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  1. Thanks for the suggestions Gav ended up with a full dismantle, headlight unit out on the bench and the pop up unit off the light and in the bench vice. No luck think it's that bunged up with gunk nothing will clean it's pipes so a new one is needed before the MOT... Any one know if it's common to anything else before I pay Lotus prices ? And Gav fixing cars with "stuff" is called innovative engineering solutions
  2. So thought I'd resurrect this topic , had similar issues initially with the c25 15 amp pump fuse being blown stopping the headlamp washers operating. Fixed that and now both units pop up the driver side works. ... Looks like they haven't operated for a while as it spat crap all over the front clam. The passenger guide pops up but doesn't spray, I've had the pipe off and there is a supply to it hence it coming up as there driven by the pressure, but it looks like what ever valve has to open once they are up has failed or is full of crap. Has anyone had experience in cleaning and sorting these ?
  3. The factory PPF on my white LE has yellowed so it's on the winter list for either straight removal or replacement .
  4. Looks like another job on my winter to do list.
  5. Well you live n learn ... Should have read up a bit better before being a smart a**e.
  6. @Barrykearley as is mine, I think it's called the sail panel, plus both the A-Pilar trims have cracks as well. Just an excuse to get some CF replacements , plus the trims around the rear lights that are no longer chrome. But factored the cost of these into the buy. Just fixed the Cruise on mine , not working when I bought it and replaced both post Cat Oxy sensors, not expected, but it's a 10 year old car so you factor these things in. As @mik said "There is a saying that you either love your car despite its faults, or hate your car despite its virtues" and I know which camp I fall into.
  7. What made me happy (yesterday) finding the fix to no cruise control on the Evora was as simple as crawling under the dash and re connecting the potentiometer getting rid of the 30s spanner light ... Quickly followed by what made me sad 2 new orange lights , tyre pressure warning caused by a nail in the tyre and the MIL caused by what appears to be an oxygen sensor fail !!!
  8. For the first time I feel let down by the plainness of my LE...
  9. @EuropaSman looking at your pics made me realise there was something off about my car .... For some wierd reason the clip in NACA ducts on the undertray were on the outside. So fixed tonight again TLF has helpful info it doesn't realise it has
  10. Blueg33 I suspect your right and from what I can see they are nutserts into the fibreglass. Do they are going to have to stay until the front clam needs to come off as I'm guessing I'll need to replace the nutserts as well !
  11. All does anyone know what the 4 scuttle retaining bolts screw into fibre glass , nutsert, impossible to access loose nut ? I want to replace them with some black coated stainless items as their rustiness offends me but they're just spinning ...
  12. So thought I'd better post these to the forum now I've had time to take a couple of the new one and one of its predecessor..
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