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  1. Bloody cruel of ewe to post the pic without the link, mate... Click a sheep, any sheep...
  2. Another effort returns overly flowery or intellectual language Is anyone else still playing this game?
  3. Americans Either Rant Or Fume Over Internet Links...?
  4. Possibly - I'll need to juggle something around to free up that evening... and the Esprit's booked in at SW Lotus for it's annual service, MOT, and odds and sods the day before so will probably be in the emergency spare Lotus if I make it...
  5. A bit of a shame but I was beginning to wonder if there was any point going... even in the Land Rover. It only takes a handful of muppets to block the road and then 4wd is useless Shall we do next year's show?
  6. Chaps - I've just been looking at the forecast for Saturday and it's relatively good... all things considered! It's going to be freezing the night before, dry on the day, but quite windy making it chilly outdoors. I use Accuweather which I find to be more accurate than the Met Office (used by BBC). Clicky for 15 day forecast for Shepton Mallet (Bath & West show ground). Clicky for Saturday's detailed forecast at the show ground.
  7. I would gouge my own eyeballs out before adding my signature to anything containing so many crimes against the apostrophe, however worthy the cause...
  8. I'd definitely second Peter's vote for Classic and Sports Car... I've been a subscriber for many years. I love the spread of models that they deal with - all ages, all budgets. Price is no barrier; nothing is too expensive nor too cheap as long as it is interesting. Good editorial and well-written articles with plenty of good (but not 'boutiquey') photos. I recently tried a "3 issues for
  9. I don't know what the traffic's going to be like, but it's a 10:00 - 17:00 show, and it's just over an hour from Exeter services to the Bath & West show ground according to my mapping software. Directions are simple: A30/A303 east to Podimore services roundabout A37 north east towards Shepton Mallet Bath & West showground signposted off the A37 Ian - shall we go for a leisurely 9:30 departure from Exeter services? Mike - is it best to meet you at the Ilminster Little Chef around 10:00? Gary - I think we're heading to it from the south and you're coming from the north so we'l
  10. I can only make Saturday at this stage as something's cropped up for sunday...
  11. Sounds like you had a great day! Can I see daylight under the back tyre?
  12. Well either nick one or make one. Think of the target mindset! I know someone who bought a vehicle for its engine. It had an MOT to the end of the month (and was going to fail due to serious rust) so it sounded like a good idea to insure it through one of the temporary insurers (Dayinsure etc.) and run it around for a couple of weeks to ensure the oily bits were OK. The tax disc had been returned after the start of the month to DVLA for a refund, and of course they only refund complete months yet to be 'used', so technically it was still taxed until the end of that month. A quick check of t
  13. No reply to email so phoned up and booked in - details as per Bibs' post at the start of this thread.
  14. Hi Yasuo - glad to hear you're coming over again for Donington and bringing the Esprit... a couple of car-related events the week before, just in case you have to book strange days for the cheapest or most convenient crossings, or indeed to get a slot for a service at the factory: Sun 12th/Mon 13th: Detling Kit Car Show Tuesday 14th: Ace Cafe - classic car night, Lotus 7, MG Midgets Wednesday 15th: Ace Cafe - TVR & Lotus & Ginetta & Noble night
  15. Well I was only thinking of attending really. My Esprit hasn't been out much either... apart from a trip to Minehead on boxing day it's been snug in the garage. So that makes it: 1) Dan 2) Ian Any more?
  16. I too couldn't get hold of them so sent an email in on Friday evening... fingers crossed!
  17. Dan

    The LEF Stand

    Red Five standing by... ...well, for Sunday anyway. Will loiter round the stall and tell anyone who looks like they've been standing there since Friday to get lost for a couple of hours
  18. Dan

    Saturday night

    1 & 2: Bibs & Laura 3: GGHC87 4: Kimbers 5: Yasuo 6 & 7: Paul C & Vicki 8: Matk 9: Robert Crooks 10: Alex 11 & 12 Paul & Sarah 13 Martyn 14 & 15 Jukka & Sissi 16 & 17 Matt & Jo 18 & 19 Simon & Lisa 20 & 21 Dan +1
  19. 1) Alex --GT3-- 2) Paul C 'n' Vicki 3) Ian - mayesprit (Sunday only) 4) Mark B (Sunday only) 5) matk 6) Kimbers 7) GGHC87 8) Yasuo 9) Robert Crooks 10) Ade & Gina (not sure when yet) 11) Paul & Sarah 12) Martyn 13) OwenGT3 + One (Sunday only) 14) Hopo + some floosy (Sat or Sun) Maybee both 15) Dan +1 (Sat evening & Sunday) Looking forward to seeing everyone again
  20. Is it cheap because of the colour scheme? Do I have to pay extra not to get the scarlet furniture, orange walls and pea green carpet shown in their gallery? I only ask because I may be a touch delicate on the sunday morning...
  21. It's the Bristol Classic Car Show on Feb 7th/8th, if such an event would appeal
  22. Hi all, I attended the very well organised Jim Clark Film Festival last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I posted my thoughts about the day here and you can view the event's website here - there are some nice photos of the weekend there. As you can see from the email copied below, this years event follows the same sort of format - film shows taking centre stage alongside group discussions with past drivers and mechanics - but this year chooses Le Mans as the theme. Sadly I'm already booked to be away at a professional conference that weekend, or I would have booked tickets for this immedi
  23. I don't know the car, but the original registration would suggest it was purchased here in Devon. Perhaps try Peninsula as the local franchised dealer since they may have dealt with the sale, and for that matter SW Lotus Centre or SJ Sportscars may have looked after it at some point... HTH
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