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  1. Hi All, Looking to replace the drive belt on my 2010 Evora. Does anyone know the Toyota or aftermarket part numbers? 2GRFE NA engine with air con. No supercharger Would love to find the Toyota number as I'm probably more likely to find this available in Bahrain. Toyota dealer is not willing to help me unless I give them my car reg number or part number. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi All, looking for some advice. I have owned a 2010 na Evora in Bahrain for the last 5 - 6 years (and a Elan M100 for about 20 years) and in this time we have not had a proper Lotus dealer. Luckily, we have now just had the Lotus dealer from the UAE open a service center and showroom in Bahrain. It will be so nice to see Lotus cars having a proper presence in Bahrain, with staff that actually know the cars and have had proper training on how to maintain them. They have very kindly offered to look into what recalls are due on my car and implement them for me. I can not thank
  3. Love the new entertainment unit. I think I see 1 coming my way soon 😍 Wonder if it will fit the 2010 Evora NA? I believe that the new logo came out in in Feb 2019. Personally I think it's 🤢. Looks like a cheap Chinese copy, Oh, err never mind !!
  4. What parts are you looking for Gerry? I may be able to help you with any small items.
  5. Temp gauge on my 2010 Evora sits at 1/2 and goes to 1 notch above when sat in traffic. Outside air temperature is in the mid 40C range this time of year. Car has a fan in the engine bay which kicks in from time to time. I do tend to keep 1 eye on the temp gauge as my Elan used to overheat constantly, and as Dave Eds says, it was heater on full and roof down. Fortunately it now behaving itself.
  6. By Flakey hose, I was referring to the one I replaced and not the one I fitted It was the one from the heat shield at the back of the engine bay that goes up to the L/H air vent. P/no: A132S0081F. I bought them through Robert Chapman at Stratton Motors in the UK. As far as I know they are still available and reasonably cheap. I know that they are prone to failing and some people in the US replace them with aircraft sceet hose, But I never liked the look of it and wanted to keep it original so I think I ordered a couple of spares for when it fails again. Been fitted since F
  7. I've not had much luck finding anything still available for my 2010 car. Other than a pollen filter and the flakey hose in the engine bay. Email or call Steve at SJ Sportscars parts department. He will probably get back to you with the info the next day. There seems to be quite a few different models to choose from, see here: Bumpers
  8. Hi, Has anyone else had to replace a window regulator or am I the first? Do you still have your old one? If so, would you like to sell it? or let me know which part ahs failed. I have a cunning plan.... So cunning, you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox (only Black Adder fans will get this)! No, Seriously, Looking for a couple of broken regulators to play around with (especially a L/H regulator, but anything considered). I'm looking at making a repair kit for them. and need a couple to play around with. New ones are expensive. For the future, I prefer the th
  9. Just had the same problem. Any advice on the best way to remove the hose? What needs to come off to gain access? Wheel arch liner, under car covers or headlight out? Didn't see it mentioned in the service notes. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  10. desert rat

    desert rat

  11. Top wiper blade in the pic is off my LHD 2006 Ford Focus. Bottom wiper blade is fitted to my LHD Evora. I have a feeling the RHD Focus and Evora also share the same wiper blade, Also my wife's LHD Peugeot 207 has the same wiper blade as fitted to my Focus and Evora. Looks like a standard Bosch wiper blade. Hope that this helps.
  12. Don't feel bad David, your not the only one. I looked for it too and couldn't find it. I also sent a picture of it to a Lotus dealer and he couldn't identify it. I'll have one added to my next parts order. I know it will flake again, but want to keep the car standard. Thanks Jimbo
  13. Thanks for the pic Dave. Think I've found the position where it should be. Guess it was never fitted to my car Never noticed that small recess before. If the internal wiring is in place, I'll look at fitting one. Many thanks
  14. Hi Dave. Please could you post a picture of the reversing camera in your car and the location of it I didn't think that my 2010 car ever had it installed. I have the Alpine head unit. Settings for camera was turned off when I bought the car. I seem to remember enabling it, but just got a black screen. Head unit also does not have the navigation unit installed. Many thanks Wayne
  15. This may help you. Read all of the posts. There is some relevant info missing from the firs post about the small screws in the air inlet grommet.
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