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  1. I decided today to get rid of the E63 as I just can't justify it anymore I also need a sensible car really as business miles are now going through the roof and 16 mpg aren't cutting it anymore. Now I have only had Merc's for the last 20 years with a couple of lotus's so Clarkson always says if you need a car buy a golf, it needs to be auto so does anyone have one a DSG. I have read up a bit this afternoon and it would appear the GTI is fav against the GTD I am happy to take the mpg on the petrol one. Probably completely the wrong forum but in many ways it is also the right one. Any
  2. Steve mine is the same as Chris's I am guessing fitted by Gerald. Barrie I am sure could confirm this.
  3. Steve mine is a platinum prestige I can't see any size or model can whip it out tomorrow and have a look. i am guessing GST changed it.
  4. Steve I have no idea if this is any help. I hope so. Also noticed when I took the boot bag out it looks like it should have some insulation in the boot. I also have no idea why I that is upside down sorry
  5. Steve I have just got to cut the grass then I am on washing the car so I will get some pics then for you
  6. Barrie, it is an absolute dream. It goes like it has a red hot poker stuck somewhere I am completely besotted by it. I still owe you that photo as promised, going to give it a wash tomorrow and i will send to you. It makes me and other people smile it should be on the Brexit flag
  7. chris that's my wedding anniversary I am brave but not that brave. I will definitely come to the next one.
  8. Tim Shaw off Car SOS, his wife sold his Esprit on eBay for I think something like £2 after he asked Jodie Marsh to marry him on his radio show.
  9. Steve I am completely in love with it. I am very lucky to have 550bhp Perfomance pack 6.3 E Class it has not moved apart from getting it out the garage to put the Esprit in it. That's how much I love it.
  10. Thanks Chris I set them to that today. Bloody hard work to park but lovely once up to speed. I still haven't driven another car since I picked it up. I can't get enough of it actually I did move the missus fiat 500 to get it out the garage today.
  11. Steve I can do this tomorrow as well if you want me to
  12. John hats off to you sir. That looks lovely. I drove one of them years ago, as my neighbour had one I am pretty sure I had a 205 GTi at the time and i couldn't believe how well it handled. they have got to start being worth decent money soon.
  13. Chaps what pressures do you run on your Esprits, I have just checked the manual and it says 21 fronts 25 back. Should I go with this seems low to me but i guess i am used to modern tyres. thanks in advance Danny
  14. Dan E

    Project BBS

    Please leave me alone Jonny PM me ( I didn't say that did I) anyone want to buy some gold BBS ( that didn't happen ) none of this happening
  15. Dan E

    Project BBS

    Barrie no that really isn't helping but luckily i haven't looked at that picture so it can't and won't affect me. Not at all, not even a little bit might have a little peak later maybe, probably won't though as I am so not bothered and I only want BBS Dan/be strong you can resist
  16. Dan E

    Project BBS

    Unfortunately I just re read Jonny's project thread just so I could talk myself out of it. Then I noticed he has some gold ones!! Jonny please do not even consider getting in touch about them not ever
  17. Dan E

    Project BBS

    agreed I am going to try really hard not to find some.
  18. Dan E

    Project BBS

    I know all that but look at them!
  19. Good point I missed that bit
  20. Gareth, I am gutted for you, sounds like they knew it was there and planned it. do you have any pictures I am sure that might help, what is the feed back from the police? I trust it was insured
  21. Chaps thank you for the invite unfortunately I got to build a dog pen in the garden. Oh the joys!
  22. It is now supporting a TLF sticker you will be pleased to know. Which is black and gold so looks rather good
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