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  1. 9 hours ago, Chillidoggy said:

    The complete engine needs to be vapour blasted. The wife says it's a disgrace, and if you think you're parking it next to ours at Ryarsh next year, you're out of luck.

    As you well know Shan knows bugger all about cars 😜, I am looking forward to not only sparkling cam covers done by Sparkles but also the next surcharge this will incur. Apparently there is an Art charge linked with this along with a lot of other levy’s, luckily I am no mug so I will just pay them plus a cash bonus 

    And I blame @Bazza 907 😀

  2. @Barrykearley I have kept this quiet for years but I would not touch him with a barge pole he damaged my car really badly and then blamed Gerald at GST I have photos of it on the trailer from my house and arriving at GST do not go anywhere near the bloke. I didn’t know that at the point of that post as I went on holiday the same day. He denied everything then disappeared and would not return my calls. 

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  3. Yep he is a Cog (cat dog) I have had cats since the day I was born as mother bought one for 50p in deptford the day after I was born. . We have had British Shorthairs for 20 odd years and Stanley is the first Maine Coon ( still have two shorthairs) best cat by a country mile

  4. 8 hours ago, Spinney said:

    He’s a born hunter, rather like his forbear, a very large Coon we had for 20 years and who, single handedly, obliterated the local wildlife!😂

    Today’s count 3 mice and a squirrel I am telling you he is FSB trained 😂. He took the squirrel upstairs to show my wife which seemed to go down well!!! 

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