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  1. Hi Cliff I've sent a contribution via PayPal. I agree the issue needs a higher profile to make people aware of it - can you change the title since we now have space, need transport funds it appears
  2. Erm, Nintendo64... I just retrieved my stuff from long-term storage and found the N64 near the top of the pile. Working my way through Goldeneye all over again...
  3. Bibs - I'm happy to chip in to help with transport costs because these look too useful to scrap! Nah - my gut instinct says we need an awful lot of
  4. Bloody hell - I drop out for a year in the country, chewing grass and accessorising with baler twine, and when I come back our original International Man of Mystery not only has a name - Graham apparently - but a whole back story involving a family... to say I am shocked is an understatement
  5. Evening all, Could well be garden pesticides sprayed on something flowering in the vicinity, but might be natural mortality near a nest. Yes, bumble bees do nest but only 30-60 individuals and all but the queen die off before winter. They generally like old mouse nests. Are they tiny bumble bees? If so these are the earliest raised this year and are pegging out now. There was a pollen shortage in most areas due to the extended winter just at the time that the queen bumble bees were coming out of hibernation and raising the first workers. Bumble bees engage in a bootstrapping process wher
  6. Dan

    Red Esprit GT3

    Spotted last night on my way for fish'n'chips...
  7. Tsk, tsk... you've all forgotten the VW Beetle based Esprit replica: Nice...
  8. Hello all... remember me? On Saturday 29th May there is a one-off drive-in cinema event in Taunton, showing the Italian Job - yes, the real one with Michael Caine and proper Minis. 9:30pm start, £20 per car in advance, more details here. Dan.
  9. Oops, late as ever. Wiscombe will literally be on my new doorstep, but I'm not in yet, so I've held off going until I can walk to it If those of you who went there approached by the top route, i.e. following main 'Hill Climb' signs out of Honiton, you may have seen something of a building site on the left about three fields before the top entrance to Wiscombe Park: That's my new honey farm. I may just be able to serve up some better parking and hospitality for Esprits at the next event
  10. Dan

    The bee thread

    Thought this was coming. Oh well Your unlucky seaman - he's not sucking pear drop sweets or smothering himself in strong aftershave (or even Vicks Vapour Rub) is he? The sweets in particular have a smell very close to the alarm pheromone that bees use, and will attract unwanted attention - I did it once myself The same thing might happen with strong aftershave...
  11. Firefox on 64bit Linux Flash support sucks, haven't got the patience to fiddle through the long-winded solutions. The latest Chrome handles flash for the rare occasions it is needed! Have tried Opera on-and-off over the years but always come back to Firefox, even though it's not as lightweight as it was. The following two Firefox add-ons are so useful as to be considered a necessity: AdBlock Plus - block website banner ads Xmarks - synchronise bookmarks and stored passwords between machines There's also a handy add-on called QuickRestart - does what it says on the tin, reloads a
  12. Dan

    The bee thread

    Evening all Al - 3 miles offshore is still within flying range; generally 2 miles radius but up to 5 miles is quoted as foraging range, although I recall 11km is the most that has been reliably documented. However, the plants they are foraging from may be inland some distance and hence they are foraging right at the edge of their range. If the majority of them appear to be leaving, do they go in one big cloud, or just through prolonged flying? Most of the bees in the swarm will be free to go foraging as there is little brood to nurse or housekeeping to be done until the colony has become m
  13. (off to lurk for another three months now )
  14. Oh, I forgot, it's a photo thread: And the new honey farm going up:
  15. Al - Gunter's advice is correct. I'm assuming you're somewhere in the southern hemisphere for them to throw a swarm of that size at this time of the year - it would be collective suicide at this time of year in northern Europe. I see Brazil has been mentioned so that would tally. It's a nice looking swarm, if you were any closer I'd ask you to put them in a box and post them to me... The bad news is that if they have been with you for more than a couple of days, they're probably settled, and will be unwilling to move on. You will need professional help to shift them safely. As Gunter says,
  16. Giorgio - perhaps another option for you. I believe the chassis were made for Lotus by Abbey Panels in Coventry. The company still exists, but does not appear to have a website. Online 'business directory' sites list their details as: Abbey Panels Ltd. Bayton Road Exhall Coventry CV7 9DX UK Tel. +44 (024) 7664 4999 It might be worth approaching them to see if they are still fabricating replacement chassis, and what they can advise in terms of replacement whilst retaining the chassis number. I would not expect their prices to be much cheaper than SJ were quoting, but it may be o
  17. Wasn't the Citroen SM available with an automatic gearbox?
  18. 1989 Land Rover 90 1989 Mini 998cc 1987 Toyota MR2 1998 Peugeot 306 2001 Mazda MX-5 2000 Range Rover 1988 Toyota MR2 1989 Lotus Esprit 1997 Mini 1275cc 2005 Toyota MR2 (company car) 1984 Land Rover 110 1980 Land Rover 109 1994 Land Rover Discovery 1994 Land Rover Discovery Bold ones are current, and yes I still have my first car, although it has had the chassis, engine, and some of the bodywork replaced, it's still the same one, right? Need to have a check and see if there are any more Land Rovers knocking around here somewhere Excuses: The Land Rover 109 sort of came
  19. Happy birthday chaps Ian - sorry to hear you've been unwell. Take it easy. I warned you that going from an NA to a V8 was too much of a step up...
  20. Ticket purchased, no hiccups with security gubbins warnings, faultless experience
  21. Hi all, My car's developed a loud hissing on half to full throttle. It's only apparent when the engine is fully warm (10 mile run) and when half to full throttle opening is used under load. Doesn't seem to happen when stationary even when warm. It's very loud - drowning out the engine noise especially with a window or sunroof open. Sounds like the car is running on compressed air! Thinking about it, it sounds like the noise made when the car is cold and warm air is routed from the exhaust-mounted intake. I've read the manual/parts list to see what is involved in the induction system and
  22. Count me in please! What time will the convoy to Cromer depart on Saturday? I have to travel up on the Saturday morning so will need to plan an early start... but I'm thinking of convoy plans already, of course
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