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  1. It depends of what you will invest and use the Car for... For B-Road Driving i would say EX430 For Track use EX460 witch chargecooler The Rest makes no sense.
  2. I drove all the Cars... From EX460 to EX500... Cup 380 to Cup 430 and the 311 with and without Kit. The Torque is much higher from EX500 to Cup 430 and it bites more aggressively. Some Customer Cars run with over 600Nm. I prever the 311 with Kit and sequential Box... We will test much more Parts to make it faster and easier to handle. The Car runs OEM not with the full Potential.
  3. Hehhehehh...i think that is the same Situation actually 😉
  4. Hi Gary... It's another KT Customer Car. Sometimes I have the chance to drive it.
  5. The Car will Run with a 7-Speed Sequential Box with Paddle Shift and around 466PS with 1250kg Weight. These allows us to Run in our Class in the NES500 and VLN !
  6. Car is a V6S with 1130kg and 70% of Fuel. And trust`s a lot quicker than a CUP430 ;-) That will not mean that a CUP430 is slow ;-)
  7. We are building up a Racecars from this Car.
  8. Yes Norbert i checked the are Right. Michelin CUP 2 !!! So i have to push harder with new Tires 😉
  9. Thx Guys...take a look at this Board. They start on Michelin Slicks 😉
  10. Nothing New... We drive a Race Spec Car with 530PS 😎
  11. Hi Nano...thx a lot. Yes it`s the close Ration Gearbox with the upgraded Fork from Hangar111. Alitech Shifter and Lightweight Flywheel with Sinter Clutch. Cheers Dave. That was the Plan. Sell much as you can we need the Money for the Evora Project ;-) Hopefully you Guys come over for a Ride on the Nordschleife. If the Weather is fine i will take the 2-11 out and set a new BTG Time ;-)
  12. 21. Lotus on Track Ltd recommend that track day insurance is taken out by participants and cannot be held responsible for damage occurring to vehicle or person. To be clear: You are not insured by Lotus on Track Ltd when driving on track for any damage to person or property.
  13. Hi All... for sure it`s not allowed to take Times. How could we handle that in a 3-11, the both Fezzas from D2P ? Should we build the Dash out ? What kind of Insurance is it, who would pay for a Crash between a Race Car and a Road Car ??? It was a Open Pit Lane Trackday with Race Cars. In Germany there is no Insurance if they start in the same Group. If I`m wrong please correct me...
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