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  1. Are you sure you weren't singing along with the radio, Bibs...?
  2. Just been emailed in response to a Number 10 petition regarding VAT on fuel duty.
  3. I'm pretty sure the S2.2 marked the introduction of the galvanised chassis... I think Kimbers meant to say watch out for a painted chassis in case it's not 100% what it seems... it may be a slightly earlier S2 that's had a 2.2 engine swapped into it. GR - are you familiar with the model variations at this age? LEW's model guide should help if you've not already seen it.
  4. So was this one once, think of it as an opportunity...
  5. Just had an update in on this via email... 9 days to go if you want to get booked up
  6. More importantly, Simon - what did you buy?
  7. Surely you're not selling your daily drive, Simon?
  8. Either suits me at the moment. Should we start a new thread for this event, or rename this one if that's possible?
  9. Howard - if memory serves, Mazda took the original MX-5 prototypes round to customer clinics with contemporary sports cars such as MGB, Triumph TR / Spitfire, and possibly a Lotus Elan. This included convoy driving on public roads. Is that what you're thinking of perhaps?
  10. Good game, Paul Like you I've played this one before, but not for a while now... PPW 306R is no longer registered... OPW 678W is on a blue 1981 Esprit 600 LOT is still on a red 1989 Esprit KAR 120C is no longer registered... LMU 3 the first 'proper' Lotus MK3 is still registered, but with a 99999CC engine! and for some others... 9600 HP the first E-type is still registered HUE 166 the first Land Rover is still registered 621 AOK the first Mini is still registered
  11. Ah, glad one of us is awake then! I must have lost track of where it came from as I went round many links on this for half an hour or so reminding myself of the most credible story. BTW did you see the pictures of the dark red 'Lotus X100' badged MR2 referenced in the PH article? So obviously the work of a bored afternoon, and a late model (mk1b for the nerds) at that, so never a prototype Is this a one-off, or are journalistic standards falling at PH Towers?
  12. I've read a number of different theories over the years, and whilst it's nice to believe the MR2 is a Lotus design, most of the considered opinion suggests that it is not. I have a special interest in this as I like red 1980's wedges: The MK1 MR2 is a cracking drive even now I've had five years of Esprit ownership. Sure, it's only got 122bhp but the way it handles and the eagerness of the engine are a delight. Mine's done 62,000 miles - 20,000 of those by me in the last five years - and is not your average rustbucket, since I'm only its third owner and it's been garaged all its life.
  13. Dan

    Brennan JB7

    Backup from the Brennan is simple - any USB hard drive will work. It's also the method used to transfer music onto the device e.g. from a PC, to stop you having to rip all your CDs yet again. I don't like having to have the PC on just to listen to music. There's always the temptation to fiddle or browse when I should be doing something else, and there's the simple fact of the noise of the fan and the amount of power it sucks. I'm afraid I'm ethically opposed to Apple, born out of having to deal with Mac zealots in the 90's. Let's not get sidetracked on the pros and cons of Apple and thei
  14. Dan

    Brennan JB7

    I've been playing with my new toy - a Brennan JB7 - for a couple of weeks now, and thought I'd ask if others have tried it too. Bloody neat bit of kit in my book, does exactly what it says on the tin I like the fact that it just works and is easy to use, plus it looks rather neat. Put in a CD, choose the title from the alternatives given, then give it 3 minutes to suck the tracks off and start compressing them in the background, whilst you feed in another CD and so on... Simple text-based searching from the remote, browse through albums, random play, or whatever to get at your musi
  15. Hmm, all the tacky stick-on bits scream 'trying too hard' at me from every angle. Why was that necessary on a V8 Esprit? Form follows function
  16. Mark - excellent photos yet again. I'd love to have a couple of spare hours rummaging around on your hard disk to get an idea of the sheer volume of carnography you have lurking there!
  17. Dan


    I bought a 2nd hand ThinkPad X31 about four years ago, cost under
  18. Folks - I'm afraid I've gone and double booked myself this year I had already paid to be at a three day food festival that weekend before realising the clash of dates, and can't be in two places at once So I'm afraid you'll just have to tell me how good the weekend was and show me lots of good photos of the carpark in bright sunshine under blue skies... Enjoy yourselves! 1) Alex --GT3-- 2) Paul C 'n' Vicki 3) Ian - mayesprit (Sunday only) 4) Mark B (Sunday only) 5) matk 6) Kimbers 7) GGHC87 8) Yasuo 9) Robert Crooks 10) Ade & Gina (not sure when yet) 11) Paul & Sar
  19. Dan

    Saturday night

    Thanks Laura for doing the big tippex job for me... sad to miss it
  20. Hey - it is possible to put the words 'quality' and 'Vauxhall' in the same sentence after all...
  21. Is it wildly off-topic to include a link to details and photos of the M90 prototype? oh, OK - thought so But I do rather like it... This has reminded me that the Club Lotus France website has some good photos, particularly the prototypes section. Is the the coupe you mean Mark? Taken at the 1998 "Let's bin our heritage" auction by the look of it... Hmm, not sure about the Calibra headlamps though... Not one but two... Club Lotus France M100 page - there's another there of wading tests but not such a good photo.
  22. Hey - thanks all, very kind of you And lots of pictures of honeys too... I've only just wound up the computer - as away all weekend to celebrate combined birthday and Valentine's day. You'll be pleased to know that the Esprit was used properly for the first time this year So is there anything in this Friday 13th? Well i had to re-balance the carbs in a carpark en route, but that was only due to me getting it wrong earlier in the week, and I had an Astra try to ram me off the road when I had right of way, but that of course was due to him driving a Vauxhall... so no major mishaps and t
  23. Dan

    Saturday night

    Can we afford one of these out of the kitty?
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