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  1. Matty's are good - I bought my car from there and had it serviced by them when I was reasonably close. TBH two weeks for an appointment is good - I recall 5 week waits in the past!
  2. Sad to hear your news, Mark. I remember meeting your folks at Castle Combe the year of the BigSi hand-over; nice people. Memories live on.
  3. Mmm, did somebody say "infinite pussy project"...? Oh, I guess that'll be the next birthday thread then...
  4. Dan

    Swine Flu

    All the best for a swift recovery Alex! If it is an immunisation, can you sneeze into little bottles and post them to others? * Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this a week or so after you've recovered. I don't doubt that it's a nasty bout of 'flu, but we've had a three month media frenzy telling us we're all going to die. Call me a cynic, but it still looks like a 'no news day' story to me. Nobody so far has compared the number of swine 'flu deaths with general 'flu deaths - after all, isn't it winter in the southern hemisphere, so surely it's 'flu season there? Yesterd
  5. I've noticed a trend of late with roadworks: First you have a 'men at work' sign Then you have a 'road narrowing' sign Then you have a 'traffic lights' sign (if appropriate) Then eventually you come to the roadworks. Helpfully, each sign is accompanied by a large orange cone placed on the outside of it, just in case you didn't see the sign The net result, of course, on the narrow lanes we have round here is: Queue until clear to pass 'men at work' sign Queue until clear to pass 'road narrows' sign Queue until clear to pass 'traffic lights' sign or roadworks So it's very common that
  6. Am I the only one that spotted the link to the 'Breast is Best' website?! Nice one Paul I see they have a 'Support Group'... that made me snigger too... wonder if they need a couple of helping hands...?
  7. First meet of the year for some of us... Nice to catch up with everyone, see you all again soon
  8. I think I had one of those driving right up my arse the other day...
  9. If anyone knows how to get hold of episodes, it'll be Vincent in France... member 'troutrou' on here, PM him as he doesn't log on frequently. He has a thing about green SE's
  10. Steve - it's the same tread pattern tyre as was fitted to IDGG01... so probably a standard fit on the S1.
  11. Well I too pay for my music but do it slightly differently. I like to have something to kick for my money, and am patient enough to buy music six months or more after release. Often I work through artists' back-catalogues so I'm looking at older releases anyway. I download CDs of interest using a BitTorrent client, and they go into a specific 'pending' folder on my PC so I can keep track of them. If I like them, I buy them, if I don't like them after a month I delete them. Using Amazon Marketplace, CDs are anything from a penny up to a fiver, new and used. (I see that their MP3 downloads ar
  12. Is it still your birthdays? Ooops, late again, sorry Hope you had a good one and that your latest, greatest year has started well
  13. Hi Roger, I agree there is great satisfaction in using a 'proper' writing instrument. Cheap biros are the bane of my life - they seem to accumulate in the pencil pot, quite how I do not know, and when you reach for them they just blob or streak. Conway Stewart 58's are nice pens. I've seen some in a green herringbone pattern that looked really attractive. Have you thought of having your pen repaired since it has sentimental value? Battersea Pen Home is a company I've dealt with (bought a recondition pen IIRC) who advertise a repairs service. There's a longer list of fountain pen repairer
  14. Well I've played with a few of their technical drawing pens over the years, but they weren't suited to handwriting. The appeal is huge, lots of fiddling about with refills and plenty of 'form follows function' but the practical use wasn't there for me. I can't say I know all of their past technical stuff - did you have something in mind that might appeal to me?
  15. Thanks Paul - that second photo almost made me jump I like Jono's art project suggestion but some sort of ritual seems like the best explanation. Have googled for 'birds with masks' and found lots of interesting photos but nothing obviously to do with voodoo or other rituals Students, eh? Bless!
  16. Hi all, I know there are a fair number of collectors on here and was wondering if anyone else has a fascination for fountain pens? I have a modest collection of 60-70 pens, mostly Parker or Rotring. I find the pleasure is in the writing as much as the admiring, so most of mine have been inked and used. The bulk of my collection is of post-war Parker pens, particularly 51, 45, 25, Vector/88/Rialto. I don't really like the look or feel of the earlier 'chunky' pens, such as the Duofold. Is that heresy?! I have a few of the more modern Frontier and Sonnet pens, and oddly find the Frontier w
  17. Guys, This might be a possibility for a day out. Not much of a hoon for me as it's only 10-12 miles away, but happy to drive somewhere else first to meet and increase hoonage It's best approached on the A3052 from M5 J30 (Exeter Services) which is a good road running just inland from the coast along to Lyme Regis and beyond. It's a historic/classic (as in 30 years+) event by the looks of it, so I wouldn't assume they'd want us to park up in the main field, but if there's interest then I will enquire. I've never actually been, but it is in its 15th year so I'd hope it's of a fair size.
  18. Hey Jussi Nice to hear from you again. Lovely photos, as ever. Keep up the good work
  19. Guys - thanks for the positive replies regarding NuHeat and their underfloor system. More good experiences mean more confidence We're having fun designing around forklift truck access and heavy bolt-down vibrating equipment though. Nobody is confident that the screed will take the loadings, so we're having to exclude the loading bay and certain areas of one of the processing rooms. Don't want to end up with crumbling screed and compressed pipes/insulation underneath. Of course this means that there is less heating in certain areas, and the solid slab is extended up to screed level in place
  20. I'm using a ground source heat pump and underfloor heating for my new working premises. Should start build before early summer, still finalising detailed plans, building regs, and such like. The plan is to heat the entire 80' x 40' honey house to 18-20 degrees via underfloor pipes, and to provide hot water for the sinks and such like. Insulate, insulate, insulate, first, of course. My geology is not too helpful for the costs, despite a plentiful water table. Green sand deep down means that boreholes would have to be lined, doubling cost to around
  21. Have you looked in Event Viewer to see what's being logged in the way of errors and warnings? Had odd slow-down problems with a laptop running XP once, as per this KB article... lots of chattering of the disk, long delays, and high processor usage, plus any reboots took about 5 times longer than expected. It turned out the hard disk was on the way out (bad sector errors recurring) and after the drive had logged so many of these in a given time, Windows quietly downgraded performance in the drive controller driver, repeating the downgrade if more errors occurred. It had gone from fast DMA t
  22. It's so silly to fall foul of such a rule after a superb performance from the team in general, and from their captain in particular. Surely they read the rules regarding eligibility prior to entering?! I found this series very entertaining, and Gail Trimble's performance was first class throughout. I was on the edge of my seat during the final, and it's a long time since I've anticipated a program as much as I did in the week before the final Each to their own I suppose Paul - I can understand why you're getting sick of it though
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