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  1. Just for reference.....part no., what it looks like, where it comes from etc. Not an inducement to buy from them (that particular website) in any way.
  2. I would think it's a Smith so Merlin Motorsport or Demon Tweeks.
  3. Photo of the offending item might help?
  4. That'll be a whole lot cheaper than acquiring another item.
  5. Depending on how bad the damage is, the damage could be weld filled and machined.
  6. Oh dear. What happened to yours?
  7. You are on the correct track, wiring wise. However, you may well find the current wiring being able to cope with 3 SPAL fans. I believe modern fans have a lower current draw while pushing more air. In my case, I went from 3 fans, to 2 X 11" SPAL fans and there was certainly way more air flow, and at higher pressure as well.
  8. Almost reaching the end of my restoration project for a S2 NA (1984 and getting a little bitchy about the finer points). A few of the green lenses for the dash instrument lighting have disintegrated due to heat from the bulbs and age. So, wondering if anyone can point me to a source of these, or even perhaps an alternative solution. TIA.
  9. Therefore, would it not be prudent to drop ARP an email
  10. I thought they were M12 studs for the 912 and 910 engines
  11. There's white, whiter and a whiter shade of pale. Which white though?
  12. Tying up my restoration project after almost 2 1/2 years. Can anyone help with the above. Need to refresh the badly discoloured paint on the steel spare wheel. TIA
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