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  1. Hi, I have noticed some play apparently from the inner end of the left tie rod (where it attaches to the steering rack itself. I can see that SJ Sportscars lists the outer track rod ends, the tie rod and a rack and pinion set. - But seemingly not the 'link' at the inner end of the tie rod Does anyone know what's there? Something which can be serviced or replaced ? /tka
  2. Hi, Thx for the inputs I like the idea of somehow get rid of the foam, and only make arrangement so the area is ventilated, but not open for direct spray of water, dirt etc. .. /tka
  3. I lifted the body off my S2 two times being basically alone… just having 'wifey' placing and moving supports into right places during process. It was heavy work, but manageable. - So no, the Esprit body can certainly not be considered 'elephantic' BUT I do seem to remember having read, that the individual Esprit bodies differed quite in weight depending on build method (hand lay up contra VARI). I've always thought that's what accounted for the biggest difference/step-up in weight between S1/S2. - But now where DID I read this? Was it in Jeremy Waltons 'The official Story' ? Can't seem to find it now… Br /tka, DK BTW with engine only two numbers away form yours George (15238. Just noted in E.36 today )
  4. Hi, What are peoples opinion on the (possibly heavily water soaking) foam, that were placed between the chassis and the body though the center tunnel from original. It's apparently placed from the factory, and I guess it must be responsible for many non-galvanised chassis' early deaths. What was it meant for? ...Sound dampening? (..don't think that will work much), vibrations? ...other? Is it needed at all during rebuild? If yes, - what should be used (- I take it that some non permeable material is probably not easily enough compressed over the large area covered. Permeable will soak water over time of course ) Br /tka, DK
  5. I'm using my original RHD wiper motor on my (now converted to) LHD S2. It's long time ago I did it, but I don't remember any big challenges (...isn't it just about pulling the axle unit and remount one other side of the push-pull cable) Br /tka
  6. I see the point having no noise on the overrun since CWP will touch only on non-worn side. Still puzzles me why noise is (clearly) different depending on selected gear... My symptoms are EXACTLY like Rogers. Would be very interesting nice to know if he solved the problem (by changing CWP or other?). Thanks anyway for every valuable input here… - And BTW the fact that the Esprit from beginning turned the Citroën box the wrong way is of course a weak architectural spot. Should one end up needing CWP naturally Harry's solution is very, very tempting /tka
  7. Wow, that's really nice (...probably somewhat above my budget too, I'm afraid) ...would expect CWP-noise to depend solely on speed, not on which gear you're in ? /tka
  8. Okay, thanks Harry ☺ The room will sure be there also on the Esprit. Nothing in the way, when exhaust muffler is away. - Now just need to determine whether they are the root cause in fact . Like Roger I've noise in 4th and 5th gear (maybe very slight in 3rd too ), and I image load on rear end bearings must increase at increasing gear. Little strange though there is most noise at swallow cruise, less at acceleration and nothing at all at decceleration. .. /tka
  9. Hi Roger, Did you ever find the reason for these symptoms ? I've got exactly the same on my '78 NA Esprit. One or both rear end double ball bearings suspected…. Actually it seems from the drawings in the workshop manual, that it would be possible to pull and replace those bearings from the rear end of the gearbox, even without removing it from the car (provided one has the special tool for loosening the speedo-drive, and figure a way to pull the bearings). Has anyone tried? /tka
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