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  1. Yes I saw that post and I'm tempted to, but it seems quite extreme. I mean, I guess I'd need to that its going to work. Thank you very much for the suggestion!
  2. Hi I recently purchased a MY12 evora I seem to be susceptible to lower back pain and unfortunately the Evora does it no favours. It is now getting to the point that I am fearing that I may have to sell the vehicle as any enjoyment I get from it is wiped out by the back ache. I have tried no end of lumbar supports, driving positions and even have been to the chiropractor. None of which seem to have helped! So if anyone has any any different ideas, well, I would love to hear them before I have to sell this amazing car. Many thanks
  3. It does, many thanks to you both. have managed to get the unit out but now struggling with the rewiring because I think the looms are subtly different. As in the colours of the wires are different for the same pins if that makes sense.
  4. Hi I have just purchased a Pioneer SPH-DA120 headunit to replace the Pioneer F930BT unit in my MY12 Evora. I understand that its largely a straight swap? I seem to remember once reading a thread that said that Pioneer changed the wiring somewhere in the years between the two units being released. Is there much rewiring that needs to be done? Also I have read about how the fascia/radio surround has to be prized off from its four clips? Is this easy or will it result in me ripping the leather or something similar! Any tips will be most appreciated. Many thanks
  5. Looking for the valved (Club Sport) or non-valved (Sports) system. Many thanks
  6. Hi I seem unable to go more than a few minutes without lusting over the thought of buying an orange (either burnt orange or chrome orange) Evora. Ideally I would like an IPS and I don't mind if it's an S or NA. If anyone owns an orange Evora and would like to feed my obsession then I would love to at least come and see it, to see an orange one in the flesh! Next job (probably an easier task) go find some hen's teeth! Cheers, James
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    Evora IPS

    Hi I am keen on finding an IPS Evora, ideally a non-S. Lairy colours are my favourite, although would consider any! Cheers, James
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