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  1. Yes, got far too expensive (for me). Non runner, chassis not sound enough.
  2. On the USA site Bring A Trailer there is a LHD Elite being auctioned - the auction only has one day left. Can I ask you to have a look at the (many!) pictures and mention things that would concern you? I asked the seller for chassis pictures which he provided. The chassis has rust as expected but I am not sure how to "read" the rust. Regarding the front beam, it does not look too bad but in other parts the rust seem fairly deep. Of course the best remedy would be to remove the chassis and treat it but this is a big step to ta
  3. Not mine of course, how horrible, somewhere in Canada someone made up a Lotus:
  4. Dion

    Eclat/Elite Riviera

    A Eclat Riviera was for sale on Ebay. Together with an Elite, in Palermo Italy. The Eclat was an UK import. Auction just ended, reserve price not met.
  5. 4-6K €? Keep in mind it is not a RHD. I have been keeping an eye on LHD Elites for sale in the past two years. They seldom come up for sale, and I have never seen a good roadworthy Elite for 4K€. If someone knows a good one for 4-6K €, please let me know.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I did not have high hopes that it would fit but good to hear from others. I definitively will not have it in the interior as that is still in (fairly) good condition (I hope I can save it). Which means I have to leave the spare engine, there is only room for the car (I will have the car transported, too far away to get it myself). Fingers crossed, I am not the only one interested.
  7. So there is this nice Elite for sale, engine has a knock. But there is a good spare engine with it. Problem is the car needs to be transported. Would the spare engine fit in the tiny luggage room? The car is missing its rear window so that comes in handy :-) Or would it be better to remove the passenger seat and put the engine there? Suggestions welcome.
  8. Plus: any publicity is good? Minus: they are not too enthusiastic about it Autoweek article
  9. Quite interested in the car pictured but the sills seems weird. Both sides! What could be the cause? Or can this be normal?
  10. I clicked on the link and got this. "a similar item"
  11. Still for sale it seems, in Belgium. Same location, compare with the first picture in this thread. Advert here: However....... the ad is for a 1978 Spit, which IS pictured in a second pic in the ad. The Mk3 Spitfire does not have much in common with the car in the ad. Maybe the seller mixed up, two white Spitfires, and had this Mk3 Spit for sale before?
  12. The Jensen has a fantastic colour, what is it? Is the car known on the Mk1 survivors list? - regards from a fellow Int Mk1 owner...
  13. Dion


  14. errr.... What do you mean by 'bot? and what red Elite? I see only 3 on Ebay at the moment, nice black one, brown one with a supposedly special number and a white non running one. Can you copy paste the URL of the red car or quote the eBay number?
  15. I am also looking for an Elite, am a newby wrt Lotus so have a few questions.... 1. When did they start to use galvanised chassis? 2. What was changed for the S2? Rear lamps (SD1 I think), 2.2 engine, what else? At what date did the S2 take over from the S1? 3. A friend told me he did not buy an Elite years ago because the drivers door sagged. Is there an inforcement for the hinges? If so from what material? Big job to put right? 4. I never owned a car with a bonded windscreen and that scares me a little. Any special techniques required or can a local car glass company fit
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