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  1. See Barrie it was him, never seen a swirl personally I think you done an excellent job totally off thread who is the bestest person to go to for some indicator lenses I got a crack in one?
  2. Do they, I am no mug so will £350 secure it?
  3. Yes the yellow Esprit. What else you on about ?
  4. look at all them blokes looking at that yellow Esprit
  5. Funnily enough I bought a load of The Jam cassettes off of eBay today. Cant wait for them to get all caught up in it, it will take me back to the old days trying to fish them out
  6. I was saying to Brooke earlier I can only get Smooth FM which was rather embarrassing as I caught myself singing along to the Bee Gees the other day!! and surprise no I actually got a 11mm spanner out and everything, no cuts or bruises either. Yep had a look on here and the first thing it said about the aerial was take the door off. I thought Gerald can do that I will just work a bit harder
  7. Barrie, blame Bibs he reckoned it needed doing and put me in touch with a (expensive) man that can. I didn't use it yesterday! But I did adjust the headlamp pods all by myself I was going to tackle the aerial, but that looked a tad complicated so I will get Gerald to do that in Jan.
  8. Wait until I get it detailed in the next couple of weeks then i will post some pics. As per PM you can take down the advert now
  9. Not sure who this bloke is but ....... picture might help !!! Document3.docx
  10. If only i could find them and then afford them Barrie you will be pleased to know it has pretty much become my daily driver I drive it everywhere as long as it isn't raining which is probably not the best idea but everything else seems boring now. . Going to get it detailed next Month by a guy Bibs recommended once done I will post some pics up.
  11. Dan E

    Esprit S2

    Fabian??? I love that colour
  12. Steve yes "Your car is sick mate" stuck in traffic on the school run. Thats Souff London for you Buddsy dont get me wrong I love the BBS's but every time i look at a pic of Jonny's car I think "want" but to be fair a) i probably cant afford them b) I should really probably spend the money I haven't got on getting the bodywork detailed and a few other bits that need doing.
  13. There is a wind up going on here or is it just me Basic member for 3 days read back
  14. what Buddsy said ! I can paint the bumpers for you. I found out tonight my car is "sick"
  15. Don't listen to Tim they are shite. I got some lovely BBS's you can have along with whatever kidney you choose. I am here to help.Them Comps are not meant for your car (ahem) they just don't work with red and I suspect you may get mistaken for Graham Norton!
  16. Right I didn't know that.I rarely go on Ebay, looks lovely has anyone enquired?? I am for the record not buying it
  17. An MG Metro was up to about 3k yesterday and looks to have sold. How can this be 4k? If I had a bigger garage I would be sorely tempted
  18. Mark, if she is like every women I know she will really want 356 Speedster and they are definitely allowed. I have yet to meet a women who doesn't think they are cool, my wife included.
  19. Dan E

    Dan E

  20. Ash the green is very cool but I am guessing hard to replicate
  21. Ash any chance of some pictures of the interior. Is it green? Danny
  22. Dan E


    Yep agreed, it's what they actually sell for though isn't it. But I totally agree that is way behind the market. Fabian you need to buy that one
  23. Dan E


    Barry as promised. Danny
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