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  1. So how does this work then, the first day of this protest i had to drive to Maldon Essex which is about 55 miles from my house to pick up some door linings, architrave skirting etc. I know, i know but we needed them and they were only ones who had the lot in stock. 

    I got caught up in all this nonsense and over the last 5 months I have

    1. Had an extension built with 120mm of insulation/ green roof to follow

    2. Had the entire externals of the original house covered in 100mm insulation and rendered 

    3. Installed a complete new heating & hot water system 

    4. At exceptional cost moved the drains as it turned out the original kitchen and utility drains were running into the surface/rain water drain 

    5. Have had the loft completely re-insulated 

    6. Installed triple glazing

    7. Pulled all the floors up and have insulated underneath

    so all they caused me to do was get the pissing ump and use more diesel in the van. 

    Twunt-ox's of the highest order. 

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  2. @ChrisJ  @TonyKL @thebartman @faye2000 


    To all the above and anyone else that was considering coming this event it has been cancelled!! Apparently lots of people have dropped out as it might rain, I mean FFS!! One said that his car was impossible to drive in the rain 🤣. I can only assume it is on slicks. 

    Most of the others didn't want to get their cars wet, not sure how they wash them then. 

    Sorry all, I was only trying to support a local new meet but from now on I don't think I will bother with it. Annoying as i got the TE MOT'd and taxed yesterday so i could take it the 800yards to it, it is now sitting on my drive in sun and rain as the garage is full of builders stuff, lets hope it survives 😂

  3. Sparkles a full report on the sustenance provided at the house of Hackford required. I am specifically looking at bacon and bread quality along with the selection of sauces available. 

    The GT3 is looking spectacular and my Essex is still looking the part 👍

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  4. Funny you should say this morning I was taking my son to school stuck in traffic next to us was a bloke in shades with his roof down in a 458, red obvs and boy did he look like a top tit. In fact he looked at us with a bit of attitude and we both burst put laughing at him 

  5. 9 minutes ago, Evotion said:

    YES!!!!!   ha.  Barons, near the mini-roundabout.

    She was unbelievably gorgeous. I had to wear a bib on the test drive to catch the dribbling.

    Actually, found a pic of the two of us.   Poor girl 😂😊



    That’s her. She was absolutely stunning that picture doesn’t do her justice either. There are not many car sales people who’s name I remember from 6 to 7 years ago but I do remember hers 😀😂

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  6. Still don't get it. I am guessing same interior and body,  with a few options on both you wont get much change out of 140/150k. I personally would go LE Emira (even though i am def in the i4 camp) so say at worst 80k ( i am making this up as i go along) so that leaves another 60k ish to buy some other Lotus and some change. Absolutely lovely TE or a S1 plus well maybe a lovely plus 2 Elan. its like to me buying a M3 and M4 exactly like my neighbour has, he also annoys me as they're both black and he only cleans them in full sun, but that is another story 😀



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  7. @Evotion I have been following a few of these threads and I put my deposit down after coming back from Goodwood, one epic looking car. I would have put it down at Goodwood as @Bibs put me under pressure and I am weak, but they didn’t take Amex. 

    anyway what I would like to know is what your thinking is buying both the V6 and the i4? It just doesn’t make any sense to me! This is not a dig Btw. But wouldn’t you rather have one Emira then the world is your oyster, Esprit, 340R, Exige, any Elise, classic Europa, Excel, etc. You could probably have at least two of the above, I have the TE and the M100 but in your position you are looking at maybe a GT3 Esprit and a smoking Exige plus one Emira. Now that would be more exciting I promise you 




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  8. FDC39575-BE36-4378-892F-DA5A26A66481.thumb.jpeg.05685c6d330b7ee59c62601caf11e2c7.jpegOk all, my wife pointed out that a guy on NextDoor has arranged a classic car meet as detailed below. I am going with the TE be good if any of the local or not local Lotus boys and girls could make it. 
    The poor guy got slated by a load of people saying it wasn’t green and we should think of the planet so be good to give him some support also apparently a XJ220 is turning up. Let me know if you can make it, it starts at 10am then a road trip to Sevenoaks pub for lunch and a pint 


    Dan E 

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  9. My son measured Stan the Maine Coon yesterday stretched out from front paws to the end of his tail 3ft 9inches. A little bit of a shame earlier we had to cut the new extension floor up as one of the builders had managed to screed him under the suspended floor. 😃. Wife was massively stressed 

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