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  1. But how does he prove he has oil pressure without starting the engine? Spin the engine on the starter with the plugs out with a mechanical gauge attached?
  2. ekwan


    If you had a bad earth connection, the electrical supply level to the fuel pump could change when the brake lights are applied. Possible but not impossible. Bad earthing has weird and unexpected effects.
  3. If your old pump has contact breakers, it could well be that the points have burnt, worn, or they need re-gapping. Perhaps other issues etc. Glad you sorted out your issues for now.
  4. GM part no. 90487599 as a possible alternative?
  5. Easier access by removing the carburettors IIRC.
  6. There is also the spigot bearing to consider a well. Sigh......these Esprits are nothing but trouble.
  7. Did you use the correct bearing and pressure plate?
  8. Fuel supply is in series, if original least it is on my one owner vehicle. This is what it looks like on my engine (pc taken from another post).
  9. That's the official line from the factory manual. I guess if the delivery volumes/pressures are insufficient, the effect would be magnified at the 2nd outlet.
  10. They've gone electronic now
  11. I replaced my fuel pump about 4 months ago. I couldn't tune the engine to idle after revving. Fuel pump was only developing 0.1psi. Symptoms of blocked idle circuit. Pressure gauge was a saviour. The replacement pump was either a AUA25EN or AUA66EN, unfortunately I am stuck overseas unable to travel home due to the COVID-19 situation. Else I can look which pump I have.
  12. Below 3 psi for sure, hopefully not 2.5psi. Idling around 0.8-1.0 psi at the furthest carburettor.
  13. Yes. I found out subsequently for it's been years since I dealt with carbs.
  14. Regularly done to repair cranks on large diesel trucks, so I don't see why not.
  15. Good choices of pumps out there that will operate up to 5 psi and can be used with a FPR. But if you are trying to retain originality in an S3 NA.......
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