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  1. The boot release on my Sport 350 is also playing. The mechanism was all loose so couldn’t get in even with handle working. Air con doesn’t work when it’s hot and my trim panel needs fitted correctly but other than that build quality is quite good.
  2. 5 foot 6 coming from a Cup 250. My opinion may not be relevant. 🙂
  3. Not long picked up my Sport 350 70th anniversary Edition. Just realised my car has sound deadening, its quite noisy but in a good way. Only has mats fitted so you can see the chassis which I like. The Stereo set up is dreadful even with the engine off, why Lotus cannot fit something better I don't know? The engine soundtrack is great so I am not bothered. ( Maybe answered my own question there) I was all set to do the soft top conversion but not sure now, the cabin feels massive for some reason. The option is always there. I have not driven a car with the standard brakes but the two piece set up is excellent. Best feeling brakes I have had on any car to date. The big wing is personal choice as its your car. I'm out 😞
  4. Empire Green, will need to get some decent pics.
  5. Such a simple fix makes a massive difference to the general feeling when sitting in the car.
  6. Expect a special "Second Tuesday of the month" special Edition in a few weeks 🙂 I really quite like that, prefer the double lights of the 350 at the rear. Starting to feel a bit priced out of the new car market.
  7. Thanks for that. Going to get GAP which had escaped my mind. Admiral who I was with for several years used to ask for options this is where my confusion has come from. I appear to have got MYSELF in a right fuddle.
  8. That is very true but I have a habit of over complicating everything. 😂 F**k so I have been making like hard for myself for years. I thought you had to declare anything above a base car. With options being so expensive you want them recognised so if your car gets binned you get the same car back.
  9. I am insured with a standard big uk insurer and like to be very particular with insurance and tell them about options when they ask for mods, even if it’s just for the benefit of the tape. With Lotus everything is an option down to the carpet which creates some confusion.Just changed insurance for my Exige Sport 350 70th Anniversary Edition which was not on their system. They had to go to the underwriters/ Lotus to clarify what I had said and it came back as standard no mods despite having special paint, air con, stereo, carpet , cruise control, silver wheels etc. I clarified this again today. Interested in everyone else’s experience especially if you had a prang and needed a replacement? Did you get the same car replacement? Do you declare every factory fitted option? (I would go with a specialist but not had it a year and my daily driver is with them which gives a large discount. Its only £100 to change from a Cup 250 which was £350 at the start of the year. Their customer service has been excellent.)
  10. I thought it was a shed 😆😆😆 You know what I never stepped back and looked at the car as a whole as was looking at little details. Certainly jealous of your wing. Then got distracted by the Exige Cup 430. It was in the workshop getting your Under seal treatment put on. I am using the same installer as Stephen. When I requested info on PPF he sent an email about the potential down side so you can make an informed choice which I thought was good. For me a dark colour with potential white base coat makes it a must.
  11. I was looking, (not touching) at your car today. The ppf is really cleverly done, you have to look really carefully to see it.
  12. I must be a chav as I liked it so much I bought it. 🤓 My poor child, going away to cry. 😂😂😂 Stephen I have sent you a pm.
  13. Had my cars serviced and warranty work carried out and personally had good service. B.t.w. Murrays has been bought out and is now Leven Lotus Edinburgh. Leven Car company own the Aston Martin showroom next door which interestingly were Aston Martins no1 dealer in the world, So that’s got to be good. Instead of being attached the Volvo dealership it will get a dedicated Lotus showroom and servicing area. (That’s the plan I believe) So head up and take a Vantage or Evora 430GT for a rag round the highlands while you wait. ( This may not be available but just putting the idea out there for the new owners. ?)
  14. The radio reception on my Cup 250 was really poor. It was looked at under warranty and I was told the aerial cable was not fitted correctly. I now get very good reception everywhere I have been since it was looked at. Quite surprised by how good it is.
  15. Shed! Have retired my profile pic.
  16. A new Lotus exact spec to be confirmed. Must be able to go roofless.
  17. I have sold my 2014 White Evora S SR with black interior to MMC in Edinburgh. Would imagine it will be appearing on their website in the near future if not already sold.
  18. New one today, got videoed by a couple of cars passing me on the M77. Evidently the Gumball rally was coming up the road today.
  19. Gordon you have a PM. Going to change my Evora S SR.
  20. Hold out for a Evora, great on Scottish roads. At the moment I cannot think what I would replace it with.
  21. I withdraw my ridicule and chastise myself for poor observation.
  22. If someone is coming up behind you your driving it wrong. For me the rear end is not quite right, from some angles the rear corners are wrong. The 400 hundred has changed it but still not there. I would like the sport exhaust noise without sport mode throttle map. A heated screen would be a bonus. Having lowered the tyre pressures and tweaked the stereo lately my Evora is in the sweet spot.
  23. I put these settings into my 920 today and the sound is now really good. Had only tinered before as i thought the audio was fine.Thanks for posting.
  24. Could you use the manual boot release from inside the cabin? Must confess I have not used mine.
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