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  1. 1 hour ago, Chillidoggy said:

    She who knows says all blokes are bullshitters, and has demanded irrefutable proof that you bought a Bremont. This must be in the form of a photo of you wearing it next to a highly-polished Esprit.

    Once proof of ownership has been established, you will receive a unique gift from the USA, blagged by ‘er indoors, not available to the general public anywhere, and not to be resold on eBay like you usually do.


    Oh, you MUST wash behind your ears, and Rick definitely won’t have one.

    are you calling me out on this? Can you tell Shan I am going to come down and move stuff around in the garage and throw some dust around. 

    But proof is here but I know as a defence lawyer not to show my hand too early 

  2. So it now turns out I am the only one in my house without COVID! It is a logistical nightmare to be honest. My 16 year old son has absolutely no symptoms and reckons he feels better then ever, in fact I can hear him in the gym at the moment! My wife however is really suffering. 


  3. She will be fine, but this has smashed the wind out of her sails and we have been brutally careful. 

    I have known too many people personally who have died of this and that’s why I get the arse with the deniers. 

    7 minutes ago, Clive59 said:

    No it isn't. I hope she doesn't suffer too much, and has a quick recovery, it is a lottery it seems.

    Oh and thank you 

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  4. 1 hour ago, steve clack said:

    Hello, a good friend of mine's brother has a dry sump Esprit turbo, that is not on your list.


    Monaco white with full red leather. 2nd of 4 in total of that spec.

    4 bolt split-rim 3 piece compomotive wheels.

    Roof stereo.

    It has been hiding in his garage since 1998 in Southampton.


    Is that hiding as in not moved? 

  5. And stubborn doesn’t even cover it, when she broke her shoulder after the hip we put in a disabled shower and stairlift, to put the stairlift in they had to remove the handrail on one side. We went to drop off her shopping and she took ages to answer the door so we looked through the letter box and she was walking down the stairs around the stairlift with now only one handrail. FFS 

  6. @Colin P let me see if I can copy and paste my email to Jill at The Sunday Times. They’re all so frustrating, I am off to Switzerland the day after my 85th rave 


    Hi Jill,

    I am not even sure that you will believe this story but I think this needs to be put out there. 

    So a bit of background, my Mother In Law, is 91 in May, is registered disabled, partially sighted, profoundly deaf and has broken both her hip and shoulder in the last five years, she also had a fall about 2 weeks ago and now has to live upstairs in her house with carers coming in 4 times a day with both myself and wife filling in with everything else. 

    Yesterday morning at 08.15 one of the carers called to say she didn’t have any heating or hot water, this we didn’t think would be an issue as she pays for British Gas HomeCare, which was £824.69 for this year, we believe this has been in place for years as the policy is still in my wife’s fathers name and he died 25 years ago! We keep all of her paperwork at our house so I had the policy number, etc. 

    So around 9am I called them and after about 30mins I got to talk to one of their agents explained the situation and my mother in laws disablement. He informed me that I would have to call the “Local Hero’s”and gave me the number. Being a practical chap, I was thinking this is most probably a frozen condensate pipe so I drove over there to try to resolve it. 

    It turns out it wasn’t and the boiler was showing a fault, not being Gas Safe I decided to call the “Local Hero’s” only to be told that you have to book it on their website, my Mother in Law does not have the internet and I had forgot my phone so drove back to get my laptop and phone. 

    Once back at Pauline’s I went on to their website and which said they had engineers available between 2 and 6pm, so I booked it which in turn showed me a screen saying an engineer would be in touch in the next 25 mins. We heard nothing, I did have the foresight to bring a electric heater from our house to keep her warm in her bedroom but no hot water is an issue as she is prone to urine infections and the last one put her in hospital for 10days which is the last place we want her to be at the moment. 

    So at around 14.30 I decided to call, the “Local Hero’s” I tried 11 times and every single time after the usual of listening to a recorded voice it would ring 4 times then cut me off! Frustrating to say the least and worrying as we couldn’t bring her home as we can’t get her down the stairs.

    Eventually I rang back British Gas and spent 58mins on the phone (before getting cut off again) and during this call the only options they would give me were as follows 

    Engineer to attend 23rd Feb

    Go and buy some heaters (obviously I had already sorted this)

    Ring back “Local Hero’s” (no use as they just cut me off every time) 

    Source you own engineer 

    By this time I had had enough and called a builder mate who got an engineer out this morning and is currently replacing the boiler as we speak at my own cost. 

    Wanting to resolve this with British Gas I spent another 30mins this morning waiting for a webchat, eventually after speaking to one agent I got through to another who said a complaint had already been opened so I basically would have to wait, then she disconnected from the chat!! I have the print out of this conversation

    I am now fuming, so ring British Gas again, on hold another 30mins but during this after I had given Pauline’s details another recorded voice said an engineer was to attend today between 8am and 6pm!! That was the first I heard of it and of absolutely no use because I had already sorted it out and Pauline cannot get down stairs to answer the door. 

    I finally got through to a real person, who managed to cancel the appointment and apologised profusely to be fair. I tried to cancel the policy but I need to get Pauline on as a nominee, which will be a lot more difficult than it sounds as she gets confused and cant hear. But will do when I next go over there. 

    This was the first time we have ever tried to call them out in what we believe is over 25 years and say the average cost at circa £500 a year that would be a total of around 12.5k over the years for a boiler service each year. Also how many elderly people have internet access, so they wouldn’t be able to book an appointment anyway. It worries me that people think they’re covered for this sort of occurrence but when the chips are down they are not. This was the sole reason we left it in place  

    I have now got to wait 8 weeks for an answer apparently. 


  7. Just now, Barrykearley said:

    That’s absolutely disgusting. These service agreements are very rarely value for money. Far better putting the cash aside yourself and having a decent engineer in your phone book.

    You nailed that. Sarah just been talking to her mate who has put her mum into a home a couple of weeks ago and she has been paying £80 a month for BG HomeCare for a 2 bed terrace. You will be see me on Watchdog soon. When I asked the girl on the phone about BG’s SLA terms she didn’t even know what I was talking about 



  8. Can I suggest you all go and have look at your elderly parents accounts. My 91 year old MIL who is registered disabled, blind, deaf and immobile with carers coming in 4 times a day (nightmare) 

    Her boiler died on Monday with British Gas HomeCare insurance which she has had for over 25 years this year the premium was £824. So phoned them up and got told I need to phone the “local Hero’s” yes me not them. 
    So call them up and get told you can’t book a visit over the phone but only on their website. She doesn’t have the internet (like most) so forgot my phone in the panic to get over there, drive back grab laptop and phone. Book a visit between 2and 6 pm and they will confirm within 25 mins. 

    nothing happened, so at 14.30 I phone the “local hero’s” and get cut off 11 times after the recorded message nonsense 

    Call back British Gas, on hold for another 35mins finally get through to someone who I was on the call to for 58mins before getting cut off and sit down for this one, the options I was given were 

    1. Engineer to attend on 23rd Feb 

    2. buy some heaters 

    3. sort your own engineer out 

    in the end I rang a builder mate of mine who got a plumber there to replace the boiler the next morning which cost me a couple of grand. I now have a new mate Jill Insley from the Money section of The Sunday Times on the case and she is amazing. We are going after them together 

    worse going through the paperwork I found she is paying Home Serve £60 a Month for the same thing and has been doing that for 15 years 

    please do yourself a favour and go and check this stuff, I have calculated the MIL is down at least 25k for one boiler service a year which in the real world is £150 

    please check as we have and found another 3 parents are doing exactly the same thing 

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