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  1. Ah nice! On my Evora I always do a balancing act of having one hand pushing the button and the other ready to stop the cap from springing back like mad! I wonder if the fuel tank will be the same size? A few extra litres capacity would be nice, although in my own experience I've never really found the range to be an issue.
  2. You're right I probably judged a bit too quickly. I made the mistake of sharing before I finished watching. His point about not wanting the auto I thought might cause a stir on here Didn't realise you can't edit posts either! Like you say his enthusiasm for the car was great to see.
  3. One or two bones of contention but a pretty entertaining video. Military grey too 😍
  4. Surfex HD is very good stuff for engine bays in my experience. It can be used at various dilutions for other kinds of cleaning jobs too.
  5. I think the missing engine cover is likely one of JMG cost cutting/weight saving changes. I bought mine new in 2015 and it didn't have one either, but a Chrome Orange S for sale from the same dealer did, so I asked if that could be put on mine instead! I'm a big fan of the Toyota engine but it's not a pretty one to look at!
  6. From the US so there'd be some shipping costs involved. Not sure if there's a UK distributor somewhere. I had a look on elise-shop for example but couldn't find them.
  7. Exactly, and given the likely rarity I'd say it's an acceptable compromise
  8. Higher mileage than what you're after. Although the ad suggests only 3 in this exact spec were made
  9. Love Amethyst Grey! Looks smart
  10. All dressed up with no particular place to go
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