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  1. Yes, plug into the connector. I do nkt have a wiring diagram at hand but it should show there. Or I will unscrew the connexot and see what is on the other side. Will take a few days (having a short holiday) 😁
  2. The connector is high on the LH A post. A Smiths Industries connector so I guess it is an original fitment.
  3. Some progress on my car. The drivers door took a lot of time! Had to replace the hinge - it had a huge drop at the lock. I de-rusted the beam and painted it in zinc-rich primer, then topped it with black paint. Luckily just surface rust, no real rot. Hack-sawed the hinge bearings and replaced them with new bearings. Inserted the new hinge and adjusted it which took quite some time. Cleaned, greased and painted (matt black inner parts) the outer and inner door handles. Put in a rubber stop for the outer handle so they now are flush with the car instead of sitting in a little. I had a hard time fitting the rod from the lock to the outer handle. Got it in the end by tie-rapping closing the spring which takes the rod, inserting the rod, then cutting the tie rap. Fitted the window frames. Then tried to fit a new door mirror but found out I had to remove, or move the window frame up 15 cm to make space. Took some time to get the door aligned. Had to put shims under the door catch at the B panel. It now closes without effort and can be opened without effort from in or outside the car. Good result! The bonnet opening lever was dismantled, de-rusted, painted, greased and both cables re-adjusted. Works well now. Anyone knows what is that circular multi-connector fitted just in front of the LH side A post? The connector is disconnected at the moment. What does it do? It does not seem to be connected to anything, or maybe there are wires coming out (invisible from the other side?
  4. No rear headrests. Were these not standard fitment? Interesting bonnet prop 😆
  5. Interestingly, my car (365B) has chromed hinges. What meaning does the A or B suffix have on the chassis number?
  6. I see your car does not have the dividing strip between bottom and top shell. At my car these were left out as well presumably when it had a respray decades ago. They probably filled the split gap but it does not hold - there is a crack in the paint here and there between top & bottom. Something to improve when the car gets a respray but that is low on the list for now. How is your car holding up at this point? Paint crack-less?
  7. Don't they really know the difference between an Elite and an Eclat?
  8. I was lucky to be able to buy my Stag from someone who was a bit sloppy when advertising it. He did not take off all litter that had grown over the years in the garage, on the car, in the car, near the car. As a result the pictures were bad (only show the car in the packed garage) and did not show the car much. I put in a very low offer and as it was the only offer he received, was accepted.
  9. So - the top one has been redone / re-anonised? If so than that is a bit disappointing.
  10. Bought a couple of second hand things from Bauke. Front grilles, a seat with good foams (was a passenger seat), Dellorto inlet manifold and foam air filters, a better chrome strip on the LH door (the one on the car is warped), rear wiper, cover for the battery plus some other small bits. Also placed an order at SJ for headlining material and a door pin / bushes. Hope this arrives fairly quickly as I have an appointment at the RDW for an inspection / test to get a Dutch registration. I have yet to find out what cloth material was used for the seats. In the rear there is a foam backed corduroy type, with more plain like cloth to the sides. The front seats seem to have another type of cloth again, not corduroy as I would have expected. Maybe they were recovered - who knows from a car of this vintage. However the mileage is not huge and I know the car had been stored for at least 20 years so it all could be well original. The glass dividing the seat compartment to the trunk had been removed but was with the car. How is this fitted? It seems it is glued to the rubber?
  11. Good to see the car pictured! Quite dusty indeed. Cars I have in the shed stored for a longer period always had multitudes of old bed sheets on them, until I discovered cheap car covers (€20). These are now on the cars as my shed is very dusty. Also this keeps cats, birds and possibly other animals (do not want to know) out of the cars. Paint on my car possibly is worse compared to your car. Interesting door mirrors! Electric I presume?
  12. Good to hear from a fellow black Elite owner! Pictures very welcome of course. Best of luck with the rear brakes, let us know how you get on.
  13. Hi Pete - that is exactly what is planned: to remove the hinges from the shell. Is that not much easier compared to dismantle the door to get at the beams etc? At the handle end there is quite a drop - maybe 2 centimeter.
  14. Firstly my car is coming from a hot USA state so I do not expect a rusty door beam. Which is why I try to keep the door in one piece. However I do have a severely worn hinge - the top and bottom nuts turn with so I expect the holes to be oval. Is it not possible to remove the bolt and nuts from the hinges to the A post? Would seem much easier to do. Then you have the door, plus hinges, off the car and easier to repair the hinge pin / hinges.
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