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  1. ... Also no tech pack - no reverse camera, or sports pack - no cross drilled disks ?
  2. Feck me on paper then I've made just shy of 10k in 9 Months of ownership ... I'm liking this Evora thing ... Not selling the thing though just lets me tell the boss what a good idea it was 😅😅
  3. Thanks Gav, that's the approach I took in the old Elise , just looking to short cut the process if I could , at least with this one I've got a live view of what's happening. C
  4. Right first off I've tried a forum Search and happy for a forum ninja to show me the error of my ways and inferior search ability... But help is needed. First Track Day in the Evora on Saturday at Blyton , and would like advice / direction on tyre pressure as a starting point. N/A 18/19s still on PZeros . Cold and Hot suggestions would be appreciated. And yes once I've killed them I'll be looking at switching the the forum favourites.... C.
  5. Dave the the velcro is at the front edge (nearest the windscreen) the top edge is held in place by 2 moulded spigots so I just pulled at that front edge gently until it released... If you still needed it I'll get some pics tomorrow.
  6. I'd factored it in on the list of bits to sort when I bought it ... Cost Vs effort equation for me which for this added up to just buying.
  7. The latter, from Deroure £125ish plus vat and shipping ... Was a wait as they are "made to order" number 5 on here
  8. Dave just replaced the panel on mine it has done the same , it's just velcro'd on and pulls off ... Easy as that.
  9. I've got mine to track a few times a year to replace my old K Series S2 Elise . The first ones on the 17th at Blyton which I'm looking forward to a especially as a comparison to the Elise which I took there a few times. C
  10. From below as per the instruction manual... Just "from underneath the car, undo and plug the hydraulic pipe from the slave cylinder and remove the 2 mounting fitting is the reverse of removal " FFS one shredded arm and a lost weekend later !
  11. So decided to have go at improving the clutch action ... Only did the slave cylinder for now as I didn't fancy doing a front end off job just yet ... It's flippin hard to get at . Found out it wasn't heat wrapped , so that's done and new slave cylinder is in but there must be a specialist multi elbowed mechanics arm in the lotus specialised tools list ! That's before I managed to swap the cylinder but with the shiney heat wrap in place The car has had a new clutch and gearbox rebuild in its recent history , I can't believe for the cost the slave cylinder it wasn't swapped at the ti
  12. Are there any early warning signs of master cylinder failure? I'm not convinced my clutch isnt cleanly dissenagaging all the time as the gears can be a bit baulky to engage. I've bled the clutch and wrapped the slave cylinder pipe but no major improvement. Or is it just the Auris derived box is agricultural ?
  13. I've tried one (owned one) in a 3.2 A3, suited that car, quick , painless and totally lacking in character. A very quick a to b car without involving the driver. Wouldn't want one in the Evora but that's personal taste. Have an Auto in my daily to make being stuck in traffic less of a pain.
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