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  1. HI FOLKS... i'm in a mechanical issue with my LHD USA 1988 Esprit Turbo... with Bosch K Jetronic Injection.. the car was running great, till i have a fuel leaking tank (the LHD fuel tank has gone) so i actually empty this tank, install a block in the comunicating tube (near the left tank) (the one that connects the two tanks) the engine got cool, in the next start the engine do not idle right and when i press the throttle it misfires and do not accelerate...i went to a test drive and the car it's almost undrivable if you depress the throttle it stalls..... only with little amount of throttle the car does not stall but to accelerate from idle to say 3000 RPM you have to be very gently say 30 seconds to do the transition... my little knowledge says clearly for me a sympton of less fuel injected... yesterday we dismantle all the fuel pumps, acuumulator and filter and all is working great... The test we perform were in the bench (out of car) and we get 1900cc vol in 30 seconds (within workshop manual specs) also then re installed in car (to check relays, fuses, wiring, etc) and the pumps both works.... the filter is clean the fuel accumulator is working.. we do not test fuel pressure (i have to buy a pressure gauge) hope you could give me some clues to continue searching... a friend of mine says the air balance (the one that senses the air coming into the engine pherhaps is dirty) ????? ahhh one important thing... i buy the car 10 days ago (the previous owner has driven only 1000 miles in 6 years) i think it's important to mention this........ i performed a 120 mile trip with actually no problem (car is flying jejej) till i got the fuel tank leak problem .... thanks for your time cheers from URUGUAY ALVARO G. CROCCO
  2. Name: Lotus Esprit Turbo LHD Click to view: Lotus Esprit Turbo LHD
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