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  1. We're probably related then... I expect the general climate here is no different to Scotland. I have plenty of Scottish friends who have moved to the Island and never complained about the weather! The difficulty we have is unpredictability. We had nearly 3 weeks of sun and barely a rain shower in May, but we can just as easily have a week of rain in July or August. We also seem to have a microclimate where the weather can differ significantly in different parts of the Island or during a single day. You can go out for a drive or bike ride and encounter sun, rain, hail, mist, strong winds and sun again in the space of an hour. Anybody competing in motorsport here has to be a meteorologist in order to choose the correct tyres and set up. You've got a chance of great weather in July, but even mixed weather shouldn't spoil your fun in an Evora (particularly the lighter 2+0 NA model... )
  2. Thanks Dave I think it's a great place to live (particularly when it's sunny!), but I'm a native so probably bias. Hope you can stay for longer next time. Colin P and few of the others on here are coming over in late July for a long weekend.
  3. Hi Dave I spotted you on Saturday lunchtime on Douglas promenade. It' shame I didn't see you at the Supercar morning on Sunday. How long are you over for? Steven
  4. Hi Chris That reflects my understanding on pricing too. A good '11 Evora S with at least sport and tech packs for sale with a reputable Lotus dealer will be listed at £36-£37k with little room for negotiation, whilst a good, low mileage MY12 Evora S will be more like £44k-£45k. Although I never viewed it, I never had a good feeling about the blue S up in Newcastle. It seemed too cheap the second time it was listed this year.
  5. Andy Where did you see an MY12 car for sale for mid-30s (other than the LHD example)? I ask because I've paid more than mid-30s for an '11 Evora S!
  6. That clears up that rumour then Bibs! I expect somebody at Lotus can provide a bit more background on the Laser Blue car at ES Motorsport. (On another note, my Evora S should arrive in the Isle of Man tonight. Pic and posts will follow in the days ahead once it's locally taxed and registered. Thanks again for your help.)
  7. The LHD Laser Blue Evora S for sale at ES Motorsport is not Bruss's old car (which was red). I spoke to Dave at ES Motorsport about this car at 3-4 months ago briefly when I was contemplating buying LHD to save money. Apparently the car was provided by Lotus to one of its brand ambassadors - Dave thought it was used by Jean Alesi, although I couldn't find a picture of Alesi with this car on the internet -, but when the wheels fell of the Bahar regime, the car was returned to Lotus and has not been doing much since - hence such low mileage for a car registered in December 2011. It looks immaculate in the pictures, but I never got the point of viewing it. I'm surprised it hasn't sold as the combination of MY12 interior and laser blue looks great and must be rare.
  8. Thanks Andy I've looked at every car for sale on Pistonheads, usually more than once ... I like bright colours (laser blue especially), but SWMBO has insisted a 'grown up' colour like Carbon Grey or Black. I can live with the compromise if it's the difference between spousal consent to the purchase or not... MMC has a great reputation, so I'd happily buy from them if the right car came in and take the scenic route home.
  9. As a first time poster on here that is also actively looking for an Evora S (but somebody who has been lurking on monitoring this forum for years...), I'm also reading this thread with great interest! The dealers I spoke to were not interested in putting me on a waiting/call list for incoming Evoras. Sadly I don't have an existing relationship with any of them.
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