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  1. Looks Great , niggles are all part of the ownership experience . I bought an NA LE back in June for driving fun for 9 months and tinkering fun for 3 ... Currently in tinkering phase ... I'm getting bits from EP as I used to my Elise, DeRoure(Bell&Coalville?) and soon some shiney carbon from Elise Shop, all I've delt with over the previous years with the Elise with no problems.
  2. Ordered 2 Front drop links from Elise Parts along with Purple ARB bushes for the front and rear and 2 Rear drop links from DeRoure ... all here within a weekish... Just took a bit of shopping around .. The fronts if ordered from DeRoure effectively from lotus, were out of stock so just ordered them along with the Powerflex bushes from EP.
  3. Just redirecting this back to the tyres having a nosey on Michelin's website it appears they've introduced 18 inch sizes in the PS4S that suit the Evora at factory width/sidewall sizes.
  4. Interesting list but noting it only shows the asking price not the actual sale price .....
  5. Happy New Year all... Here's to getting out and doing some decent drives in 21.
  6. Gareth the one I've booked on is just a normal Javelin day, open pit lane so you can come and go as you wish. I like it like that lets me see which cars I don't want to be on track with .. I've done a few of theirs and not had any issues so far.
  7. Jane see this thread , I used a Sony system but that was just personal preference Carl
  8. I'm with C8RKH on Blyton , I always do an April first one there as a refresh .... Sometimes it ends up as the only one ! a few NORLOGers do it as well. It was always fun in the K Series Elise so I'm looking forward to trying it in the Evora this coming April.
  9. Well done James lovely looking motor.. The Alpine unit lasted one trip out in mine and jumped from about 5th job on the list to first.. Enjoy
  10. Will do , forgot to add cables had been changed as well
  11. 2009 N/A LE - Yes by the previous owner at circa 55k miles , plus gearbox rebuild .... Second is still a crunchy git though especially when cold !!!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions Gav ended up with a full dismantle, headlight unit out on the bench and the pop up unit off the light and in the bench vice. No luck think it's that bunged up with gunk nothing will clean it's pipes so a new one is needed before the MOT... Any one know if it's common to anything else before I pay Lotus prices ? And Gav fixing cars with "stuff" is called innovative engineering solutions
  13. So thought I'd resurrect this topic , had similar issues initially with the c25 15 amp pump fuse being blown stopping the headlamp washers operating. Fixed that and now both units pop up the driver side works. ... Looks like they haven't operated for a while as it spat crap all over the front clam. The passenger guide pops up but doesn't spray, I've had the pipe off and there is a supply to it hence it coming up as there driven by the pressure, but it looks like what ever valve has to open once they are up has failed or is full of crap. Has anyone had experience in cleaning and sorting these ?
  14. The factory PPF on my white LE has yellowed so it's on the winter list for either straight removal or replacement .
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