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  1. The final external job of winter 20/21 (god that feels like more than 12 months ago!) was to replace the cracked plastic A pillar trims and Roof Vent Panel, I toyed with just ordering plastic replacements or black gel coated fiber glass versions but after "peer pressure" over on NORLOG decided to got he whole hog and order the CF versions from Elise-Shop. With the old panel removed . and new one in place, fairly easy with only 4 fastenings and i think 2 spigots but I might be wrong and no foam tape , the only annoying / difficult bits were (1) not dropping the fastenings / sockets into the depth of the engine bay and 2 shimming it to get a decent profile with the roof / hatch glass. Which I'm still not 100% happy with but haven't got round to removing and redoing the center section. The A-Pillars were much more time consuming and annoying, firstly due to the level of corrosion on the original fasteners that took liberal coatings of WD-40 to release without sheering and secondly the time it took to remove the old foam adhesive tape from the car before the surface could be cleaned and prepped for the new units. New CF trim with 3M tape applied ready to fit : and fitted I'm happy with that little lot so far.
  2. Whilst all the underneath was off and the car was on stands it seemed a reasonable time to sort the clonks and creaks, especially reading on here of the "consumable" nature of the drop links. I inherited a fair pile of paperwork and bills with the car but nowhere could I see these having ever being touched. Fair to say it took more than just sockets and spanners.... New bits- The remnants Not really much to see once this is done - Although looking at this now and comparing it to @Daveb99's work I think I need to get back under there and do some more cleaning....... It did cure the clonks and groans though and I felt much better knowing it was done before I took the car on track for the first time.
  3. Like the bracketry the grilles in the front bumper could be removed attached with the wire brush , wire wool and scrubbing pad before a coat of anti rust and then satin black, the other s however without removing the clams posed more of a challenge... the car ended up looking like this : With various old sheets stuffed up into the cavities to catch any over spray, it took a level of James Herriot impressions to stuff my arm far enough into the car to get padding on the back of the grilles in the duct work. Very happy with the overall results. Everything has gone back on with new fasteners, for the diffuser and back panel all new Black coated Ally cap head screws and washers and the main undertrays new stainless fasteners and a generous coating of Duralac as required.
  4. Next up was a continuation of external cosmetic work , all the painted black elements on the car where well past their sell by date and looking either crusty (Grille work) of faded, diffuser and rear vent panel. Firstly Rear vent panel and diffuser off cleaned and sent for powder coating at Fastline Coatings in Preston, I've used them before when I did a similar job on the Elsie and again they did a good job with a quick turn round time. Before : After : Then a more serious strip down to get at the front grille work in the bumper and whilst I was at that all the bracketry under the wheel arch. All ended up on the washing line....
  5. Whilst on the subject of headlights, I'm no where near as brave as @Daveb99 so I didn't fancy doing the refurb work myself and found a local company that came out and did it for me . So the headlights have had their lacquer removed , polished and rather than have them resprayed I've had a ceramic anti UV coating put on. So from this - To this - Photos don't show how bad they were but I'm sure they hadn't been touched since the car was new .... Or when the front bumper was replaced ... For £70 happy I'm happy with the results ... Also later I decided to give them an extra layer of protection and added PPF UV protecting film from Aliath.
  6. At the few sunny events we got to in 2020 the yellowing of the factory fit PPF was quite noticeable in the sunlight so that had to go. Not a pleasant or easy job especially with temps dropping to single figures but its done and here is a pile of plastic to prove it. I don't think I'm going to bother replacing it seems unnecessary now on an 12+ year old car. Also and after lots of Fing about under the front wheel arch and getting soaked, both headlamp washers now pop up the old unit was that gummed up on amount of cleaning was going to resolve the issue so bought a new unit off EBAY (cant remember the link / unit) and fitted the lotus nozzle and headlamp finisher bit. .... but still only one sprays so the next port of call was to replace the pump. However I might just do what Bob did and pull the fuse as even when they work the're more effective at spraying all over the front end rather than actually cleaning the headlights.
  7. Job 4: The back light rings were p*****g me off. They should have been chromed plastic but have aged to a crappy grey with no chrome ... So a start , just a small one Looking at the various parts lists etc there is a fair bit of tweaking between the LE Evoras and the following cars, one of those is Lotus suddenly remembered the clutch fluid can get hot when the pipes are buried in the engine bay. So in an effort to improve the recalcitrant second gear, I bled the clutch circuit, what a bugger to get to that is and lagged the pipe to try and minimise the heat soak… Also whilst I was in the garage and faffing with the clutch system I managed to sort the cruise control problem, the sensor that picks up clutch position had become detached from the clutch pedal leaver.... ten mins faffing upside down under the dash and all was well. As you'll see later I wasn't overly convinced the clutch bleed had solved my problems or if really there where any problems.
