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  1. Don't you replace in the opposite order to removal?
  2. Anyone considered fitting something like a Craig Davies EWP like the Elise S1 guys do?
  3. Anyone here know off-hand, the resistance range of the standard fuel gauge sender?
  4. We have never doubted your words for the hub could well have a casting fault, or the car could have hit a pothole causing failure of the hub. Sigh......
  5. I have no chance to look at the ones on my car as I am trapped, unable to travel home due to the COVID situation. I already the split spaces, link arm bushes, new stud, lock nuts for the job. I suppose the corrosion might probably as a result of electrolytic reaction between dissimilar metals etc. I am thinking of slathering a whole bottle of Permatex 81343 on all the components during the assembly process.
  6. You would definitely need to remove that to renew the lower link bush. I know I’d be dreading the job on a 36 year old car.
  7. Did he run a single 48DCOE on 42mm chokes, or 1-barrel per cylinder?
  8. There should be oil traces above the drain plug. Clean up, start a career as Hercule Poirot.
  9. I had new 55 idle jets fitted to my DHLA45E's on my 2.2L engine. These were reproductions as the factory no longer makes them. As such, the holes are drilled to a specific size 0.55mm, but they are not flow tested, unlike the factory items so there may be differences in the flow characteristics between individual items, albeit probably negligible differences. What I found that, with new non-factory 55 idle jets, the exhaust was throwing out loads of black smoke, and the engine runs even when the mixture was full in. Moving back to the old idle jets, or using other sizes that I had in stoc
  10. Which Webers are on at the moment?
  11. Webers are fine on a 2.0L Esprit engine, but 48's may be going a little OTT. Not sure if you can fit the appropriate sized venturis on them. You need 36-38mm ventures for a 2.0L engine, but going by the Weber chart this isn't available for a 48DCOE. I believe, it would be the same for Dellorto carburettors. Personally, I would seriously consider moving onto Weber DCOE's if I ever and the need to rebuild my current DHLA45E's due to the non-availability of factory original parts. I am finding out that 3rd party non factory jets are a tad inconsistent in quality and performance. Beside
  12. At the worse case scenario, use an anaerobic thread sealant from Loctite.
  13. As you said, like my car your too had been laid up for a long time. I would lay my bets on a block in the system. I had to replace every rubber component on my car, including 2 X part 10 & 2 X part 21.
  14. Red rubber grease is something I would not use. Who knows how it would react with brake fluid?
  15. I guess you could run 9.3:1 with RON92 but if you get pinging, you would have to back off the ignition timing.
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