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  1. Happy birthday to Mr Pig. Have a wonderful birthday my wonderful man. Love you millions xx
  2. Hello Piggah. Love you babe xx

  3. Your missing the point Chandrew, Read the first line!
  4. Best you buy some polish Sparky and learn how to use it
  5. Hi, look forward to seeing you next week. Why havent you added any friends yet.

  6. Im in. Girls are going to wup the boys
  7. As a first time poster I would like say a big thanks to Lisa and Simon for a brillant weekend of fun fun fun, and I am glad we stayed for extra night (hurray) convinced Paul to stay didnt take much mind . We are finally back home well 3 hours ago and trying to get through the washing and potato salad plastered all of the clothes thanks Bibs xx Once again finally back and i miss u both Lisa and Si and my little Pollyanna ,see u all again cant wait to drink many of bottles of wine xxxx
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