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  1. So many other things on this year, getting more into the classic car scene with the Bo'ness revival and Glamis castle events. I would love to do the Petit Paris event again, Megan loved it.
  2. Brilliant day, got some cracking footage. Just have to try to put something together a little quicker than the last time... 6 months from filming to youtube is about my average so far. Thanks for making me feel so welcome.
  3. 1 & 2 Mark plus 1 (Fullx2) 3 & 4 Brian & Jackie (Full x2)  5 Jim S (Full ) 6 Mike C (Full x2)  7 & 8 MarkT and SJ (Fullx2) 9 & 10 Andrew and Alister (Full x 2) 11 & 12 David and Maryann (Full x2) 13 C8RKH - bacon rolls 14 & 15 - Tony and TBC - just a quick drop in for a cup of coffee before heading back to Ballater for their annual vehicle parade. No need for breakfast 16 & 17 Sharon and Dave (Full x 2) 18 Ian C (Full) 19 John (Full) - Sorry for the late notice, meet you at the Bingo.
  4. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 Johnny & Audrey 5 & 6 Steve & Julie 7 & 8 JOhn +1.
  5. I am lucky enough to work a 2 on and 3 home rota. One of the few companies left I believe. I have no issue with organising a run as an inbetweenie. My real goal is to be able to get out and do something every time I get home. Really looking forward to this year. New engine runs well. Need to do more than 4K in a year though. Must try harder.
  6. I was planning to come along but it looks like I am about to come down with the same flu bug that has had Megan and Lesley in bed for the last two days. I would have loved an excuse to get out of this virus riddled household before it bit me too.. However it is too late for that I fear and it would be better for all concerned if I keep my germs to myself. I was planning to come along and pitch an idea for a relaxing road run for one of the meets. The four Lochs tour. Breakfast at Baxters in Kelty, then past Knockhill racing circuit - A823 - Bridgehill Cottage - A822 - Crieff - A85 - Lochearnhead - A85 - Lix Toll Garage - A827 - Loch Tay - Glen Lyon - B846 - Schiehalion Road - Kinloch Rannoch - B846 - B847 - The House of Bruar for a light lunch. After lunch take a southern loop along to Rannoch Station Amazing driving roads that don't have to be driven hard to enjoy. The dates I am home for that would suit would be the 5th March and 6 August. I totally understand if there are events already pencilled in for those dates and I would be happy to organise the run on a "non" LEGS weekend if there was an interest. Baxters in Kelty and The House of Bruar can normally accommodate decent size groups and have decent parking available
  7. 1 & 2: Al. + Debbie? 3 & 4: David + Jennifer? 5 & 6: John + Marge 7 & 8: Alan & Gwen 9 & 10: Sharron & Dave 11 Jim Grant 12 & 13 Richard D +1 14 Mark 15 & 16 Johnny & Audrey 17 & 18 Scott & Joanne (Elise SC) 19 Saj (Evora S) 20 Ian Parkin (as requested by Brandon, MMC) 21 John, The road run guy....
  8. I have several ideas ranging from short relaxing drives to midnight runs over the hills. I have organised all sorts in the past. When you come up with next years calendar I will figure out what events I am home for and pick a date that doesn't clash with anything else. I like to have something planned every time I'm home on leave. I will organised something to fill in any gaps.
  9. Hi. Unfortunately I wont manage to attend on the 4th. I have organised several road runs over the years with Scottish Elise's and if there is a desire for it I could put together a run or two for next years calendar. I would like to try to give something back to say thank you to the group for making Megan and I feel so welcome over the last year. John
  10. The next Breakfast meet on Sunday 7th August has been arranged at Cringletie House Hotel and they are expecting us between 10:00 and 10:30am. The breakfast menu is attached. If you are interested in joining us for breakfast, please add your name to the list below. bingoking + 1 Victor Meldrew (John) + Megan
  11. 7&8 Victor Meldrew +1(Probably Megan), - Craigs. Not sure on the numbers as there are two no.2's in the list above?
  12. I had planned to come along to this one however a delay in getting a rear caliber back from the refurbisher due to backlog over the festive period prevented this. Car now back on the road again and looking forward to the next one.
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