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  2. Yeah I should have said on cars where there isn't a clearly visible external, body coloured b-pillar that I especially prefer the glass to be the same tint but I couldn't edit my post! Even with that black bar in the photo I still prefer it without but that's just me. It's purely a personal choice like you say The car will look amazing either way!
  3. I went with no privacy glass too. I prefer it when the glass on the side of a car is all one tint, especially if there is no B-pillar. Being able to see the engine a bit more clearly is a benefit in my book as well
  4. 6 and a bit years for me from new. Just over 15k miles, which probably isn't enough tbh! Had a trip up to the Cotswolds in it at the end of last summer which reminded me how much I love it. Got a few more jaunts planned this year too.
  5. As an aside, I placed my first deposit mid-afternoon on the 8th July and the most recent phone call I received confirmed I'd have a June delivery. Looks like I might be one of the last ones in the first batch!
  6. Ah nice! On my Evora I always do a balancing act of having one hand pushing the button and the other ready to stop the cap from springing back like mad! I wonder if the fuel tank will be the same size? A few extra litres capacity would be nice, although in my own experience I've never really found the range to be an issue.
  7. You're right I probably judged a bit too quickly. I made the mistake of sharing before I finished watching. His point about not wanting the auto I thought might cause a stir on here Didn't realise you can't edit posts either! Like you say his enthusiasm for the car was great to see.
  8. One or two bones of contention but a pretty entertaining video. Military grey too 😍
  9. Surfex HD is very good stuff for engine bays in my experience. It can be used at various dilutions for other kinds of cleaning jobs too.
  10. I think the missing engine cover is likely one of JMG cost cutting/weight saving changes. I bought mine new in 2015 and it didn't have one either, but a Chrome Orange S for sale from the same dealer did, so I asked if that could be put on mine instead! I'm a big fan of the Toyota engine but it's not a pretty one to look at!
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