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  1. Hi all I currently have a S1 Eclat rear hub with known good bearing for sale on ebay if anyone needs a spare Alec
  2. I have one brand new radot mirror listed on ebay currently
  3. Hi look on the dellorto website i bought mine from there .common failure dont overtigthen
  4. Something in the back of my crusty brain says Triumph Herald .Might be worth a look
  5. Hi just a thought cant see very well from the picture could your leak be from the speedo drive
  6. The A075 part of the number signifies that a Yuasa YBX3075 will fit or the equivalent in any other brand .This size will give you the correct cranking amps etc
  7. I am also in the trade Itook mine off and sent them to shaftec for rebuild 3 day turn around
  8. Hi the seats are from a BMW Z3 I removed the runners from the lotus seats and made a framework to fit them ont the new seats The trim is indeed from the ebay seller it is good quality but must not be fitted too tightly as the sun causes it to shrink into place .Dont worry about any tiny creases as these tend to shrink out as well
  9. - Please place ads in our free classifieds - Edit by Bibs.
  10. Thanks for the info this is rather what I thought
  11. Hi all Ihave no fuel reaching carbs .Ihave half tank fuel Iam running a lucas electric pump which is working fine and has been for months .I have removed pipe from carb and Ihave no fuel so I assume the flowlock valve has given up .As Ihave newly rebuilt carbs with functioning floats and needle valves I see no reason to have this in place as the pump only runs with ignition on and the needle valve shuts off fuel supply when the carb bowl is filled.Am I right in thinking Ican do away with this Alec
  12. I have the uprated 65amp ebay special fitted to my eclat .No problems after 2 yrs service
  13. I will take some pics at the weekend I spoke to this company about seats .They said they do not do them but would do rear quarters if Isend them the original covers as patterns
  14. Hi Ihave retrimmed the interior of my series 1 eclat using the trim bought from mikeeech link .It is excellent quality use a high temp spray adhesive but do not fit the dash trim too tight it will shrink to fit after some warm sun on it.Very easy to fit and it is a good excuse to do everything behind the dash that you always wanted to do whilst you have the dash consul out.The handrake tunnel piece comes with the rear ashtray slot already cut out .If you dont want this as I didnt cover a piece of thin ply in black leather and stick it over the cutout it looks fine
  15. Hi had the same issue when I was restoring my S1 Eclat the buzzing was from the voltage stabiliser it provides the exciter circuit to the alternator so if you have low or no charge from start up this is probably the culprit.It is the small metal box attached to rear of binnacle .Cleaning the terminals fixed mine .Incidently the same part goes in a Rolls Royce ||||
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