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  1. I see a GT3 - T907 RPK Dealer and specialist service until 5 years ago, then local garage serviced 3 times in the last 5 years over a 5000 mile period I note that the service history shows the C service at circa 30k where the 'C' is scored out and an 'A' handwritten in (so perhaps no cam belt change?) There is word of mice nibbling coolant hoses, which may need replacing? and I guess it is at least due a 'C' service and at 50k+ perhaps a clutch £4k isn to spend on it? Colour is a personal thing, but as a GT3 and Green in colour - would this be difficult to shift again? I like all the other colours, but am unsure about green and a full colour change will not come in cheap I am sure? cheers Dave
  2. Very interesting!! Heard back from the previous owner and it appears M196 PRA was destroyed in a fire!!! I was told by the seller that it was front and back bumper damage only , no fibreglass work was required!! The seller tells me he is s waiting until October 26th to avoid the costs of an IVA (the rules change then and no IVA will be required for Cat C) !! So glad I asked and so glad to get a response! This one is off the list for sure..... will keep looking thanks Dave
  3. Thanks to all for your prompt feedback This was my first post and am really impressed with how helpful everyone is Thanks I have sent a note to the previous owner of M196 PRA to see if he can shed any light on the history. Cheers Dave
  4. Hi I am looking food a GT3 or S4 I have a slight preference for a GT 3 if I can find a decent one (anyone know of any? ) I see a 94 S4 - CAT C for sale - M196 PRA - does anyone have any history on this vehicle? Thanks for any assistance cheers Dave
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