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  1. Hej Peter,it´s me with the car in Sweden, and i´m so close to 100% sure as possible that your problem is same as mine,what you describes is exactly the same as i felt before the investigation,so a good advise is what Gary said,DONT use the car before repair,it can only be worse!!.... Probably your axel is´t damage now,but it will be,and if you continues driving the axel will start eating your crankshaft!!,Bon appetite.
  2. Jacques,i´l bring a BIG CIGAR for you and hope my wheels still is on my cars when i´m back, To Steve, thanks, but where is your Esprit,it´s a fast car (Turbo) and you write `coming soon´!!??, i mean you made your nice Welcome on Monday and now it is Wednesday!!.
  3. Turbo Thanks Jonny. And look here Jacques Kim.Poulsen Full Forum Account 17 345 posts Name:Kim Location: DK-3460 Birkeroed, Denmark Car:Lotus Seven S1, Lotus Esprit Turbo 88 Posted Friday at 22:47 · Report post this what Kim have announced, and you know,he is credible!!!. Only more alcohol can cure that! 1 person likes this Like this
  4. Thanks Andy,the pictures must wait,sorry,as i wrote i´m on my way to the biggest rolling car museum in the world (Cuba),but,Jaques i´m happy you like my rims, luckely i like the hole car ,but as you can se on my (just finished) restoring of my first seven i chose the same rims for that, so i agree, i like them, and even perhaps more on my Esprit!!. Look forward to experience the `Copenhagen Esprit Saturday Agenda´
  5. Tak Jacques, and thanks Clive, i´m NOT giving up my sevens,for sure,but i always loved Esprit to and now i have one,great, and i must say it´s Until now is a very positive experience to drive,even if it is very limited how much I been driving, so I must look forward to spring. About pictures,Dave,Jaques and Clive, i´m on my way to travel, so i have no time now to take pictures,sorry, but i have at least two photos taken of the previous owner. it´s looking nice but it has some few challenges with the paint,it´s the clear varnish which have `disappeared´on some few spots!!, a thing i will try to correct!!??. Then, when i´m back i can make more photos if you guys want to see more. Jaques, what in heaven is : (Copenhagen Esprit Saturday Agenda), is it a some secret formal to cure Friday hang overs, I did not know you drank!!.
  6. Thanks, all ,i picked up the 85 turbo a bit up in Sweden together with Kim drove it back and we agree that it was running F well. i hope you all understand whats the topic in my post is all about, look here : Esprit Chat, Esprit Norweigan tour, summer 2016 . Dave,do you want the pictures with or without clothes??!!. Member's total reputation
  7. I´m new on this forum but i visit the `Copenhagen belt fest´ this summer to join the barbecue!! (very god) the good wether and Sir P. McCartney live as background music (fantastic organized) . I just purchased a Esprit turbo (85) , and could perhaps like to participate i this tour, also inspired of a similar journey some danes did in year 2010. Among them were 2 from the Danish Lotus club, they are some peoble with a mix of nice classic sportscars that every year arrange a thing called `oil of man rally´, have a look if you like, for inspiration/appetizer : Søren
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