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  1. So builders started on the house this week , a mate of mine who usually only buys land and develops I have been hassling him for 2 years to do my house as a commercial exercise, I finally wore him down. 
    so they started Tuesday at 10am as they were awaiting machines. So this is the end of day 4, we have had 60 Ton of hardcore and earth out and gone, all drainage complete both foul and storm water, footings dug and completed today so they start building on Tuesday. This was my drive today they finished at 6pm tonight just after they had jet washed the drive 😍


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  2. I am fairly serious but be warned I could change my mind. The thing is we all know the good ones are only going one way so if I get out chances are I won’t get back in 🤔

    I am going to test a 400 next week, which coincides with the builders starting to smash my house to bits. Maybe I like the stress I don’t know 

    @LOTUSMAN33 Dave you make a convincing argument I also I really don’t know what it is worth to be honest 

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  3. Ok I am struggling to even say this, but life moves on, I am very tentatively thinking about selling my Esprit as most of you know this car is spot on having only ever been looked after by Sparkles or Gerald at GST and rebuilt under the ownership of @Bazza 907.   I had Sparkles go through it last year with a money no object stance which took from memory 4 weeks ( remember he was probably drinking gin for two weeks of that) 

    I am looking to buy an Evora, or am I, I don’t know to be honest, my son is devastated. So it’s now out there let’s see what happens 


    let me know if anyone is interested, I will most probably change my mind tomorrow. I don’t have the balls to put it in the for sale section ( sorry bibs) that just seems a step to far at the moment 2D5725CA-C49F-4145-BEE7-4B4E6C9F0959.thumb.jpeg.c726ad988532de07d32990ebe830eace.jpeg



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  4. “Two lovers kissing in the scream of midnight 

    Two lovers missing the tranquility of solitude 

    Getting in a cab and travelling on buses 

    Reading the graffiti about slashed seat affairs” 

    by; well you all know. 

    frankly if I had written that I would have walked away and thought I am done 

  5. 3 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Lol, I know of one [email protected] who was waxing lyrical about how he would never sell his red NA and then blew £80k on a brand new 410 sport - didn't even have any seats in the back. Bloody numpty. Complete knob.

    @C8RKH I think I know him. Serious vegan, anti Brexit, shy kind of guy? 😂😂😛

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  6. Maybe a little too far then. Brighton is pretty easy for me. Go buy a Meguiars MT320 in the meantime I promise you will thank me as it’s DA you would struggle to do any damage. I done the wife’s Carbon Black BMW and it looks like new now. I did manage the first application to get polish all over me and covered the van in it which was about 10ft away. 

    have a look on you tube for instructions 

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