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  1. I got a email from Leon at Alunox today. They have agreed to help me finishing the exhaust by sending me what I need. The problem appears to be that the G car Federal bodies are indeed different in the wheel well and they did not know that building the system so it appears. They built their exhaust system after the the headers around the UK/ROW cars I will supply them everything it took spec wise to make the system work on Federal cars along with pictures to help guide them. This will insure that future systems will work perfectly once they ship them here for Federal G cars. We do need to have a good relationship with this company into the future so they can supply the right quality system for all Lotus owners into the future generations. This fix could not have been done without Mark Kassim in the UK and Jon Slocum's help and some good ole I can do this myself engineering. Thank you Leon for stepping up.
  2. So the wheel well body configuration is indeed different afterall This explains why I am 2.5 inches short on the pipe. The Federal cars look nothing like that. You can see where i cut the forward portion out
  3. MARK, The wheel well arch is different and very open in this picture. What year is this car?? Unless that was cut out mine is much smaller. My arch opening is basically a half moo opening. Not sqaured off like yours in this picture.There appears in your picture for there be two layers in the upper arch. I don't have that. The pipe I have bought already and shipped from California. Its all at the welder and I waiting for him to tack it together so I can do another fit up test before he welds it all in permanent. I will send you a picture of my arch with the cut out piece missing to your email address. This picture shows why I had to cut my arch open on the front/forward side of the wheel well. If I tried to go straight in with the adapter on or off, I would be hitting fiberglass on the waste gate pipe. One issue appears to be solved. But not the length, so the lower body mold may indeed be different on US cars Email is on the way Jenna
  4. Bob's problem is not Alunox fault. He has a larger garret turbo that was not supplied by the oem and an adapter for the waste gate return mounted to the turbo before the exhaust pipe fits. The pipe supplied from the turbo adapter out on his car looks very much like the Stevens pipe and in his case that works because of the adapter for the wastegate return setup. That is not Alunox fault. My exhaust pipe is the 3 inch version and it is just short. The wastegate return would not fit paste the body in the wheel well on the forward side of the opening. I cut 2.5 inches of fiberglass away to get it in. I am having a welder here modify the pipe to get it past the body and into the wheel well. Bottom line was the pipe was cut wrong and somebody blew a measurement. Period. The muffler and exhaust elbow they sent me hits the battery box which is recessed in the body. I don't think the battery boxes in the UK cars were up high like the Stevens cars are. I don't see Lotus using a mold for the US and one for ROW. The headers are indeed nice and that is about where this whole train wreck ends. Mark and I have been talking. Exactly
  5. When I refer to Towers I mean the upper fixture where the shock mounts to the car on the high side. The exhaust pipe wraps around over the top of this mounting area.
  6. Hi all,, Its been some time since I posted here. I still maintain an active page on Penelope's progress on Lotus Talk. A bit of a chore maintaining two pages. I bought the G car complete system in 3 inch. We finished opened the box when it arrived and everything appeared in order except for the muffler which was longer. We completed the interior headliner project and fron and rear camera install and then went to the exhaust install. We did everything in frame. My hands have the carnage to prove it, It took three weeks working when there was free time and got the headers on in place. Next came the remounting of the turbo and the hanger brace with shield. We removed the pollution air pump prior to install so that everything was the same as the cars across the pond. Problem came when we went to fit up the exhaust pipe from the turbo out through the wheel well. The new pipe is 3 inches shorter then the old one and will not fit to the turbo through the wheel well. Today we are getting an exact measurement and checking the dump valve distance also for possible length issues. That leads to the rest of the pipes. The muffler it appears might be for a Stevens body car which does not have a recessed battery box. I think that the battery box can be cut out and moved upward to make clearance as a last resort. I contacted Alunox yesterday and they haven't responded yet. Has any one else run into this problem???
  7. I sent Anita my info today. 8-1-2016. Where do we stand on this order and do I need to do something else? Sounds like there has been some communication problems. Jenna
  8. Thank you,, It has been endless work to bring her back to life. But I love it
  9. So its been a while. I sent the car into RS Motorsports here to have the water pump and timing belt replaced along with a level C tune. When I got the car back we ended up having to take the fuel tanks out of Penelope and doing a lot more then I ever wanted to get involved with. The group effort came in with 30 hours to get the tanks out with the engine in. Going back was a bit easier as we just threw everything in and closed the bonnet lol. But it was easier going back together. Two weeks of hot humid weather and we got her back together and on the road again. I am still doing small things to get her ready for the LOG36 meet this weekend but she is now finally a daily driver if I desire to do so. This winter she will get the header from the group buy and a new headliner. You arent ever really done working on a Lotus, are you?
  10. Okay add me 83 Esprit Turbo I want it without the Cat. Ships to NJ USA ( same deal as Jslocum ) I am a bit confused about MR D comment on turbo position and fit up problems. To hell with my headliner and paint
  11. Getting in tune with the straight and narrow Yeah, I'm getting in tune with the straight and narrow I'm singing this exhaust note 'cause it fits in well With the way I'm feeling There's a symphony that I hear in your heart Sets my head a-reeling But I'm in tune Right in tune I'm in tune And I'm gonna tune Right in on you (right in on you) Right in on you (right in on you) Right in on you Thank you WHO Cant wait for my drive about with Penelope
  12. Oh yes,, a long long drive in the mountains
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