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  1. All dressed up with no particular place to go
  2. Very interested to see the end result!! You've picked a great company to do the work in my opinion. Having been a customer of KDS myself for 8 years or so now, I think Kelly and the team are amongst the best detailers/painters in the world. Ah sorry! Only realised it's a joint effort at the end of the video!
  3. Looks amazing!! What a fantastic setting!
  4. Silver S1 Elise and a yellow Evora, maybe an S, in my neck of the woods yesterday afternoon. Nice to see 2 Lotus's in a day. A rare occurrence!
  5. I use GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean to clean the leather and then follow that with their L1 Leather Guard which has UV Protectants in it. Both are easy to apply and don't leave any residue. I probably do this every 3-6 months depending on the level of use. Really good products in my opinion.
  6. Just had this exact tyre and size configuration fitted on my Evora. Really impressed so far. I didn't think the initial turn in could be improved but it has! Noticed the difference within the first few corners. The steering feels slightly lighter in general too which I like. The tyre noise at speed is also markedly lower than the P-Zero Corsas that were on the car previously.
  7. AndyH


    Just hit 10,000 miles in mine on Friday.
  8. Ah interesting! That completely passed me by, good spot! It looks like a 2+0, so the stripe on the rear seat is one less thing to worry about. It looks like a very tidy car though.
  9. This one looks like another peach of an early car.
  10. Yes if they do keep using lettering across the rear I think it would definitely be with this new font.
  11. It'll be interesting to see how the typeface looks badged across the back of the cars, if that's something they are going to keep doing. I like the old serif font in that instance but I think the new logo works well on screen.
  12. Nearly 4 years in and I still haven't got bored of taking snaps on sunny days in car parks!
  13. This one looks lovely.
  14. I've got a family event in the diary for that day but they do have a tendency to get cancelled late on! If that does happen I'll come down. I would like too as I missed the previous 2.
  15. Good shout! Here's one of mine from last week. Not the best location but late afternoon sun is my favourite light for this colour.
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