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  1. HI, I've e-mailed Jim at 2bular a couple of times on this but no response so hopefully someone here can provide some guidance. As the title says, want to fit a 2bular back box to my 06 111R, only other noise type mod is a TRD airbox. Which size is track safe for noise the 6, 7, or 8 inch version and does anyone have any noise figures ? I go to Brands quite a bit and the noise regs are pretty tight 88 db drive by 98 db static. Thanks Steve
  2. Been thinking about it some more. I think if I'm going to be able to do track days this year then I'll get it properly serviced and checked over. If it's going to be stuck in the garage it's just an oil change I think.
  3. What you guys doing for servicing if your not using your cars? My 06 111R has basically sat in the garage for most of the year on trickle charge. Take it out for a quick drive once a month just so it gets to move, probably done <200 miles this year. Are you continuing with full servicing, just getting an oil change. Not bothering ?
  4. Well that was a surprise. Got a PASS 🙂 Tom said it could have gone either way. Depends how the tester interprets the regs.
  5. Thanks Andy. I suspect reading that it might be a fail. It's on an Elise 2006 111R, so just had belts and no electronics to monitor them. I only have the harness fitted on the drivers side so it would be obvious OE was with a inertia belt system. Suspect I might be spending Saturday morning re-fitting the old belts, which means taking out the seats and the interior behind the seats which was a right PITA with the harness bar installed.
  6. I know this has been asked before but also know the regs do change from time to time. Just dropped my 111R off at castle for a service and MOT and mentioned I've got Schroth harnesses fitted and was told that's probably going to be an MOT failure as I don't have the inertia belts still fitted. I'm sure I read somewhere that harnesses were OK on their own.. Does anyone know the current ruling with harnesses and MOT? Tom, did say he'd have a word with the tester and see what they could do. Thanks Steve
  7. Looking for a bit of feedback on my next upgrades. Car is an 06 Elise 111R. Car is mainly for track use but does get used on the road. Upgrades I've already done last year. Nitron NTR's with clubsport springs. Full Geo done and corner weighted. Rear Toe-Link upgrade. Baffled sump and upgraded oil pump gear. Harness bar, schroth harnesses, Corbeau pro seat. RS14 pads and racing fluid. Not interested in power upgrades (yet) as I think the only thing worth doing is supercharging. So focusing on handling. Brakes seem up to the job at the moment, not getting any fade even after 20-30 mins of hard lapping. Next upgrades I'm considering are a front splitter and a rear wing. I like the SC wing as it's quite understated but also like the GT4 item. Also thinking about wheel\tyre upgrade as well. It's on stock rims with AD07's. Handles OK but do feel like the tyres are letting go a bit and think some stickier rubber would be good. So, the wing and splitter. Anyone got any feedback on improvements in handling ? Wheels\tyres, my understanding is to fit something like an R888 I'm going to need to change the wheels as they don't come in sizes to fit the front. Also, anyone got any recommendations on wheel\tyres sizes I can get away with with the Nitrons as there is a slight drop in height, not slammed though. Thanks Steve
  8. I’ll see if I can make this one. I’m at autosport international at the NEC the day before so may need my sleep 😴 Steve
  9. Here's a few photos from some recent track days
  10. Dave, appreciate the feedback. I'm not 100% set on a supercharger yet, still having a lot of fun with stock power. Looks like a bit more research is need by me. Does the Hanger kit need much modified to fit it ? Only thing probably putting me off is the cost to supercharge what I have is I'm then getting me close to Exige S kind of money. Might be worth it if this was a long term car but I tend to change my track car every few years.
  11. Thanks for the invite Chris. I'll see if I can get along this Sunday. I'm going to the classic car show at the NEC on Saturday so might need a lye in on Sunday 🙂
  12. Hey guys thought it's about time I introduced myself as I've been lurking for a while. Picked up my 06 Elise 111R in August off a certain Mr Blackham. Got very lucky, literally just started looking and he was just getting delivery of a car in pretty much the exact spec I was after. Car is mainly for track use and so far I've done 4 track days. 2 at Bedford and 2 at Snetterton and the car has behaved flawlessly. Just so much fun to drive, especially through the twisty bits 😁. Over the past few months I've made a few track focused upgrades. RS14 pads and upgraded brake fluid first. Fitted new Clubsport spec Nitron's and rear toe link kit. Had the geometry setup and corner weighted. Harness bar, Corbeau Le-pro and schroth harness. Baffled sump, upgraded oil pickup and upgraded oil gear. I'm lucky enough that Datum Motorsport (Who run a number of Lotus Cup cars) is only about 3 miles from me, so they've been a great at helping me choose and fit the upgrades. Pretty happy with how the car is at the moment, probably not going to do any more track days until next year now. Some other upgrades I'm considering next though. Lotus supercharger and EcuMaster ECU - Datum recommends this over the Hanger111 kit as it's a direct bolt on and doesn't need any other mods to fit etc. (I plan to return the car to stock when I sell it, so going for reversible upgrades) Probably a set of track wheels, maybe TD 1.2's with R888 rubber, with 6" or 7" fronts so I can run a slightly wider tyre. Need to research if I'll get any clearance issues. Thinking about a GT4 or Elise cup wing and a front splitter to balance it out. But not 100% sure about that right now. So hopefully get a chance to meet some of you guys at some point if you're into track days.
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