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  1. I had a full set put on by the Tyres on the Drive lot just over a week ago. All I can suggest is to keep trying the sites they seem to drop in randomly, I guess as shipments come in. I watched various sites for about a month till that bunch and them.
  2. Looks like I know what I'm doing this weekend. Though after the run back from work tonight there's a decent sized puddle forming near the nearside front wheel suggesting the drain is working.
  3. Just re looked at the diagram and re read previous posts and realised the airflow goes through the bloody evaporator no matter what so could still be icing. So next strop the drain tubes. Any one know if there is an actual fix for this without getting a later hvac unit
  4. @EuropaSman, thanks for this , it's Loss of airflow total all settings I don't tend to use recirc at all hence the engineering fix to stop the cold draught that ices your feet. I'll pull it apart soon but it's a front off job so will leave it till the back end. I've heard the icing before but more as a consequence of low gas pressure so had it regassed a month or so ago. Interestingly even if I put it on heat and by pass the cool air circuit I'm not getting any flow and can't hear the fan running. If it's "just" the resistor pack I'll have a look to see if it's repairable even though it's not listed as a separate part. Frustrating but not the end of the world. Ta C.
  5. Well draught stopped but the bloody fan still packs up after about an hour of running so .. any ideas anyone
  6. Would be good look for a blue XC60, blue Mini Cooper S and enough tents to look like a Calais Camp ...
  7. I'm heading down with a few mates , we usually do LM or CLM but have done the Silverstone Classic before. I'm not taking the Evora were heading down in an XC60 and a Mini which won't move from their spots from Thursday PM till Monday AM. Looking forward to a good 3 days. Also camping at the Golf Course.
  8. So had a bit if a play around on Fusion 360 for a few nights this week and drew up a panel with 2 diaphragm valves in the open and close depending on negative or positive pressure in the recirc chamber. It's only half the width as that's all my printer can handle and a blank plate for the other side. Opens alright to let recirc work but gets a bit whisley on full chat . Will see if it stops the draught in the foot well on Saturday on the run down to Silverstone for the British GTs. Installed
  9. I'm guessing looking at this that there is no outside leak it's just that with the system as developed at a certain point the outside airflow pressure being rammed in gets big enough to "leak" through the fan drum and reverse the flow... Decent design would have had a motorised valve doing the opposite or similar of the outside air shutoff valve I guess..
  10. Hi TRCM , thanks , yep I get that from the previous posts and the seloc wiki "fix" and Ken's above but but that's just the ducting from the footwell into the recirc system. What I'm trying to get to the bottom of is how the outside air gets into the duct in the first place without resorting to endoscope cameras n stuff.... I don't like fixing problems with work around if I can find the source.... Trouble with being an aerospace engineer.
  11. I'm in the process of following Ken's suggestion to fixing the cold air draught in the footwell of my LE , before I do has anyone traced where the cold air is actually getting into the intake from in the first place my thoughts being if there is an outside airleek into that box section it will be reducing the recirc efficiency as well as providing a cold draught when in normal mode and have lotus ever fixed it on the later cars ?
  12. Just ordered the correct size all round in PS4S for my LE 18/19 combination from tyres on the drive with 15% discount. Being fitted on Tuesday so didn't appear to be an availability issue.
  13. Well bit if a thread resurrection here , just pulled the trigger on a set of PS4S'S in the 18/19 size combo now the're available for the LE from the tyres on the drive lot as they've a 15% discount running and I can watch them do it whilst working from home. Hoping it will feel a little better balanced on my August Donny track day with LOT than it did at Blyton with Corsa/Rosso PZero mix it has on currently ...taking a bit of a flyer though and haven't replaced the tpms sensors as there all behaving.
  14. I did with a Sony there's a post on here somewhere about it here even
  15. I know what I'm getting sorted before my next TDv, after Blyton I decided to have a closer look at what's fitted rather than stopping at "they're P Zeros" its got Nero's on one end and Rosso's on the other ... Not sure what the difference is but I'll swap for 4 PS4S's now the 18" size is becoming available
  16. This ... I didn't like the red or paprika (in the earlier cars) interiors , no was I looking for a white car ... But funnily enough I love them both now ... Wonder why.
  17. Feels like we aren't seeing anything today apart from the name ...
  18. Welcome as they say to EvoraLand, they are a bit damn good. C
  19. Here here to that and welcome.
  20. Just got the high Res photos through from Javelin & Xtreme Sports Photography at Blyton last Saturday... Happy with these.
  21. Blyton , just cooling down between runs 😃
  22. Ha didn't bother Bruss, lost all 4 , but as they're home printed copies with stickers from Dan not too worried, will tweak the design before I print the next one's to make the retaining lugs a bit deeper...the originals are safe in a box at home anyway. Good to meet you too Nigel, had a great day improved loads when I tweaked my driving from the Elise and stopped cooking the brakes .. Didn't get on top of thee tyre pressures but if I'm honest that would have made bugger all difference today as I was definitely learning the car. Your S1 looked and sounded the part.
  23. I'll keep an eye on mine , the proper ones are not on the car. I didn't like the green and yellow in the monochrome scheme I've ended up with so 3D printed some new ones and got the logos from Dan at Divine Handicrafts .. if the go AWOL I'll print some more. I did make the lock tabs a bit bigger than the standard ones though so we will see. As for the torque in the bolts , yep will be doing that always did it on the Elise previously but a good reminder.
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