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  1. 6.20 flight out tomorrow. So tucked up ready for next sat
  2. Jon did you get Barry to put that rear number plate on?
  3. Dan I had full intentions of doing the Goodyear lettering but I am in the office today then, fly out to Germany in the morning till late Thursday so I just don't think I will get the time
  4. Barry it looks better in the flesh I am actually scared to wash it. But watching yesterday about Graham Hill which is helping
  5. It is every women I know fav car, the 356 not the Lotus. That was original and the only porker I will ever own apart from a 928 GTS. Got to say £700 is a lot of money, but I do not regret a penny of it, respray is what 8k so complete deal and I love the fact it is original. I thoroughly recommend Mark and thanks to @Bibs for the recommendation. Best in show for me, MK1 RS2000 which was lovely and a full rally spec Turbo 2 Renault all mastic and plastic windows loved that.
  6. John, I got to say it was £700 but I think he probably should have charged more, it took him 3 full days and the results are beyond belief. Still got the patina which is part of her. I am a simple bloke but I had a tear in my eye when I picked her up. It was honestly that astonishing, the difference. Unfortunately my wife loved this more as you can see! thanks Dave, I am sticking the wife's BM in next month if he can do that with 36 year old paint work then 3 years old should be amazing
  7. Not saying the man has OCD but he repainted the wheel bolts! Great service, lovely chap who really cares about his job.
  8. To be fair the pedals are pretty close together and it is tight down there but I always drive in trainers and have no problem
  9. How tall are you? I am 6 1" and I fit in mine fine.
  10. who is the chap who had the blue G car, and done a few videos with it i am sure that is up for sale at 25k some where and is a really nice car
  11. Picking her up Sunday, really excited from the pictures she looks bloody amazing and I mean out of this world amazing.
  12. Good point will do when i get it back
  13. not sure yet to be honest as long as it is before the festival i will be happy. On another note spoke to Rick yesterday as we are making some plans to get down there, did his Elite make the show and shine and if so what does he need to do and if not is he on the TLF stand. was planning on getting there about 9am what do you reckon?
  14. It is apart from the bumpers original i believe, apart from a transporting problem that I wont talk about it is how it came out of the factory. It looked amazing from 6ft but for some reason it seems to have got worse in the last 6 months, I always do foam, 2 bucket method, purified water hose and freshly washed drying towels. Never jet wash it but I guess it is 36 years old, it started getting white marks on it. I dont know but i need to pick his brains when i pick it up. the best thing she mechanically is spot on thanks to you know who on here, GST and confirmed by Sparky. she also gets used a lot and gets the right arse when she doesn't. Well when i had my E63 someone keyed the back door and wing that cost the same amount to have resprayed as this did. I reckon i could have had the whole car detailed and scratch gone down there for the same money. I will report back when i pick it up.
  15. Mark Marrell of Marrell's Detailing, he is way out in the back end of Tonbridge down our way. I haven't seen it yet but these are the pictures he sent me. Recommended by Sir, Guvnor of the Bibs. Took me a year to sort it out though, on my part not his. I was going to have a go myself but time and the fact it would all end up back to fibreglass with holes in it I thought I should let him have a go. As he said it will never be perfect but i rather like that, she needs to wear them scars, but he really seems to enjoy it. Told him today i am not picking it up in the rain though. I am actually really excited about this.
  16. Jacques, Bibs recommended this chap and he had, just before mine, finished a 1980's Countach that had been subject to a 25k paint job. He has won a load of awards and the attached is pretty satisfying and he really seems to know his stuff, it wasn't anywhere near the cost of a respray and I think the pictures speak for themselves. I am trying to keep it original but I know at some point it will be body off not for the foreseeable future though. Although saying that I did see wonderful DB6 the other day which looked like the original paint work and a few dents it did look very cool. Btw Bib how comes you got the pictures before me???
  17. I done that journey for 7 years Kent to Hemel Hempstead office. Absolute killer you need to be through the tunnel at 5am and do not do Friday afternoons ever. For some reason Friday morning is the easiest. The worse was a Friday afternoon 6.5 hours to do 63miles.
  18. Good point but as ever I was early. He showed me some of his work, i think it will be worth it just to get the swirls out of the paint. Have told Mark I like the patina and he gets that. I think she will look amazing when she comes back. She will still have her 36 years of scars but will look the best she can. Quite an art this detailing stuff. Need to get the wife's 3 series in the background done as it is worse than esprit ! After 3 years. I would say the lotus original paint job is way better.
  19. I now see how it goes, chicken shed, eBay, new car, repeat at will
  20. looking forward to getting her back
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