looking at Chesils, she even knows the spec she wants, I might even build it once retired. Right better let the thread get back to what it was. Happy interlude over, please resume the "not" normal service.
  19. Just to confirm I really do love my 1981 dry sump TE. Sparky loved it to. just thought I would lighten the mood a bit and my wife really wants a 356 speedster and to be fair so do I.
  20. Now that's a better plan than mine. Will put lawyers on hold.
  21. Get an Evora and ignore the wife! This is sound advice I have checked it all out. You will be fine if not I have lawyers ?
  22. Yep agreed I will see what they say come renewal end of this month
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