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  1. John, I guess that's what it is, mine are missing and I don't know what they look like any ideas of getting a drawing or a picture of them? Thanks, Alan.
  2. John, Had nearly every mild steel part made out of stainless. When I stripped my Éclat ( having stood for nearly 30 years) the door beams were poor, the passenger door beam was a lace curtain. So a local fabricating firm made all the bits: door beams ( the hinge tubes and striker plates were the originals. I drilled and put a grease nipple in the hinge tube, the bushes were fine), seat belt anchor plates window winder mounting plates, exhaust rear mounting brackets, under windscreen water channels, aluminium petrol tank and various other items. All the items were fabricated using the old items as pattern pieces. Hope this helps. Thanks, Alan
  3. Lotusbits are very good. SJ supplied me with the wrong parts and it cost me, their quality control has a lot to be desired. Don't know if their supplier is Chinese?
  4. Ian, thanks for that I will give them a ring. I need quite a few bits from there so need to compile a shopping list. Alan.
  5. Thanks Dan, the other ideas need a TOOL to make one. Just need the springs I have refurbed the mechanism. I can buy a new Land Rover mechanism for £10, just have to see if the spring is the same.
  6. Any ideas where I can get 2 of these? I`ve refurbished the mechanisms, fabricated new pivot bushes, mounting plates are now stainless as is the door beams. Just need 2 springs to get the mechanism better than new.
  7. The bolts that go through the shell (angle hinge brackets outside plate on inside) were rusted solid in the tubes. Had to grind them off to remove the doors. Only way to remove the bolts was with a lamp, obviously couldn`t do this on the car. Just want to know if the aluminium bobbin pieces can be sourced or will I have to fabricate them. Another photo attached. Already fabricated out of stainless steel, seat belt mounting plates (front & rear) exhaust support brackets, door box sections, drip deflector plates under windscreen heater air vents. And anything else I come across that could rust. (not the chassis though) Alan
  8. has anyone changed the mild steel tubes and aluminium bobbins that are bolted through the shell to hold the door hinges? will I have to fabricate these or are they available to buy? attached photos of what I`ve found. Shell is at Dynamic Mouldings of Yate near Bristol have repairs done. They know their stuff.
  9. Dunc, Thanks again, cant seem to use the e-mail address you quoted to register the car. Have loads of photos of the car stripped but cant attach. Also loads of questions. Ive had the car since 1982. Used it a lot then, uprated to a 2.2 (same block) and a 5 speed box. Used it until 1988. Built a bungalow and the car was left. Firstly inside, driven and oil changed. Then it was stored under a tarp. Just finished working for a living so trying to get it back on the road in my retirement (early) if I can still get in it. Bought a spyder chassis, bits off Lotusbits and elsewhere. So just the body to do Thanks, Alan
  10. Thanks for that, think I will fabricate some SS plates and fit, just for the hell of it. As the rear seat belts use the angle plates that fits under the body under the rear seat. Need to fabricate some SS ones for this, also a plate under the dash. Alan
  11. Owned a 1977 Éclat 520 for many, many years, been off the road for many years, just finished working so stripped everything down. WOW what a project, didn't realise how much metal (apart from the chassis) there is. Refurbished a Spider converted chassis, bushes, brakes etc. Now the hard bit, the body. Have removed the sills and found (what remains) metal plates. What are these for? the rear seat belt mounts are on the plates under the floor. Any help appreciated
  12. Ive got 2 spare 3.7/1 diffs that need servicing. One has new bearings on the half shafts and is in good nick. Just needs setting up with new bearings on the crown wheel and pinion. I bought a complete refurbished diff off Lotusbits.
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