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  1. Pete sorry to hear that my friend, definitely take it easy!!
  2. that cracked me up 😀
  3. @Barrykearley I done all the figures and 100% it is the right thing to do because the mortgage is not part of the estate. I was always been "lets get everything paid off" to the point that I have never bought a car with anything other than cash. Now however I am investing the £1800 which fingers crossed is looking good. That is not to say I have this completely wrong and will be a member of the Lada forum in a few years
  4. @Kimbers have you taken some financial advice? We did and the first bit of advice we got is why are you paying your mortgage off!! . Let me explain, due to inheritance tax it turned out it is better for us to service the debt than pay it off, so we have gone interest only saving about £1800 a month. Our LTV is at 87% though and I have no idea about house values where you are. As the advisor said, "you are a long time dead" it has made a massive difference especially if you look at the £1800 as if it was a taxable income
  5. What i don't get is the people who drive our economy, never get any help. Take for example someone in their mid 30"s who have, last year, just moved house (this is not me btw), now we all know how skint you are when you move to a bigger house, what does it take 5 years to get back to an even keel? I know i have done this many times and it is painful. So they are trying to better themselves but are looked at as middle class so therefore they are "rich". Nope they are not rich by any stretch of the imagination but are striving for a better life and without these people the economy would stagnate. It riled me the other day watching the news with a lovely young single lady with 5 kids saying she couldn't afford to feed them all. Well I will be honest I only have one kid, well he is 17 now but we would have struggled to bring up 5 kids so we didn't have them. I really do fear that this energy crisis and it is a crisis is going to bury many, many hard working people along with mortgage rates we are heading into a massive recession.
  6. "my wife was building a patio" said no one ever
  7. He was speaking very highly of said MIL when we was in the pub last Saturday so I think that could be it.
  8. Thereafter I will be highly resistant to anything that gets in the way of my drinking activities. FTFY This a sad day, I assume the other Margate Exotics will be taking up where you left off, I never really understood how that part of the franchise stood on its own two feet as it only ever seemed to work on one car!!
  9. Have you checked the glovebox??
  10. If you got a 7kw car charger that isn't going to help but should cut out when charged up so shouldnt be an issue, we charge ours about once a fortnight but then it doesn't go very far. The simple rule mate is if it has got a heating element its £££££ if its got a Motor ££ if it has got both end up killing all the Polar Bears, no pressure 😃 Totally agree with what @Bibs said, last time i looked they we not taking on anymore customers but I am definitely going to have another look at that. Top tip turn the hot tub off for a Month or get a smart meter and see what that says, for the record I don't have a smart meter because they can't get a signal on any network where my meter is which is all of 15miles from central london!! go figure.
  11. Computers cost absolutely nothing to run all that lot flat out wont be more than £15 a month, the aircon and hot tub however. Your bill is ridiculous, do you have electric heating or something, mind you you wont be using that at the moment . 3kw of A/c is going to cost you say 15p an hour so 24hrs solid is just over a oner a month. Something is wrong there my friend obvs all IMHO
  12. Dan E


    Oh man, I feel for you mate, met that little Mog on a fair few occasions!! She was super cute
  13. its like handing one of your children over, but decision has been made as you are being paid in sustenance I hope you fall over at some point
  14. I have got Sparkles coming down tomorrow for A service and carb rebuild, that's the happy bit, in a moment of madness I booked him a room in the local pub! This is going to get messy 😂
  15. @Greg | ValetPro this man I am sure will be able to help you out.
  16. @Bibs my son asked me when it was in the 40 degree range the other week, "does bibs fly his drone over his bed at night!" I suggested no, but thinking about it.................?.
  17. Wow this could be fun, It's hideous!! 😃
  18. perfect I already have a couple of cars with admiral. I will give them a call 🤩
  19. Dan E


    Brilliant, made me chuckle 😂 The thing is I can hear them bloody fox things, my neighbour has one and it is hideous as I walk past, so at least its not a waste of money because if I am ever in Hampshire with a shovel & have a weird, must dig a hole moment, I will pick someone else's garden!! I can deal with the holes its the fact they shit everywhere that does my head in! To be fair our Maine Coon chases them off if you let him out
  20. that is exactly what i heard, also I sometimes take his car if it is the easiest to get out in the morning (also because it is actually a right laugh to drive) so what happens then? What happened to the days of Swinton Insurance ring them up for your MK2 escort £300 smash it up next £350!! I think he is going to have to take this one on the chin to be honest.
  21. All, my son has his test in a month or so i thought I would have a look around last night about getting him some insurance should he pass. The car is a low insurance group Fiesta ST Line, the quotes are big money but obvs i understand the risk. I am really against him getting a black box as i know a few people who have had them and broken a few silly rules and their insurance went through the roof, one even had his insurance revoked!! Being realistic being 17 you're never going to stick to the speed limit 100% of the time but I have also warned him that he really needs to not get caught speeding (like his Dad does not @Bibs) and definitely doesn't want to hit anything, btw he is paying for the insurance not me, mainly because i bought the car and he needs to feel the joys of motoring. I am also not putting him mine or the missus insurance as he needs to build some NCD and I have 32 years no claims 😁 I have however put us both as named drivers So anyone had any luck with this, any suggestions or is a case he is going to have to suck this up and not hit anything thanks in advance Dan E
  22. There is a blue elise with @ silver stripes parked down there, you would think I would know the name of the road having lived around there 31 years but have no idea. 😃 Come to the next one, probably going to be after the holiday, or the stand around in the airport for 6hours then get a cab home, season
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