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  1. There was no PPF on them that was the state of the factory lacquer after about 11 years ... As to installer I was going to do it myself so hence the question re supplier and price.
  2. Thought I'd resurrect this topic after a few years of dormancy , had the head lights striped and re-coated at the weekend buy a local firm . From this To this Not the best photos I know but happy with the results they provided a ceramic "nano" coating to be refreshed every 6 months so will be interesting to see how that lasts or I might get UV protecting PPF on them at least that can be taken off easily every few years when it gets manky without the wet-n-dry routine.
  3. I just missed out on getting one of these earlier in the year, another British Watch brand but with Swiss Mechanical Movement this time doing the JPS theme.. all sold out now annoyingly.
  4. I've don't it and it's a pain. You've got to release the caps from the spray heads and the only way I found was to get the heads to extend , stop them from retracting then gently pry the tabs on the back of the covers off the heads. The springs in them are bloody strong so it's a right pain. Best of luck !!
  5. Those are the ones just need to know where exactly on the door shut it goes
  6. Dave, any chance you can do a wider photo so I can see how it's positioned. Found a source of repros so wouldn't mind putting mine back, just need to know the right place.
  7. I've not enough mile's under mine personally but from reading I'm not expecting anything that can't be resolved and wouldn't be expected on any 12 year old car.
  8. I think that the need to fit an after market exhaust is isn't always need , mine turned up with the Lotus Sports exhaust and 3rd CAT delete and looks like that have both been on since it came out of the seekers. As an LE it doesn't have the exhaust valving and sounds mighty wonderful when wound up as is ... so dependant on that there's money to be saved. I'd budgeted for clutch and exhaust when I went lookin and neither have been needed so cash saved to go towards some Carbon bits to replace the cracked black plastic bits.
  9. Scotty I don't think so , from memory it was with one of the race teams and not far from a Lotus "display" also the AU plates I think suggest a factory link ? The display ...
  10. I bought mine with more miles, a list of jobs to be done that I compiled on the walk round and test drive and still made the maths work to jump from my Elise. There are plenty of threads on here to help with the common issues. When it comes to the gearbox is the long or short discussion mines got the long box and it's no big issue to me. Makes the car a really long legged mway cruiser if your doing that sort of run and after coming from an S2 111S K series Elise it's quick enough in the lower gears. As has been said in the other responses sub 30k cars are a challenge 3 had gone I'd been watching before I found this one!
  11. I did similar , drove an LE at the very short lived dealers in Preston when my Elise was serviced once ... Waited till 2020 to buy one ... Yes I'm slow on the uptake but was having too much fun with the Elise . Your right though once bitten there's no easy cure without actually going out and buying one.
  12. Slightly different tack for a minute , found this photo in my archives (I've really run out of things to do in lock down) it would appear I've been thinking of Evora's for quite a while . This one's a bit different to standard even back in 2010 ... Anyone know anything ?
  13. Looks Great , niggles are all part of the ownership experience . I bought an NA LE back in June for driving fun for 9 months and tinkering fun for 3 ... Currently in tinkering phase ... I'm getting bits from EP as I used to my Elise, DeRoure(Bell&Coalville?) and soon some shiney carbon from Elise Shop, all I've delt with over the previous years with the Elise with no problems.
  14. Ordered 2 Front drop links from Elise Parts along with Purple ARB bushes for the front and rear and 2 Rear drop links from DeRoure ... all here within a weekish... Just took a bit of shopping around .. The fronts if ordered from DeRoure effectively from lotus, were out of stock so just ordered them along with the Powerflex bushes from EP.
  15. Just redirecting this back to the tyres having a nosey on Michelin's website it appears they've introduced 18 inch sizes in the PS4S that suit the Evora at factory width/sidewall sizes.
  16. Interesting list but noting it only shows the asking price not the actual sale price .....
  17. Happy New Year all... Here's to getting out and doing some decent drives in 21.
  18. Gareth the one I've booked on is just a normal Javelin day, open pit lane so you can come and go as you wish. I like it like that lets me see which cars I don't want to be on track with .. I've done a few of theirs and not had any issues so far.
  19. Jane see this thread , I used a Sony system but that was just personal preference Carl
  20. I'm with C8RKH on Blyton , I always do an April first one there as a refresh .... Sometimes it ends up as the only one ! a few NORLOGers do it as well. It was always fun in the K Series Elise so I'm looking forward to trying it in the Evora this coming April.
  21. Well done James lovely looking motor.. The Alpine unit lasted one trip out in mine and jumped from about 5th job on the list to first.. Enjoy
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