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  1. What fuel pressure is everyone running for these carburettors? Or rather what is the maximum fuel line pressure these can withstand.
  2. My bad....... It's indeed a 1982. Should not depend on my memory.
  3. Small wonders. I was looking for screw holes in the chassis to mount the bracket.
  4. Thank you all for your instant responses.
  5. I am trying to mount an SU pump onto my S3. The previous owner had replaced the original SU pump with a cheap Chinese made alternative. As a result, the mounting bracket (no. 12) is now missing. I have to fabricate a new mounting bracket, but cannot figure how it mounts onto the chassis. Would appreciate greatly if someone could snap a pic of the bracket and pump mounted onto the vehicle. TIA.
  6. If there isn't any spark, one of the first things I'd do is to disconnect the engine overspeed limiter. It works by earthing the coil.
  7. Depends on whether it's plastic or metal me thinks.
  8. The device with the spring located at the far end of the filter is often mistaken as a non-return valve, but it isn't. It is a pressure relief valve that opens should the filtering element of the filter fails to flow sufficient oil due to blockage. Oil enters the filter through a series of holes at the engine end of the oil filter. These holes are usually covered by a rubber flap that act and a "anti reverse flow" valve. Perhaps, it's this rubber flap that you are referring to that is certainly importantly to prevent draining of the filter when the engine is at a standstill. Just as important, is the presence of the spring-loaded pressure relief valve for the obvious reasons.
  9. At these levels, did you open the throttle completely before cranking?
  10. Yes. Closer to 110C or up to 120C is preferable to boil off any moisture from the combustion process. After all, Lotus recommends and specifies full synthetic oil (from S3 onward???) so 120C isn't a big issue. 3/8" BSP I believe. That's the reason for me purchasing a Setrab replacement cooler so I can go -AN sizes.
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