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  1. Hey Amp nice car looks the best ... But I might be biased .....
  2. Just perusing the list and mines the only August car so far... Factory shutdown by any chance ?
  3. So got the black dye from Scuffmaster and have done the lower black leather that had taken some damage over the years and now put the car back together. Not often I can get in the back of the Evora so took an unusual pic of the whole dash. Airbag cover is not as flush both sides as Id hoped but its far better than it was. And the sound of the Focal setup is such an upgrade to the old Alpines. Final job for this session was to match the brass copper mesh in the Carbon vent panels with the rest I did last year so out with the masking tape and the rattle can again Next a quick trip to Ollie at Phoenix for a service including serp belt.
  4. I on the other hand do get why people go for the LE , I've got one and must admit I didn't go looking for one but I'm glad it's the one I've got. Firstly in my eyes it's the closest to the design intent for the project, after the LEs changes came in to (a) make it cheaper to make , (b) Evolve the design language and (C) fix the bits they got not quite right , (C) gives you something to do. Also when I was hunting for cars in my price range few I found had all 3 packs bar the LEs which surprised me. The CR Vs LR box arguement is a personal thing , I'm quite happy with the LR box , knock it in 6th for effortless cruising and the other 5 for everything else... Maybe that's after coming from a S2 111S Elise though. As for the SR look, it's not overly difficult or expensive to replicate. But just my opinion..
  5. So here's the question , I'm at the point where I can start re assembly BUT I haven't got the black scuff master to touch up the sills/kick panels etc so do I a) wait , send of the smallest of samples as there isn't any decent sized excess on any panel in the hope that can match it , (B) just order their standard black as well black is just black anything else is a shade of grey or (C) just start putting it back together and get it out whilst the weather is good ?
  6. Thanks Dave , yeah your thread has been as much of a source of info as the handbook or B&C parts website. I saw the work you did on the airbag cover, a bit of me doesn't want any additional metal in there so it's currently clamped together with some stronger adhesives after I spent half the afternoon getting the old what I think was epoxy out of the joint.
  7. So it's interesting when you pull a car a part what you find. Not sure what @Daveb99 car was like being another LE but mine has been apart before . All the major joints have already been cloth taped to stop squeeks and creaks some had dried out and come loose so that's being replaced , and as well as the bodged airbag cover and a few missing fastenings it has 2 FM Ariel's one in each A Pilar, passenger side has the original early model one that looks like an old school outside pole on a massive ground plane and in the driver's side the later tape type with the small ground plane. I've been using the old LE one with a digital splitter quite happily so I'm thinking of stripping the later type out as part of the loom tidy up as the cable is tywrapped to the loom . The seat bolster is now re coloured Nice and even so I'm happy with that. On top of that both tweeters are in the dash and the crossovers mounted, I've added new rivnuts so they could be kept vertical. And the speakers are mounted in the doors I've not bothered with the additional sound deadening matting and foam in the doors ... It feels wrong adding the weight .. So slow progress but progress
  8. So progress last night and today, Interior spread across the garage A rat's nest of wiring a chuck of which can go now the alpine systems gone. And ive found out why my airbag cover is lifting at one corner... Bodge glued on to the metal plate with a fairly thick wodge of some sort of gloup which is going to take a bit of removal to get the corner back to a level
  9. @Cdm2018, I'm not planning on doing , I've not pulled anything apart enough to see if there are any issues that need looking at but my sub is working so assumptions are at the moment nothing remedial is needed there . I know people criticise the subs but its good enough for my ears/what gets played on it.
  10. So it slowly continues , been too many things going on over winter this year for the usual big jobs but starting to gather bits for a few freshen up jobs. So interior Lights now White LEDs , cloth tape and Focal AS165s , Paprika Red Leather Dye and also New mats courtesy of Our Glorious Leader . Just need find a decent sample of the black leather used on the sill panels to send off as a sample for more leather dye as they don't seem to have that on file and for a few bits to turn up from B&C , airbag clips and new MY12 all leather door pulls handles before I pull the interior apart.
  11. I emailed them (there's a thread in the Evora projects bit can't remember which one it's just not mine) with the email address and they've sent me the Paprika one for the same problem . I think they've had a fair few of us send swatches etc so they have a good supply of the seat colours . Next I'm going to send a sample of the black on the door sills so they can make a match for that black as it's got similar scuffing from where you get catch your feet on the way in.
  12. You'd take for ever to get out waiting for electric seats to move all the way back !!!
  13. Sort of ... Looking for how far away the AA truck is ...
  14. Neil thanks just on the ASH website....
  15. @NAC63 what size did you use for the t piece, in @EvoraBobs original spec the pipe on the throttle body is 80mm all I can find is a 76mm with 20mm tapping , is that what you used and stretched it onto the TB ? Ta C
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