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  1. ekwan

    Rotor arm

    I think it's the crankshaft pulley & flywheel marking inconsistency.
  2. ekwan

    Rotor arm

    Irrespective of whatever o'clock it is, the rotor arm should point to the HT cable for plug no. 1 when the crankshaft pulley is at TDC and piston no. 1 is on compression. Then working anti-clockwise the cables should follow the sequence for plugs 3-4-2.
  3. ekwan

    Rotor arm

    11 o' clock & 5 o' clock on the distributor rotor arm........... that's because it needs 2 crankshaft rotation for each distributor rotation. You only set the static timing when the piston of cylinder no. 1 is on its compression stroke and at TDC.
  4. ekwan

    Rotor arm

    There are (have been) discussion about the inaccuracies of the timing marks on the flywheel and this might be your issue, although I don't know how common an occurence this is
  5. Not gonna help if turning the idle mixture screws don't make a difference.
  6. ekwan


    Which is more consistent though, and by what percentage?
  7. After all, it (the pipe) is holding back hot fluid at anything up to 85psi. Not to be sniffed at!
  8. Any idea what the adapter thread sizes were? I believe sensor threads are 1/8" NPT, but threads on the oil pump ?
  9. I had a Ford Escort RS2000 Custom back in mid-1980s. The oil gauge feed pipe snapped behind the dash. Thank goodness there was 3" of snow all round when that happened, and I had to scoop snow onto my burns. My take is either replace the pipe or with an electrical Smiths Classic electrical gauge (preferable).
  10. Don't expect wonders with hot water or the heat gun either. With heat cycling and age, the pipe would have thermo-set by now. A new one (pipe) is the only way.
  11. If the Lotus fuel sender has a separate switch for "low fuel", a simple delay circuit using the NE555 timer could provide say, T=3s (more or less) damping for the fuel light. Cheap and uses the minimum of components.
  12. Fuel pump pressure is dependent on flow rate. They don't operate at constantly max pressure.
  13. Yes. If there is voltage between the box/case and the chassis, means the unit isn't properly earthed and that could damage it. The condenser needs to discharge to earth for it to work as intended. Another common issue is that the GM HEI device inside the AB14 heats up more during idle, compared to high speed operation. This is because it limits the current to a low resistance ignition coil at low engine speeds. Problems can be resolved by opening the case, and cleaning and applying heatsink grease between the HEI module and the case.
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