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  1. I think you're probably right, grown surprisingly attached to her but logic will no doubt prevail.
  2. Hi All, I'm likely relocating and wondering what to do with my Club Racer. Love driving the car and astounded by the reliability compared to my S1. Moving from a LHD to RHD market and struggling to find a comparable car in the same colour (le mans blue) which I originally had reservations about but now adore. So here's my dilemma, having found a good one in a colour I like, with a 2bular exhaust (given some of the stories I've read on lead times), do I: - Sell it and look for another. - Keep it and live with the steering on the wrong side (something I've done previously with the reverse move). - Have it converted, seems overkill as a rhd car should not be that hard to find. Any thoughts, beyond the obvious luxury problems jokes? Any idea what a conversion costs? It's a long shot but if anyone is doing the opposite move and looking for a LHD one and offloading a RHD one, PM me. Thanks
  3. Finally got a chance to take a couple of pictures of my new toy:
  4. I've been meaning to take some more scenic ones. I've had a couple of great opportunities but haven't been able to make myself pull over and wipe the smile off my face better pics will follow.
  5. After a 15 year absence and so far loving it. The occasional moment of buyers remorse is quickly banished by even a short drive. I've never driven anything that comes close to a Lotus for the ability to make you smile even at low speed. I went for a club racer as in my opinion it's closest to the ethos of my old series 1. A few extra refinements like central locking and electric windows are welcome. I wish I'd been able to locate one without the radio and air con as I'm unlikely to use either but I guess it's better to have them. It came with a 2bular exhaust, makes a great sound a little intrusive on a cold start when you're trying to creep off to work without waking the neighbors. Occasionally finding myself at the wrong revs or in the wrong gear does make me wonder if I should have gone for a late R or SC. Then again the Elise never was about masses of grunt. Why did it take me so long...
  6. Thanks, I'll post pictures tomorrow. Its funny but my series one was the only car I've driven that didn't give me a bad back after a long drive. From the test drive this felt fairly similar.
  7. Thanks, I'll post pics on the Elise thread once I collect it
  8. Sky blue, the 2nd one on my shortlist was the same colour as yours but my wife vetoed it.
  9. Collecting the CR tomorrow
  10. My search is finally concluded but not with an outcome I would have predicted. I collect my sky blue Elise club racer tomorrow.
  11. Thanks all, I've made a good offer for the car, should have an answer today.
  12. Thanks Bibs, How do people find the gearbox/gear change in general?
  13. Hi all, I'm new to this section of the forum and was after some advice. After 6 months or so of looking for the right Evora to fill a hole left by a series 1 Elise I sold in 2000, I decided to give the Elise another go. Today I test drove a 2011 club racer and really enjoyed it. Is there anything in particular I need to look out for when buying one of these? I noticed the gear change from 2nd to 3rd was a little tricky to execute well but other than that the car seemed good. Is this a common issue? This could well be that since moving from the UK I've had very little practice changing gear with my right arm. Thanks
  14. Slight change of direction, having become slightly frustrated with my attempts to find an Evora that meets my requirements. I'm trying out an Elise CR today to see if I can cope with the less comfortable but likely even more communicative experience.
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