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  1. Hi folks I got quite a surprise last Friday when I got picked up from school and Dad handed me the keys for a 2001 Ford Fiesta Freestyle that was sitting there! It’s my birthday next month and Dad said he would have a look around for a car for me and help me learn to drive on the understanding that I stayed away from motor bikes … and work hard for my highers. I wasn’t really expecting to get something like this because although it’s almost 9 years old, it’s like its brand new. It was a guy who works with dad who was selling it for his wife’s Granny who has just turned 90 and has d
  2. Name of Participant: Fraser D Masson Forum Member Name: Number 1 Team Name: Frazy’s Freestylers DRIVER SELECTIONS Group A - Pick 2 Drivers Fernando Alonso (Scuderia Ferrari) Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes) Group B - Pick 2 Drivers Felipe Massa (Scuderia Ferrari) Jenson Button (McLaren-Mercedes) Group C - Pick 3 Drivers Nico Rosberg (Mercedes Grand Prix) Robert Kubica (Renault F1 Team) Rubens Barrichello (Williams-Cosworth) Group D - Pick 2 Drivers Adrian Sutil (Force India F1 Team-Mercedes) Heikki Kovalainen (Lotus-Cosworth) Group E - Pick 3 Drivers Jarno Tru
  3. Team Boss Fraser Masson Team Name Red Ultras DRIVER SELECTIONS Group A - Select 2 F Massa (Ferrari) K Raikkonen (Ferrari) Group B - Select 2 F Alonso (Renault) N Heidfeld (BMW Sauber) Group C - Select 3 T Glock (Toyota) S Vettel (RBR) N. Rosberg (Will) Group D - Select 1 J. Button (BGP) Group E - Select 1 G Fisichella (Force India) TEAM SELECTIONS Group F - Select 2 Brawn GP Williams Group G - Select 1 Ferrari Group H - Select 1 BMW Sauber
  4. Yeah but how many from dogs and artilery strike tho What Rank and Prestige are you Bibs? I will take you on next Thursday.... be will be gettin pied
  5. Name of Participant: Fraser Masson Team Name: Team Nitro Group A - (Select 2) L Hamilton (McLaren) K Raikkonen (Ferrari) Group B - (Select 2) F Alonso (Renault) N Heidfeld (BMW Sauber) Group C - (Select 3) S Vettel (STR) J Button (Honda) R Barrichello (Honda) Group D - (Select 1) D Coulthard (Red Bull) Group E - (Select 1) G Fisichella (Force India) Group F - (Select 2) BMW Sauber Renault Group G - (Select 1) McLaren Group H - (Select 1) Honda
  6. I vote for Dads car too ... does that count If it cant be "The Silver Car" ... then it HAS to be 100G
  7. Hi Bibs ... Love the signature B) I must be the youngest LEF member but with the oldest car Cool Fraser
  8. Well folks here we are, the final scores are as follows
  9. Hi folks Here is the table after todays race ... nothing too much happening but good to see Hamilton go round the outside of the Ferrari Looked like Coulthard will have a sore neck tomorrow too....... Ouch !!!!! So Ian is still top of the table but after Thursday's meeting with the FIA who knows Cheers Fraser
  10. Yeah but i still think Lewis will do it. He has got Alonso rattled and i dont thing Ron Denise is happy with Alonso winging. Main thing is im still in front Dad in the table
  11. Hi folks Here are the standings after todays GP... not the most exciting race tho :sleep: Main point from today is Uan May dropping to 7th place intodays race with the Ferrari 1,2. But still firmly at the top of the table
  12. Same deal here Sent: 14 March 2006 19:58 To: Gordon Masson Subject: Pics of your Esprit S1 Hi Gordon, I am a french member of the Club Lotus France and I begin to write a book (in french, perhaps in english) about the whole story of the Lotus Esprit. I am now looking for original pictures (different from the always same pictures we can see on internet and in the books about Lotus) about the different Esprit. I saw your Esprit S1 on LEW's site and I am very interested by pics of your Esprit S1 and old pics in black and white from 1976 of your Esprit. Coulsd you send me pictu
  13. There is no update as yet. The car is still at the factory and hopefully we will have some news very soon. I will update the thread as soon as I hear anything. Cheers Gordon
  14. Hi folks Well another great race for Lewis Hamilton and you would have to say that it looks like he has Fernando Alonso rattled
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