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  1. Jacques, I think sport seats from S4s and GT3 are the same, and sport300 one is different from them, not only the extra seat belt seat. The seat shells can be still ordered from SWLC or other. regards, pan
  2. Hello all, I would like to have my seat shells trimmed as same as the S4S sport seat. Mr. Mike already helped me a lot to send some photos to me, but the trimming shop advises me to send some photos of the rear of the seats, especially the headrest area and under the headrest area to see how and where the drawstring works, and the photos of the underside of the leading edge of the cushion on the seat are needed too. If you have the S4S sport seats in your car, would you do me a favor and send me some photos? I really appreciate it. thank you. Regards, Pan
  3. Dear All, I am very interested in the carbon parts such as doors, tailgate and bonnet and engine cover. Does anyone know who still can make them? Thank you so much.
  4. I gave up the idea of upgrade T3/T4 to ball bearing, I would like to buy G25-660 instead of EFR6258 or 6758. I already rebuilt my s4s turbocharger and keep it as an original part, the shop charged me around 600EUR. They did a perfect job expect the price and no name plate on the compressor housing.
  5. Mark, both of the inlet and outlet of turbine are V band but with different size, Is it possible to send Alunox the turbocharger or turbine side for alignment?
  6. Around 400whp. I want a really fast spool up time and response. it seems that g25 series is a good choice for this and its efficiecy is much better than EFR7670 , it has smaller compressor and turbine wheel and I can choose a 0.72 turbine housing. So I think it can compensate its weight. But G25 is lack of the choice for turbine flange and no twin scroll choice for 0.72 A/R.
  7. Hello mark, Can I order a V band flange?I plan to run Garrett G25-660. My MKII seems too close to chassis tube, I would like to buy a MKIII are there two version of MKIII? It seems that they have big difference at downpipes from cylinder 2 & 3, one is similar to MKII, another one is a different design.
  8. Hello All, I would like to upgrade the T3/T4 turbo of Sport300 to an ball bearing one( Does everyone know the specs of the turbo? I just know its turbine AR is 0.48, I have no idea what the compressor wheel trim and compressor AR are.
  9. Hello Travis, This is my own idea. HKS Power Editor( can rearrange the output voltage of 3 bar sensor to the range of 2 bar sensor sent to ECU, and if offset the output voltage to cheat the ECU what the actual boost level is, the boost level can be over 2.07 bar while ECU still can take control. The boost level is a parameter to the control of the fuel delivery and sparking time. The boost level read by ECU is lower than the actual boost level, It may make the car run lean or advance the sparking time(the lower the boost is, the more advance sparking time can be), but the pulse width for the fuel injectors will be increased automatically to approach the pre-set A/F ratio. Is it a good way to increase the boost level?
  10. Thanks for the inputs. I think I will go for an more efficient C/C system as I have no idea how to tune a meth/water injection system, It could be worse at A/F ratio without a good tuning.
  11. I was told that bigger chargecooler should be paired with larger or more efficient cc rad, bigger c/c will add more turbo lag but meth/water injection won’t. Alunox c/c should be a good product but it is too big for me, I prefer the r&b one. Thx Ian, Proalloy was my first choice before but I couldn’t find any comment about it. The cc rad listed at their website is as same as yours and can be fitted perfectly without any modification?
  12. I prefer the aquamist system but I still don’t get any information about the performance on Esprit. I think the best place to mount the nozzle is the port for IAT sensor on the chargecooler for a better mix up before enter the cambustion chamber and then screw the IAT sensor into the plenum backplate for a accurate reading.
  13. Thx Chris, I don’t want to make the A/C rad as part of chargercooler rad as A/C is necessary for me in summer. when you added the meth/water injection system, had you checked whether the engine would advance the sparking timing? And did you feel a better on-boost/off-boost performance?
  14. Hello all, Did everyone add the meth/water injection system? Where is the best to locate the methanol injection nozzle? Is it worth adding the meth/water injection system Rather than a bigger chargecooler? Regards
  15. Hello bob, Thanks for reply. I am going to swap back chip6 from chip7 in the next two weeks, let me take this opportunity to extract a copy of 1497 to you.
  16. Hello all, There are 19 BLM cells at freescan, does anyone know what operating conditions represented by the BLM cells are? Many thanks, Pan
  17. You’d better order a 3.25J one and compare with your stock one, and you will know what size your stock one is and how to meaursue the width of wheel. I have two sets of oz futura, both came with 2J front and 2.5J rear outer lip. one is modified to 9J front and 12J rear and another set is still original.
  18. The front outer lip is 2” and the rear is 2.5” . You should measure it from the bead seat, not from the edge.
  19. I am afraid of the radinox being so strong that it will damage the wheel face or hub when it takes a hit. And I don’t see any big diffference of weight between Aluminium and Radinox. I am 100% sure that the outer lip of rear wheel is 2.5J, not 2.75J, (I measured the stock one and the 3.25J one that I bought, there was 0.75J difference). Extending to 3.25J for 315 is fine for S300 wheel arch.
  20. I didn’t notice any excessive bearing wear yet as I only drove it for less than 20 miles. I do notice it has almost no oversteering when cornering..those tires are too wide for the power of S4S...and the adjustment upper rear arm is standard on S4S....
  21. I add 0.75J to the outer lip(aluminium) to fit 315 and then add another 1.25J to the inner barrel to fit 335. Pls see the pics of 315 at stock ride height and 335 at lower ride height from the rear.
  22. If you add 0.5J to the outer lip of oz futura for 315, the tire will stick out of the car body without S4S/V8 wheel arches(but If you have S300 arch, you even can add 0.75J). Without the wheel arches, it is better to add the extra 0.5J(I recommend to add 1J) to the inner barrel of the oz futura and10.5J seems too narrow for 315 of PS2. both 315 and 335 are worst than 285 for driving, maybe it is just for good-looking. The pictures show 315 PS2 tire on 10.75J (added 0.75J outer lip) at stock height ride
  23. That’s exactly what I used on my S4S before, no more spinning the rear tires at 2nd gear when the the boost is built up by the T3/T4. Now I go with 245/40R17 and 335/30R18 of Pzero, but PS2 do have more grip and quieter than Pzero, but I think driving with the original size of 285/35r18 is more fun than those wide tires.
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