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  1. I would be more interested in knowing if the car has been driven hard cold. Don't find myself getting close to the red line that often as there is so much mid range. Can trundle along in fourth gear quite happily. The Laser Blue car is lovely. I may be mistaken but was it not $75k last week.
  2. That is really good for a 3.5 litre lump. Have just done the man maths to see if better fuel economy can justify a 400 purchase. Am getting about 16mpg .So if I do about 800,000 miles it will pay for itself. TO THE DEALER !
  3. Sorry to hear your sale has fallen through. There is always 50/50 finance. In discussing all these alternative cars the Lotus must be the least expensive to maintain. Servicing £300 ish a time, brake pads £200 a full set, discs £150(S1) a pair and rear tyres £230 a tyre if MPSS. Evoranomics!
  4. When you do an update of the maps you make a back up of the device to a memory card. Does anyone know if it backs up the settings? Would be good if you have issues like these.
  5. Read on android forums some GPS systems on phones default to Paris France when they have no location information. Doesn't help I know.
  6. Guys on another forum have done it without issues as you could not get 275 MPSS last year. It does slightly (1%) change the speedo reading so I am told.
  7. Lucky, is the other side toast. Checked my car and could see the wider wheels being close.
  8. Yikes, any damage on the brake line to explain the failure?
  9. My car is also a 2014 S. I have heard a noise like you are talking about. I have only heard it when putting the car in reverse and its not been fully engaged. Done just over 10k miles, driven it as Lotus intended and it only now feels like its run in. If there's a defect its a warranty job.
  10. That is interesting. Have been running 285's MPSS on the rear of my S at 38 psi with the fronts at 35 psi. Appear to have ok grip and wear looks fine on the road( 5k miles and half worn) . However the Traction control has been kicking in lots which I put down to a heavy and slippy roads. They were over inflated on track but I put that down to temp so reduced accordingly. Will drop the pressures and see how it feels unless there is a reason the Evora S is different.
  11. My understanding was you can get any colour Lotus have used before. How much you have to pay I do not know. The Blue Evora thread car is stunning , would go for black interior and black wheels though. How about Toxic Green :-)
  12. Actually because the Evora is so composed and capable its not been too bad. The car can go faster than I can drive and with the computers off I have not found any limit on track without trying to loose it. The biggest difference is the amazing ride even on the worst of roads.
  13. Such exotic cars, I took the chav route. In my defense I also had motorbikes and a small plane. From 1991 onwards: 78 Mini 1000 ( Fell apart after hitting a wall) 81 Mini 1000( Fell apart after hitting kerb) Peugoet 205 1.0 Fiat Punto 1.4 ( Hit a van) Saxo VTR ( coming together with a kerb again) Saxo VTS ( Rolled down a hill due to lift off oversteer) Saxo VTS Honda Civic Type R EP3 ( Free driver training, learn about lift off oversteer) VW Polo 1.4 S2 Elise 111S ( Kept 4 years. Hit a wall, kerb and several trips into gravel. More training required) Fiesta Zetec S Fiesta Metal Fiesta ST2 Evora S Panda 100HP Fiesta ST3 Fiesta Zetec S ( Current run around)
  14. If it helps I have felt an Evora with a heavy clutch and it was instantly noticeable and horrible despite it driving ok. Guy had bought the car privately and it had become an issue so you are right to make sure its good for you. My car is a good one and its firm compared to you average hatchback but is only noticeable after extended time in traffic.
  15. Just joined the modern world and signed up for Deezer. Can we create Evora playlist? NA cars will be Folk music.
  16. It all helps with the man maths. I read that as buying a 400 will save me money.
  17. Have you seen Not sure why there is a quote below the link, stupid tablet. Copied link fron SE.
  18. If you put a small mark on the seat and one on the tunnel to align the fwd and aft position. You can then make a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound to simulate the motor as you move the seat back to get out. Performance through lightweight ;-)
  19. I had a few issues with my car when I first got it, was advised by a Exige owner to be more deliberate in the gear change. By that I mean move gear stick at 90 degrees so go from third to centre then to second and not directly cutting the corner. Felt a bit slow at first but no longer a problem.
  20. I changed to MPSS after my Pirelli's wore out very quickly and would not go back to them. For road use in Scotland the MPSS give far more confidence in the wet and I cannot notice any difference in grip levels in the dry. The wear rate is noticeably much better. I could not get 275 rears last year so just went with 285's. Must thank Saj for the original recommendation.
  21. That is the same blue as I wanted my fantasy Evora 400 to be. Not as dark as Magnetic Blue but a bit lighter than Laser Blue. Really is stunning. So jealous. Post more pics when you get it please.
  22. That is really interesting to know. Have driven my car on track a couple of times, always in sport mode and found it very hard to control the throttle. Another reason to get a 400 as it has an exhaust button.
  23. I have had four in the car quite often without issue, Mother, Sister and niece on a booster. At five foot six I am the tallest in my family. Car is also good for garden centre runs.
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