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  1. Okay - so wheels and tyres done! Full write up under the wheels tyres forum but a few pics here, delighted with the result.
  2. Hi Guys, Tyres fitted today and everything balanced up. Only needed 0g, 5g, 15g and 30g to balance, which is very impressive given they’re 40yr old 3pc wheels! Images show the Toyo R888r tyres fitted that everyone was asking about. Not on the car but you can see the nice ‘balloon’ side walls they give. Actually on the wheels the net height difference vs my old Goodyear’s is just under a cm - about 8mm, so only a very slight difference. I think this is helped that the older tyre has less tread so probably taken a good 8mm off diameter there (say -4mm each side). Details of
  3. Mine aren’t fitted yet and the car isn’t back from paint - but if you scroll back a page or two you’ll see the green turbo with these size R888r on. Hope that helps!
  4. Absolutely - I must’ve contacted twenty companies, most had stopped doing 3pc wheels, the few that did still offer it sounded like they didn’t understand what these wheels specifically needed. Voodoo hadn’t done these wheels before but clearly knew their stuff on 3pcs and were willing to listen to what I wanted/find ways around problems etc. Great guys, definitely a good find.
  5. Machining is flat and doesn’t leave a pattern, diamond cut leaves ridges and creates a circular ‘pattern’.
  6. Wheels are done... took three months in total! Thanks to this forum I managed to get the black hat washers too! Not cheap but a great result! These were done by Voodoo wheels - great guys and experts in 3pc wheels. They genuinely moved mountains to figure out the best way to redo the wheels including finding a new supplier to properly machine (not diamond cut) the face of the centres, like originals are. Cost was around £1000 - not bad at all considering the work involved.
  7. Update on the tyres. Ordered the R888r, sidewall is about 11mm shallower on the rears than standard - but they have a good roundness to them so it’s hardly noticeable. Done my sidewall stickering today using the new dry sump range by and they look great. Obviously look a bit out of place off the car and in bright white, but that’ll soon change. Thought about doing them after tyre is on the wheel but this made it all a bit easier. They took about two hours to do and was a really easy process, can’t even get a pick underneath any to try and peel them off. They’re stuck fast
  8. I can confirm these are R888Rs with a 50 profile, I asked the owner.
  9. Yeah sorry I just mean they’re much closer to a Matt than a gloss. Technically Matt is 0-10% sheen and gloss is 70-100%... so ‘satin’ can cover a huge range from near Matt to slightly dull gloss. I’d be interested to know what % sheen Steve is using. It does look so so good! I’d guess it’s about 10-15% (egg-shell sort of sheen)
  10. Ah that’s good to know. More sheen will pretty much mean more durable too, near matt will be tough to keep uniform over a few years, especially across a large flat area like the bumpers etc. Yeah I think this will be it - keeping them that matt will be tough - but they do look incredible.
  11. Yeah they said the sideskirts were tough! Thanks for that additional pic, anything like that will help them get it right back to stock. Yes rear louvres has the single support post. Yes keeping the green carpet from factory, tempted to change it to matching beige/sand but decided to keep it all original.
  12. They look incredible, almost matt. Thanks for these, I’ll send them to the painters to steer them in the right direction! Cheers
  13. That’s great to hear. I’ve contacted them to get a cost/timescale and I can keep the original manifold and waste-gate etc for future originality etc. Thanks so much for the info, it’s exactly what I was looking for.
  14. Bit of an update (and some advice please)... Car is stripped and all removed panels are back to gel coat ready for primer. Body is still to be prepped. Engine is getting fully rebuilt with a few internal upgrades including lighter Carrillo pistons and rods. Turbo has been fully rebuilt. Questions that I can’t see info for in the forums: - On the dry sump compomotive wheels, are the faces of the black centres, diamond cut or polished back? - For the bumpers, mirrors and louvres, what is the sheen percentage level of the satin black used? - Has anyone got the
  15. Hey Guys, Just an update on Dodgy Dave’s dry sump as I know a lot of you know the car. The car had not had much done to it for the last few years, so it’s condition had dropped off. The fuel hoses were cracking, the turbo was on its way out, the carbs out of balance, crud in the fuel tanks, most hoses perished, most pipes corroded, the front suspension had virtually collapsed, the rear dampers were shot, the brake hoses were leaking on the rear, rear discs were warped, front pads were dead, clutch slave was gone, paintwork was really bad with micro blisters allover, windscreen was le
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