  8. First tasks where the really annoying day to day bits and pieces 1) Couldn’t open the front access panel…. After finding the damn lever buried way under the middle of the dashboard at full arm’s length – why couldn’t Lotus have just added a switch like the boot or fuel cap! Found that the cable was jumping out of the (Jag sourced) lever. The plastic has broken where the cable is held on both sides so its been swapped round once. Solution Print a plug to bolt in and trap the cable ….. the difficult bit as usual getting under the dash to fasten it all together!! 2) This then lets me get to the pollen filter to start improving the HVAC … I don’t think this has been changed for a while Sorted the flow a bit but it does seem to drop off as the system runs for a while so don’t know if the resistor pack is on its way out so sort the HVAC stays on the list. - eventually found our via various forum threads and playing with the settings on journeys its just the “normal” freezing issue. 3) Finally for this update, the only green and yellow on the outside of the car were the wheel center caps. So a few hours on Fusion 360 and ebay and et voila black and silver ones to go with the monochrome exterior. Also added 2 more jobs to the list... Headlight washers are not working and the clutch needs bleeding....
  9. I've posted a few different threads on here to do with mods to my Evora , but based on @Daveb99 and @EvoraBob threads I've decided to pull my "build" / life log thread over from NORLOG So the car , a 2009 Launch Edition N/A Evora 2+2 in Aspen White , first registered 05/08/2009. As an LE it’s got the Tech Pack, Sport Pack and the Premium Pack - which translates according to the brochure of the time as: And as I found out after buying it the Lotus Stage 1 Exhaust and 3rd Cat delete has been fitted , probably at the delivering dealers (Silverstone). On top of this prior to me getting it there are a raft of bills and history including having the Gear linkage cables (not the 2012 updates but replacement originals), New Clutch, Release Bearing and Gearbox bearings replaced. So not a bad starting point for a bit of a project… Initial stuff I found than needed looking at : 1) Service 2) Brakes - New Rear discs and Pads needed 3) Geo 4) Alpine Stereo / Satnav is Archaic (see thread here for that one) 5) Air-con is asthmatic 6) Front Service hatch not opening 7) Cruise Control Doesn’t work 😎 Plastic rings around the rear lights are no longer chrome all the coating has either corroded or fallen off. 9) A-Pillar Plastic Trims are both cracked in several places. 10) Engine Vent Panel cracked , same issue as A-Pillars. 11) Headlights fogging over and in need of refurb 12) Interior Leather could do with some TLC especially Seats and Sills. 13) All the mesh needs re coating 14) Diffuser needs re powder coating 15) Front bumper needs better alignment Plan wasn't and still isn't to overly mod or up the power on this but to get it to a nice spec for gatherings/events, touring and the odd track day.
  10. Isn't this @Daveb99's sorted car documented in this thread? https:/ If so someone is in for a very sorted car ... and the rest of us with LEs have a good thread to follow.
  11. Simple one for me today , the Evora flew thought it's MOT, even better it was a free one as when I bought the car I got a "free MOT for life" card.... The way I keep cars will recover at least £500 quid of the buying price ....
  12. Is it possible to swap from the original door locks to the inteva ones that are in current use as the're such a pita to source ?
  13. @Daveb99 brilliant thread and write up , I've been doing similar to my LE but slower and documenting bits in different threads on here and a bigger one over on NORLOG as my "home". Certain things you've done in here though I'm going to add to my list for this winter.
  14. Yes it is but I'm playing with making the splines that hold them in wider to cope with the heat and expansion , it's a balance between them.being big enough to hold in as the ally expands and the centre flexes with heat and them not going in when cold.... Or I'll just glue the buggers in.
  15. Speaking of dynamism here's a couple of action shots taken by MSVtrackdayphotos who did the official ones in the day And yes @Bruss it's spat the wheel centers out again so third attempt to print some that stay ... Always like a challenge.
  16. Yeah should really have shut that for pure photo goodness , funilly it never actually triggered whilst on track.
  17. One from the Lotus on Track day at Donnington on Wednesday. Managed to share garage space with the only other Evora running so made for a good pic.
  18. Listening to some Chris Harris podcast interviews tonight whilst in the garage doing fluids n stuff on the Evora and he mentioned his original internet video channel , Drivers Republic , I think it was Harris , Jethro Bovingdon and Dickie Meaden ... Back in 08/09 anyway after doing some YouTube hunting found these two from the start of the Evora days.. both interesting and I don't think I've seen them before on here , the best is the in car one with Dickie Meaden and Matt Becker talking Evora on Road testing (basically talking heads interview whilst driving round Hethel) and then the test track. And this one a chat with the design team Bit low Res but of their time as they say !
  19. From this On his insta feed I'm guessing it was JB.
  20. One of Dan's on mine to replace the one that was removed earlier in the cars life.. Im happy with it.
  21. @Jobster , perfect I managed to do one pop up unit with a near neighbour off eBay earlier in the year not sure it was the Merc one as I had to print some spacer blocks to get the deck height right but with a swap of the nozzles as you've said works a treat .. have just ordered the febi pump unit from Amazon arrives in the morning so it can go on when I do the yearly fluid change service at the weekend.
  22. I did all of mine over winter, a right faff and mix of different approaches... Bumper off for the grilles in the bumper masking and sheets for the bonnet vents, rears went off for powder coating with the diffuser. etc etc... Took some bloody contortions to get sheets the the back of the bonnet and side vents to keep over spray off the ducts behind !
  23. The more I look at it the more my mind screams its an S3 Evora 2+0 slightly wider , more useable, up to date tech, new corporate face. If it was BMW , Audi or Porsche that's what it would have been... That's not to say it's not a good looking thing and I want one ... Just can't afford one ...yet...
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