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  1. Listening to some Chris Harris podcast interviews tonight whilst in the garage doing fluids n stuff on the Evora and he mentioned his original internet video channel , Drivers Republic , I think it was Harris , Jethro Bovingdon and Dickie Meaden ... Back in 08/09 anyway after doing some YouTube hunting found these two from the start of the Evora days.. both interesting and I don't think I've seen them before on here , the best is the in car one with Dickie Meaden and Matt Becker talking Evora on Road testing (basically talking heads interview whilst driving round Hethel) and then the test track. And this one a chat with the design team Bit low Res but of their time as they say !
  2. From this On his insta feed I'm guessing it was JB.
  3. One of Dan's on mine to replace the one that was removed earlier in the cars life.. Im happy with it.
  4. @Jobster , perfect I managed to do one pop up unit with a near neighbour off eBay earlier in the year not sure it was the Merc one as I had to print some spacer blocks to get the deck height right but with a swap of the nozzles as you've said works a treat .. have just ordered the febi pump unit from Amazon arrives in the morning so it can go on when I do the yearly fluid change service at the weekend.
  5. I did all of mine over winter, a right faff and mix of different approaches... Bumper off for the grilles in the bumper masking and sheets for the bonnet vents, rears went off for powder coating with the diffuser. etc etc... Took some bloody contortions to get sheets the the back of the bonnet and side vents to keep over spray off the ducts behind !
  6. The more I look at it the more my mind screams its an S3 Evora 2+0 slightly wider , more useable, up to date tech, new corporate face. If it was BMW , Audi or Porsche that's what it would have been... That's not to say it's not a good looking thing and I want one ... Just can't afford one ...yet...
  7. I had a full set put on by the Tyres on the Drive lot just over a week ago. All I can suggest is to keep trying the sites they seem to drop in randomly, I guess as shipments come in. I watched various sites for about a month till that bunch and them.
  8. Looks like I know what I'm doing this weekend. Though after the run back from work tonight there's a decent sized puddle forming near the nearside front wheel suggesting the drain is working.
  9. Just re looked at the diagram and re read previous posts and realised the airflow goes through the bloody evaporator no matter what so could still be icing. So next strop the drain tubes. Any one know if there is an actual fix for this without getting a later hvac unit
  10. @EuropaSman, thanks for this , it's Loss of airflow total all settings I don't tend to use recirc at all hence the engineering fix to stop the cold draught that ices your feet. I'll pull it apart soon but it's a front off job so will leave it till the back end. I've heard the icing before but more as a consequence of low gas pressure so had it regassed a month or so ago. Interestingly even if I put it on heat and by pass the cool air circuit I'm not getting any flow and can't hear the fan running. If it's "just" the resistor pack I'll have a look to see if it's repairable even though it's not listed as a separate part. Frustrating but not the end of the world. Ta C.
  11. Well draught stopped but the bloody fan still packs up after about an hour of running so .. any ideas anyone
  12. Would be good look for a blue XC60, blue Mini Cooper S and enough tents to look like a Calais Camp ...
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