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  1. Guys - bit of a daft question, but why the gloves? How do you feel you benefit from them? I must admit I have visions of stringback driving gloves in the Dad's gift section of M&S at Father's day or Christmas during the 1980's... Dan.
  2. Forgot to add - it's done 20,000 miles from new, and is running on Millers semi-synth 20W50 oil - this was recommended to me as 'thick enough' for this engine when I bought the car. James - there's about 5 Esprits in MK & Bletchley, just need to look hard Jason Kite is a regular poster/hooner with an SE, and there's a Stevens (SE?) and an S3 turbo in Bletchley that we know of, an S4s just round the corner from me that never seems to come out to play, and an SE in a garage being rebuilt by Malc of Perhaps we need a meet/hoon - let's get through the holiday season a
  3. Folks, I'm looking to see what's normal and what's abnormal here. Friends who have followed me tell me that there's a slight puff of blueish smoke on gearchanges - seems to tie in with change-ups above 4000rpm when accelerating hard. I also have a shadow on the rear bumper over the tailpipe that gradually darkens until I clean it off - a sort of sooty deposit rather than oil. The engine uses about a pint of oil per 1000 miles, but I do like to keep it at 3,500 - 5,000 rpm when driving. I can't see any smoke in the mirror when driving, and have tried decelerating hard down a hill in gear, so
  4. Thanks all for your comments and suggestions. I'm reading through the various options and price lists now. I'm also wondering if changing everything in one go as I suggested is the best approach, or whether I should start by uprating the fronts, e.g. with better discs and pads, and see how that feels & performs. I don't want to change everything and end up with a twitchy car! Will the rear disc upgrade offer that much extra to justify doing it? How much better do you want the rear brakes to be? Is there a balance between front/back braking efficiency that in turn gives a trade-off betwe
  5. Folks, I've been doing some reading up on brake upgrades following a recent near miss on the motorway when I realised how mediocre the standard brakes can be. Basically I had a white van about a car length ahead pull out on me whilst about to pass him at 80 when he was doing 60-65. Despite use of horn & lights he continued to move out and forced me onto the central reservation before I could slow enough to duck back in behind him. Fortunately it was a rare section of motorway where the tarmac continues right up to the armco without any kerbs, otherwise it would have got very messy indee
  6. The NA is often overlooked because of its lack of supercar power - these day's you're not going to spank everything else on the road with 175bhp and 0-60 in 6.5 seconds... but then it depends on what you want the car for, and where you're going to use it. It's still an Esprit so has the traffic-stopping looks, and it still has the gorgeous handling and roadholding, just not the absolute thrust of its forced-induction brethren... oh, and it still has the love/hate gearchange of all Esprits The twin Dell'Orto carbs are very sophisticated, and whilst they will never be as flexible or accur
  7. It was just known as 'Esprit' at the time. Chassis, running gear, and engine-wise it's an 1987 S3 'Esprit HC', but with the significant change of the Renault gearbox with outboard rear brakes - ooh, and different wheels . If yours is a very late 1989, then it may have the later 'Eagle' chassis that was introduced halfway through the Esprit Turbo SE and carried over to the S4 and (IIRC) S4s. I think the service notes mention that the normally aspirated cars transitioned at chassis number ...3525 (give or take a couple) - mine's ...3498 (registered in Nov '89) so I missed it by twenty-somethin
  8. Hi all, A friend of mine spotted this S3 turbo on ebay whilst browsing... does anyone know the car? eBay item 4537162471 Thanks! Dan.
  9. Dan


    Oh, Club Lotus are muppets, aren't they?! I've just checked the latest magazine, the Donington ticket booking form, and their website, and there's not a single mention of an opening time... Last year the doors opened at 11am. Those of us meeting at Newport Pagnell services (8:30 departure) are aiming to be parked up at Donington by 10am, so we get there before it's busy and can have a good natter in the carpark.
  10. Bibs & co - thanks for your responses and explanations of a little bit of history that I wasn't aware of, and thanks for not taking my questions personally! In particular, I was under the impression that the Unity1 forum was live & public... To echo the comments of others, I'm reluctant to move away from using the Yahoo group due to the number of members, but with LEW's support and the general effect of usage shifting across to here then this might not be a problem soon...! Now, how do I set me up one of those garage pages... Dan.
  11. Dan

    Donington Park

    Just to confirm, as I posted this elsewhere originally, we are planning a meet at Newport Pagnell services (northbound!) at 08:00 on Sunday, for an 08:30 departure. Last year we had 13 Esprits plus Kato's brother (IIRC) in an Elise... so far I think there's myself, Terry, Jason & Adam that I know of meeting there... the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned! (The rationale behind the unnaturally early rise was that the carpark at Donington seemed to fill up quickly after 10am last year ) Cheers, Dan.
  12. Folks, This is getting silly. I'm now receiving emails from the Lotus Esprit (or is it LEW?) forum telling me that Donington is being discussed on the Lotus Esprit forum... when it's already being discussed on Yahoo Groups and on the Unity1 forum, and by all the same people! Have I missed a notification that Yahoo groups or Unity1 are to be shut down due to cost/lack of admin time/lack of use? Can I just ask how many fora we need to discuss UK Esprit-related issues? Yes, we've had the debate about email vs. web many times, and that's not what I'm alluding to. Rather, my concern is that t
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