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  1. (I'm assuming that this is a new-ish vehicle and that you've not been topping up due to a persistant weep or leak that you didn't ask them to investigate at the last service...) I would treat it as your dealer's problem due to the coolant freezing shortly after a service - do you have access to a service schedule and does that last service include a coolant check/replace (as opposed to top-up)?. Report the incident to them and ask how they advise getting it to the dealership for them to investigate.
  2. Ah, I didn't mean that I knew that that particular car had been restored at SJ, what I meant was that it appeared to be another pristine white S1, this time in white with a tartan interior, with the dubious assertion that it was the Bond Esprit. My point being that if you really wanted one you could just go and pay the likes of SJ to make you one but it detracts from the originality of the car you started with. It's the old broom with three new heads and two new handles argument... all mixed up with the fact that we seem to have concluded that this was, if anything, the filming car not the cha
  3. Thanks and congratulations to those who are persevering with undoing external link purges - I'm checking about twice a day and more often than not somebody else has beaten me to it Keep up the good work guys...
  4. I tried something similar but was less conclusive on the digits. TBH I was hoping to find that it wasn't 306R - 305R or 307R would be more interesting... Taking two or more cars out for filming and slapping the same number plates on is a no brainer but makes each of them anonymous because their real identity has been concealed. I'm sure I've seen a photo of half a dozen Astons all with the same 'Bond' plate on a location shoot, but to have typical Lotus expediency of "We'll unscrew the plates and swap them when we need to" or simply to have had this one car designated as the filming car would
  5. Dan


    The saying in my family was that a place could only be counted as a town if it had a Woolies, otherwise it was just a village... to be honest it's all part of the nostalgia of them existing as a quality "everything under one roof" emporium. Remember when they had a good plant section? I always loved browsing the selection of fruit trees, have planted quite a few of them over the years at various places I've lived Actually, the problem isn't that Woolworths have sold the same stuff for 30 years, it's that they've been engaged in a race to the bottom with the pound shops to stock a narrow se
  6. Inspired by the "what does your car stand for" thread, how's about a sticker reading: Lucas: Lights Useless, Carry Assorted Spares
  7. Yeah, I did wonder about that, Peter - I'll email Kato and check. The 4 litre Etna engine was the 909 IIRC
  8. Keep at it, Scott If you want a chuckle, this has been languishing for six months on the Esprit article's Talk page, after the great External Link debacle... Ah, that's right, Mr. NoCock was "an engineer" at Lotus. If you remember I picked him up way back on describing the 9xx NA engine as fuel injected... so it looks like he knew nothing about the 618/918 engine either! Can you be "an engineer" at Lotus on any project and not know even the slightest detail of large engineering projects such in-house engine designs for Lotus vehicles? I've added another correction and - this is
  9. You may be no accountant Bibs, but that's one of the most concise and accurate descriptions of VAT from a business perspective that I've ever seen... and I spent days reading through HMRC websites and publications when I went VAT registered a while back
  10. Good point, I must have overlooked that. TBH it's so peppered with inaccuracies; today I corrected the Stevens redesign from 1988 to 1987, for instance... Oh, and corrected Splodge's photo credits for a 1994 S4 Now herein lies the problem with WP; I find a suspected factual error on the Esprit page, so head over to the Lotus 900 series engine page to get the correct details. But how do I know they're any more correct (or impartial!) than the dubious text on the Esprit page? If I base my Esprit info on the data on the engine page, how do I know when the engine page errors are corrected an
  11. NoCock is now bleating that sites cited through references cannot be external links; there is some phrasing in the WP policy for external links to support this but it is not conclusive. However, I am editing the references within the text so that rather than referring to a roadtest archived within LEW, they refer to the original magazine publiction, etc.. Should undermine his current argument and hence we go back to the arguments of "Is LEW valuable as a link?" and "Are any external links required?"; of course since LEW is no longer cited as a reference it clearly represents a whole new bo
  12. ahem, yes - never type answers in a hurry. Sorry Bibs, mere oversight
  13. ...and it's just been reported on the news that the Treasury published a document stating that VAT would then rise to 18.5% after the 13 months at 15%... and yet they now claim that this was a typo...
  14. "You say Marley, I say Mahler..."
  15. Thanks Bibs, nice and concise Never dealt with them myself, but the recollection I have from previous posts here is that people have reported that the damage to cars/parts is more than the adverts & photos would suggest. I would suggest caution and if possible a visit to examine the car/parts before parting with any money, but I'd apply the same caution to any scrap yard Esprit bargains I also believe these are 'sold as seen' or 'sold untested' so there is no guarantee of specification or function. IMO you're much better contacting the known Lotus specialists and breakers to ask if
  16. Sadly yes - here's the full spin-laden document clicky To quote directly: Pass the voting slip, would you? This government's solution to a crisis they engineered through a decade of rampant borrowing and spending is to borrow and spend... makes sense, doesn't it?
  17. They showed good footage (20 minutes or more) of Jim Clark and John Whitmore racing the Lotus Cortinas at the Jim Clark Film Festival earlier this year; John Whitmore was there to talk about their experiences. Have a look at the links page from the festival site. The festival DVD is not what you're looking for IIRC - it's footage of the interviews rather than of the films shown on the day.
  18. Is it just me or is there scrunched up newspaper in the engine bay in that 4th photo, just behind the left cylinder bank? Was the fire accidental?
  19. Am I the only one to spot the real secret to Roger's Esprit's performance? As all teenage car 'tuners' will attest, it's important to block off a large portion of the windscreen with a stick-on sun strip if one feels the need for speed. Surely the performance improvement is proportional to the depth of said strip, just like the amount of lowering on the springs, the thinness of the tyres, or the largness of the exhaust tip. Hence Roger's scant three inches of windscreen makes this car a real winner, innit
  20. "oh, I remember - it's a Vauxhall engine, isn't it? Their 45 degree 2 litre..."
  21. Kimbers - happy to help getting the old man set up with a page, but I am a novice in the world of WP article editing. TBH I approached this way back at the beginning of the year with enthusiasm (and sorted out the grammatical, structural, and facutal errors in the G-car section of the article) but the high knob:content ratio amongst the editors rather soured it for me. Many years ago when I was a geek I put together a lot of information for English users on a Japanese palmtop from IBM, and recently since it had no page on WP I thought it deserved one; I was using the Esprit article edit
  22. Bump! Some of you will groan, some of you will chuckle, but our old friend and clear intellectual superior Mr Greg Locock is back having a go at the Esprit entry on Wikipedia, deleting the link to LEW whilst playing the same old broken record and ignoring hundreds (thousands?) of other car-related pages each with a handful of good links equivalent to LEW. I concluded many moons ago that either he was venting his feelings of social inadequacy by being a belligerent keyboard jockey, or that his mummy beat him mercilessly when he wet the bed. I happened to be looking at something else on W
  23. Nice to catch up with you all today. I have to say I saw nothing that I'd swap the Esprit for but there were a few interesting odds and ends. Too many Lotus 7 clones and Cobra clones for my liking, where are all the weird and wonderful fun cars these days?
  24. What number plate is it showing, Mark? PPW ... R but the numbers are a blur.
  25. Hmm, I was thinking more along the lines of this: Nice to see a pair of great tits...
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