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  1. Can I add to the above that the recommended 3 to 4mm reduction in the sleeve length usually falls below the thickness of the bulkhead plywood. As the wood is liable to further shrinking, there is a chance (with vibration) the securing nuts could work loose. I replaced mine with self-locking nuts, so it would be a simple matter of nipping them up slightly should the dreaded rattle return in future.
  2. I previously used the Liqui Moly KFS-11 which is a pure ethylene glygol based product. But recently, I have gone on to use the latest KFS-12++ or KFS-13 coolants which are compatible with the older glycol based coolants with the added advantage of a longer life of 5 years instead of the normal 2 years. I understand that these products are made to be similar in performance to VW-Audi's factory coolant of the same numbers, namely the G12+ and the G13. The latter might be more easily obtainable in the UK. I also use the Liqui Moly radiator flush.
  3. That's the fuel inlet. I wouldn't even start the car if I were you, let alone drive it.
  4. They are also available from SJ Sports Cars for around £12 a piece. You need to cut them with a scalpel sharp knife and squarely for them to give any decent light so it might not be worth the savings for anything else. Having said that, 90% of lighting issues are due to the internal reflector of the light source breaking away.
  5. But for the time being, the only caster adjustment for Esprit is fore-aft only, achieved by shimming.
  6. In a nutshell yes. For, a layman perhaps, for the uninitiated, no.
  7. Caster adjustment is about the fore-aft position of the wheel, and after adjustments/shimming is to ensure that the wheel is in the correct position and the components are under as little stress possible.
  8. ......assuming the geo shop knows the peculiarities of an Esprit.
  9. Errrrmmmm............On the front, you must have 1.5mm shim on the front and rear of the upper wishbones. That's now 3mm of shims (1.5+1.5) + the 3mm gives a total of 6mm. If you need to exceed this 6mm total to correct the caster, then you need the additional shim at the ball joint of the same additional thickness beyond the 6mm I believe the instructions will be found on the workshop manual on the page preceding the diagram that you scanned.
  10. Yes. But you replace everything as you found them, measure then adjust as necessary instead of shooting at unknown targets in the dark.
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