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  1. Just read this thread start to finish. Absolutely flabbergasted. An S2 in this color is my dream car. Amazing work, Mark. Enjoy!
  2. I know this forum is predominantly for UK based members, but perhaps someone here owns the red Europa that recently snapped my head around when I saw it parked in Raleigh, North Carolina?
  3. That looks great! I could see the arguments for black sills and white sills, but it has come out looking tremendous.
  4. Braddock, Good luck with this - it will be a very worthy project! You live in the town of my birth (I grew up just north of there, in Merritt Island). I hope to see this orange beauty tooling around next time I'm in town!
  5. Jon, continued great work. I'm wondering what kind of reaction Vivian is getting in her forays out into the public. These babies are SO rare Stateside these days. I can't immagine too many people know what she is. Do people guess DeLorean? Stare and gawk? Or not take much notice?
  6. Jon, this is incredible work. I remember when this car was on Craigslist (since I am forever 'in the market' to buy an Esprit, but also forever a coward). I look forward to following the rebuild, and then, since I have a brother near DC and work brings me to the area every month or two, you MUST let us know when this beast will be seen in public - cars & coffee, car shows etc. I would drive up from Raleigh for no other reason that to see it in person. Keep it up!
  7. JustinB


  8. Seen a few times, including this morning on Blue Ridge driving towards Duraleigh. Anyone on here?
  9. I enjoy that too - my reasoning is that it feeds my fantasy of a barn/estate find and being able to afford it.
  10. Small numbers, and also, I would think, concentrated in 'supercar' areas like South Florida and Southern California.
  11. Looks fantastic, Gordon! How about a heads-up next time - I'd love to see it at an event like this!
  12. Haha Dan I hope that is true actually - I would love him to get it back on the road so I can see it from time to time. I have not seen a Guigiaro Esprit in person in over 20 years.
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