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  1. Sometimes its worth the price of paying a machine shop with the correct tools i.e. pillar drill and hydraulic press to do a proper job of drilling/pressing the stud out.
  2. I am in the process of restoring my S3 NA manufactured in 1984. Unfortunately the seats have already be re-upholstered in full black leather, whereas the Certificate of Provenance states "half leather, half cloth". As I am trying to get the car as close to factory specs as I can, I wonder if anyone here could possibly upload pics of the factory seats in the original black leather and cloth trim. TIA
  3. ekwan

    Esprit S3 NA (1984)

    SCC085912EHD11700 Esprit S3 NA (1984) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  4. No. 21 in the diagram. Any idea if there is a x-reference to another vehicle or who might stock them?
  5. Urgently seeking aircon compressor rear support bracket and support (parts 40 & 41)
  6. Looking for aircon compressor front bracket (part no. 10) and aux belt tensioner (part no. 14). TIA
  7. ekwan

    Refitting carbs

    Should be a 1mm clearance between carb and spacer, spacer and manifold............all around. Tighten slowly and evenly, measure using a feeler gauge.
  8. ekwan

    Engine sealant?

    Hylomar Gasket 2000 or Rover stuff is good. Loctite anaerobic gasket sealants seem to Harden over time leading to weep and leaks. Hylomar Blue stuff for the liners wasn't it IIRC???
  9. ekwan

    NA Esprit S3 choke operation

    Found out my choke pistons were jammed solid.
  10. Refurbishing a pair of Dellorto DHLA45E carburetors as part of restoration work on a 1984 Esprit S3 NA. The choke cable was disconnected when I got the car. I found that both choke levers on the top of the carburetors would move through a small angle when moved by hand. This is similar for both carburetors. Seeking opinions and advice if this is correct? TIA
  11. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  12. Did the NA S3's have matt black bumpers in 1983? I am totally confused as the attached sales brochure for 1985 seem to indicate color coded bumpers but others say black. But I cannot tell if it was the same for the 1983 cars.
  13. ekwan

    S1 oil leak....

    Do you have a bad oil filler cap seal?
  14. ekwan

    Parts identification required please

    Would you have a steering crash pad up for grabs. Desperately seeking one for an S3 restoration.
  15. ekwan

    Water pipes

    Silicone pipes from Samco Motorsport?