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  1. Excuse me for being stupid, but where can I find this? I haven't managed to find it on the Lotus website. If I can download it myself it would be great - I've been asking my dealer for more than 6 months but got nothing Thanks
  2. You are right, the Aussie spec is different: "Lotus Cars Australia has confirmed it will offer the Exige Sport 410 Down Under, priced from $159,990 before on-road costs. The version headed Down Under will adopt a "slightly altered specification" compared to the vehicle revealed in May, however. Aussie Exige Sport 410's will get sports seats like the ones in the Exige Sport 350, rather than the carbon-fibre racing buckets standard overseas, though the latter will be available as an option. The carbon-trimmed components for the front splitter, wing blades and rear diffuser will also be trimmed in glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) for our market, while the lithium-ion battery of global versions will be substituted for a standard battery. Australian versions will come equipped with air-conditioning as standard, in a nod to our warm climate. Remaining constant is the powertrain, a 3.5-litre supercharged V6 tuned to deliver 410hp (306kW) at 7000rpm and 420Nm of torque from 3000-7000rpm. Other highlights include chassis, suspension and damper tunes nicked from the limited-run Exige Cup 430, including a revised setup for the three-way Nitron dampers for a "road bias [that suits] the car's revised aerodynamic setup". There's also Eibach adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars, 17-inch front and 18-inch ultra-lightweight forged alloys shod in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber (215/45 front and 285/30 rear), AP Racing brakes with four-piston front calipers and two-piece J-hook discs."
  3. Did the Exige 410 Sport you drove have the rigid carbon fibre bucket seats The 350 has the standard probax seats, while the 410 has rigid carbon fibre bucket seats as standard.
  4. The carbon fibre seats and side intakes were on what might retrospectively be called the "Launch Edition" Exige 410 Sport. After the initial launch, they were removed from the standard spec, along with the 3-way Nitrons, and the base price was lowered. So this is not due to it being Australian Spec Still a very nice car though!
  5. It would look good next to your LF1, Paul, but it will look even better next to my Jim Clark Elise once I am announced as the winner. Take good care of it until then.
  6. I remember 10 years ago, saw the Jim Clark Type 25 Elise SC on the internet. I e-mailed the dealer that night and was talking to the dealer by 9 am the next day, and paid the deposit there and then. To my knowledge, it was the top of the range Lotus at the time, since it matched the 240PP Exige (I didn't know the 260 Cup Exige existed) I feel ever so sad that this Exige doesn't do it for me, even if it is top of the range. I've always fancied doing the same thing assuming Lotus would release a 50th anniversary Type 25. I'm so put off by the fact you get 3 k worth of options for 10k extra cost. That concept to me is an insurmountable hurdle. The Jim Clark Elise had 6k of options for 3.5k extra cost, plus Lotus paid a contribution to the Jim Clark memorial fund. And it was still cheaper than an Exige 240PP. Bargain. Maybe Lotus will surprise me and launch a Jim Clark Elise Sprint 260 on 7th April, with not a hint of matt black on it, twin tail lights and proper width yellow stripe over full body colour green, with the wooden gear knob the same shape as the Type 25 race car, red interior and steering wheel... ...or I might just drift into classic car ownership by keeping the Jim Clark Elise.
  7. PeteType25


  8. Hi Paul, Here's one to add to your collection, Pete
  9. Thanks for your PM Paul. That looks like a nice LF1 you've got there
  10. Hello Paul, I would dearly love these parts since I lost my Left Hand one earlier this year. 11 Trim Panel, bracket rear LH covering A116B1077J If the parts are still available, I will send my address via PM and how to recompense you. I'm new to the forum, so I will have to work out how to send you a private message Thanks, Pete
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